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XXXVI: Happy.

“Mommy’s coming!” Peyton shouted from the kitchen when she heard Sasha crying in the living room.

Sebastian had put a cot in the living room when Sasha was born so that she could sleep downstairs and Peyton could easily get to her.

“Vic, just finish the salad for me? The guests will be here in 2 minutes.” Peyton smiles at Victoria, one of the cleaners, who smiled and nodded at her.

Victoria has been coming to work everyday with no extra cost to help Peyton with Sasha for the past two weeks.

Of course, Sebastian forced her to take the extra money.Victoria was around 45 and she had laugh wrinkles which she was proud of. She had three of her own children and she raised Sebastian so she helped Peyton to get Sasha a month old safely.

Peyton was so nervous when they had come back from the hospital with Sasha, of course, she was a mother now. She had a human to look after.

A child ... not that Sebastian was any different to a child at times.Thankfully, Sebastian was even more helpful with Sasha and to this day can’t stop apologizing for almost killing his whole family.

Even though, it works on her nerves, Peyton knows that she has fallen even more in love with him.

The way that he cares for Sasha and does things so that Peyton won’t need to. He isn’t what he came across to be at first.

Peyton raises an eyebrow when she exits the kitchen and doesn’t hear Sasha crying anymore before she walks to the living room.

She freezes in her step when she sees Sebastian standing with her in his arms. He is smiling down at her while swaying side to side slowly.

He laughs and shakes his head before a tear rolls down his cheek and lands on her forehead making her laugh and stretch her arms up to grab his chin.

“I promise that I will do better this time Sasha.” He says and then he looks closely at her and smiles when he sees that she has silver eyes just like Peyton.

He smiled and wiped his tear from her forehead before she grabbed his finger and smiled at him.

She was wearing a pale pink dinasour romper and Sebastian couldn’t help but melt on the inside.

Right then, the bell rang and Peyton was brought out of her trance of watching them and instead cleared her throat.

Sebastian cleared his throat and gave Sasha to Peyton and then he smiled at the two of them. Peyton smiled when she saw the slight red on his ears and then they both walked to the entrance where Victoria was letting everyone in.

In some way, they all managed to show up at the same time and Clarissa immediately made her way towards Sebastian and gave him a hug.

Sebastian’s father stood to the side with Mac and spoke to him while Amanda and Allister walked in arguing.

Peyton smiled and thanked Victoria before looking down at Sasha and then holding her up. She gave her eskimo kisses and Sasha immediately laughed and put her hands together while touching her nose.

Everyone who had come, was silent and watching Peyton smile at Sasha who was laughing at her holding her fingers.

“So Peyton, let’s walk and talk with my granddaughter while the others set up the barbeque.” Clarissa said and Peyton snapped out of her trance before nodding.

Everyone went outside and Allister and Amanda kept arguing about the perfect teddy bear colour.

Peyton and Clarissa went upstairs to the nursery and Clarissa took a seat in the rocking chair before Peyton handed Sasha over to her and started collecting some toys to take downstairs for her.

“So as you know, your marriage to Sebastian was in the newspaper also that you were the first at the hospital with the crash,” Clarissa started and Peyton gave her a nod while fixing a few things.

“Well, somehow, the birth also made headlines in the tabloids and I received a phonecall this morning ... from your parents.” Immediately Peyton dropped the toys on the floor and her head snapped to Clarissa at lightning speed.

“W-why?” Clarissa shook her head “they saw everything and asked if I could tell them where you are.” Panic rose in Peyton and he felt her hands turn clammy “I want you to know that Sebastian told me everything and I told them that I have no idea, I don’t talk to you guys.”

Peyton let out a deep breath and started getting toys again begore Clarissa spoke again “they asked about your brother.”

Peyton made no sound and looked at the floor with a slight pause before going back to putting toys in a bag.

“I didn’t tell them, but I couldn’t believe you didn’t either.” She said and Peyton finished off before hanging the bag on her shoulder and turning to Clarissa “they would have asked too many questions and they didn’t need to know. No one really did.”

Clarissa gave a nod and stood up as they started walking out the room and towards the stairs and then Peyton stopped and whispered “why didn’t you tell them?”

Clarissa smiled lovingly at her “because, I can tell that it is a very touchy subject and something bad must have happened ...” Peyton gives her a loving smile.

“Besides, you are good for my son, he needed you.” They stand in silence and Peyton almost starts to tear up when she sees the love in her eyes.

Her mother never looked at her like that ... never.

Her eyes went to Sasha and she knew that her goal is to be a better mother than she ever had. She would always be there for her children and she would forever love them.

“Silver! Where did you put the mug from Mr. Rodrigues?” Sebastian asked as he walked up the stairs he rose an eyebrow when he saw them standing in the hall, but let it pass and slung his arm around Peyton while smiling at his mom.

Peyton smiled at him “let’s go then I can show you and then we can get Sasha settled before getting the food done.” Sebastian nodded and grabbed Sasha from his mother.

“Hello Silver Junior! I love you!” He said and placed a kiss on her tiny nose and then her cheeks and then her forehead and then her chin and then on her lips.

Sasha laughed and Peyton let out a laugh too as they started walking downstairs together. Peyton smiled when she saw Sebastian taking the steps slowly. Putting both feet on one step before going to the next, his eyes wide and his grip on Sasha firm.

“I should have gotten less stairs when I built this place.” He says looking down at Sasha with a baffled look “I don’t know how your mom just walks like it’s no problem.”

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