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XXXVII: Remember when.

“What were you and my mom talking about?” Sebastian asks Peyton when he said goodbye to Allister who left last.

They were now sitting in the living room and Sasha was asleep on Peyton’s chest leaving Sebastian’s heart in a puddle.

Peyton smiled at him and shook her head “we just spoke about a few things and then about you,” she rose an eyebrow “why?”

“Just asking. She is very good at spilling embarassing stories.” He shook his head with a smile remembering his mother before going back to the conversation at hand.

“By the way, when do I meet your mom?” Peyton’s eyes immediately flew to her lap and then she shook her head “she is on a trip with my dad in Italy at the moment.”

At least it wasn’t a lie.

They were in Italy ... they just didn’t know that Peyton knew, in fact, they don’t know that Peyton knows about everything they do including how they have been doing.

Despite what they did to her, despite what they did to her ... brother; she still made sure they were doing okay.

“Oh I see, well when they get back please make sure we have them over for dinner, I mean, I wouldn’t want Sasha married to some guy I don’t know. No sir-ey.” Peyton let out a giggle and shook her head at him before she looked him in the eye again.

His goofy smile made her realize just how much she loved him “anyway, tell me about this brother that my mother keeps mentioning to you, you never mentioned any siblings.”

Peyton feels her heart sink to her feet and some of her blood runs cold before she clears her throat and thinks about backing out of telling him, but before she can, Sasha starts to cry and she lets out a relieved sigh before taking Sasha into her arms and standing up from the couch with her “I am going to go change and feed her.” Peyton says and Sebastian gives her a nod before she leaves.

She slowly walks up the stairs while shushing Sasha and makes her way straight to the nursery.When she passes Sebastian’s room, the door is open with the cleaner inside and her footsteps can’t help but falter.

His door is never open. Never. Even when he isn’t in his room he makes sure to keep it locked. Peyton knows that she shouldn’t, but she can’t help herself but to stand and look inside for a few minutes.

The door was so big you could almost see his entire room from the hall. Everything ranged from white to grey.

His king sized bed had a dark duvet and some white and a lighter shade of grey in pillows on top.There was a grey desk with a white roller chair and you could see the silver from the thin Mac computer on top of the desk. Nothing was out of place.

Peyton was just about lost in the tranquility of peace and calmness that his room let out when suddenly, the door was slammed closed by the cleaner and an echo resonated through the house, loud enough to let Sasha jump in her mother’s arms.

Peyton was then brought back to her world and did what she had to do before giving Sasha a change of clothes when she was done feeding her.

She put on a onesy that was pink and had black spots with the words ‘Dads other chick’ on the front. She put pink socks on her feet and smiled at Sasha while holding her in her arms.

Placing a kiss on her cheek, Peyton gives her some eskimo kisses and she giggles before putting her hand on Peyton’s mouth before letting out a laugh when Peyton kissed her hand.

This caused Peyton to laugh and hold Sasha tight, thankful that they are both alive and healthy.Thinking back to the days that she wished she had not agreed to the deal, Peyton looks at Sasha who has placed her head on her mother’s chest and she smiles thankful that things worked out the way they have.

She smiles and walks downstairs with Sasha before stopping just outside the living room when she hears Sebastian’s voice.

“Yes, I need that taken down, it can not be found anywhere by anyone. I pay you good money so make it disappear because Peyton can not see it at all.” There was a slight pause and then he sighed “I know, I know, but it is for the best for her not to know.

She has so much to deal with at the moment as well.”

Again, he was silent and then he spoke in a calm tone “alright, thank you, love you too. Bye.” At that moment, Sasha sneezed and Sebastian turned around with his eyes wide.

Ignoring her gut, Peyton smiled at Sebastian and walked into the living room “what did I miss?” Sebastian takes Sasha from her and shakes his head “nothing actually, just a business call about someone who wants to buy something from us. Nothing to worry about.” Peyton gave a nod and smiled “well, I know nothing about your work so I can’t have an opinion, especially since I am dealing with so much right now, correct?”

Sebastian felt his body stutter for a second before he smiled at Peyton and shook his head “correct. Now, let’s say we all go to the park?”

Peyton forces a smile and nods “sounds good, let me just fetch her bag upstairs in the nursery and then I will meet you in the car.”

Sebastian nods and walks to Peyton before placing a kiss on her forehead and then leaving with Sasha in his arms giggling at whatever he was doing.

Peyton stood, watching them, she felt her heart ache to reach out and ask Sebastian what really was going on. However, an icey hurt pulsed through her veins and as she watched him walk away with Sasha in his hands she remembered just exactly why she left home, why she did what she did.

Flashbacks hit her for a split second before they are gone and she forces a smile on her face while going to grab the bag.

Seeing the note from Sebastian next to Sasha’s bag saying ‘Thanks’ Peyton wipes the tear from her cheek and walks downstairs thinking of ways to fall out of love with Mr. Coleman and keep it Strictly Baby Business.

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