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XXXVIII: In the dark.

“P-please! Daddy, I didn’t do anything this time!” Peyton yelled in fear when he approached the stairs with her.The stinging in her scalp from the way her hair is being pulled brings tears to her eyes making the feel of the sting on her cheek barely unnoticeable.

It wasn’t a good day to be home.Then again, what day is? Peyton looked down the flight of 35 steps and and she decided then that the first chance she gets, she is running.

Away, gone. Forever.

She heard the growl from her father and he released her with one big push that sent her rolling down the stairs. Pain filling her body, she fell to the bottom of the stairs and spit out blood from her mouth.

With her hand on her ribs, she looked up with tears in her eyes and saw her mother and father laughing “are you going to walk into our bedroom again?”

She glared at her parents, they know as well as she does that the necklace she was looking for was special to her. Her mother took it.

“Whatever, you guys fuck everything up, including this family!” Peyton yelled and then fell limp onto the floor in tears.

That is when she heard wrestling, there he was, fighting with their father, in front of her. She watched him beat their father and saw the raw anger in his eyes.

Then suddenly, there was a bang and he stopped in his fleet before he collapsed onto their father,dead, a blood curling scream left her mouth and Peyton watched her put down the gun before running to her with a menace in her eyes. In the back she saw her mother run towards them in a tears.

“N-no! I won’t tell! Please!” She wrestled with Alexis who was shaking her.Tears were falling from her eyes and she looked towards her, now dead, older brother.

“You killed him!” She yelled and then a hand flew across her face ...

“Peyton wake up! Fucking hell!” Sebastian panicked with his eyes wider than saucers as he tried to shake Peyton awake.

She was crying and screaming and she kept saying things that don’t make sense at all. Sasha was awake and crying, which woke Sebastian and when he heard the shouts her ran into her room finding her in a dreaming frenzy.

Sweat dripped down Peyton’s forehead and when she finally woke up, he eyes were wide as she took in her surroundings.

Sebastian watched her for a moment before her eyes landed on him and her face contorted in pain as she collapsed and cried on his shoulder.

Her head on his shoulder and his arms around her, he pulled her close and she sat in his lap as he placed his hand lovingly on the back of her head “she killed him Bash!

Then she almost killed me!”

Sebastian comforts her best he can and feels his own tears peak at the amount of pain lacing her voice as she starts to shake.

He feels a scar on the back of her head, but he decides to let it go before Peyton calms down and is left hiccuping in his arms. Sasha being asleep by now.

“Wanna tell me what is going on?” He asks softly and feels Peyton almost freeze in his arms. She sits up straight and gets back onto the bed realizing that she can’t let it out.

If she tells, then they will find her and kill her. It was the promise they made.

“I- I - it wasn’t supposed to happen. I told them to let him go after he didn’t listen to me and still joined.” She says and Sebastian raises an extremely confused eyebrow.

“Silver, who is he? Who are they?” Peyton’s silver eyes go up to Sebastian before they widen in fear and she starts to scream at the top of her lungs.

Sebastian immediately backs up and watches Peyton grab her head and close her eyes tight obviously wishing the memories away.

What could have been so bad? What has caused so much hurt and conflict inside of Peyton? He watched her as she opened her eyes slowly and jumped out of bed at the sound of Sasha’s cry.

Immediately she took Sasha and went to the nursery with her, sitting in the swaying chair, she sat and looked down at her before a tear slipped from her eye onto Sasha’s cheek.

Sasha laughed and Peyton smiled softly at her “I promise that I will be a better mother to you than my mother was to me.”

She watched Sasha as she swayed with her in her arms. She was playing with a toy and was peacefully in her own state while Peyton was a wreck.

The dream, his death, the fall. Everything, it all replays in her mind constantly and never-ending.The way they handled her, it makes up for the fact that they don’t know about his death.

Then why does she feel so guilty?

Not only that, but why the nightmares again so suddenly? Is is because Clarissa brought it up?

Peyton then grabbed a few toys and took Sasha to her room where Sebastian was still planted on the bed.As if he was at home, he was laying on her bed and completely consumed in the smell on her pillow.

Peyton smiled and put Sasha on top of him causing him to realize their presence and smile while taking Sasha on his lap while she played with her toys.

She laughed when he kissed her cheek and started playing with her and her toys. Completely captivated by the two, Peyton didn’t realize that she had tears in her eyes.

He would never be able to experience this, he would have been the best to Sasha and Sebastian would have loved him.

“Silver?” Peyton looked at a, now, concerned Sebastian who had left Sasha to play on her own “please tell me what happened? Can I fix it? The pain ..” Sebastian stops himself and clenches his fists tight at the thought of Peyton’s pain.

“I’ll tell you.” Peyton said causing Sebastian to smile widely at her, happy that she has enough trust in him to tell him what happened to her.

“Everything.” Peyton took a deep breath and got onto the bed sitting across from her family, Sasha immediately grabs her finger and she smiles lovingly at her daughter.

She looked up at Sebastian and finally decided to go for it.

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