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XL: Do it all again.

Sebastian smiled to himself while watching Peyton sleeping next to Sasha on the bed, Sasha being in between Peyton’s arms sleeping with her hand on Peyton’s chin.

The first thing he did was take a picture and make it his lock screen before he sat down watching them like the creep he knew he was being.

At least he could admit that he was being a creep, but he can’t help the love he has for the two of them .... love. She loves him too, she said it before kissing him.

Peyton loves him too.

At the thought of Peyton loving him too, Sebastian found himself smiling from ear to ear and then he let out a laugh feeling giddy inside.

He then decided to leave his loves to sleep without a creep watching them and grabbed his phone as he left down the stairs and to the kitchen where he brewed some coffee before standing outside on the porch.

He watched the trees ruffle as the wind blew them from the left to the right and all over the place in the clear autumn day.The colors of the leaves captivating his mind as he fully started to realize the way that everything works together and flows.

Jumping at the tone of his phone ringing, he looked down at it and smiled when he saw it was his mother before he immediately answered “good beautiful morning mom! How are you on this beautiful day?”

He heard a laugh on the other end and could imagine his mother sitting by the kitchen table in her butterfly robe drinking coffee with her long hair in a bun on-top of her head.

“What has you so gloomy this morning Bash?” Sebastian smiled, feeling his joy deeply within himself before answering his mother “she loves me too mom. She told me everything about her past and then I told her that I love her before she said the exact same. ”

His mother smiled and took a sip of her coffee, remembering the love she saw in Peyton’s eyes when Sebastian had been in the car crash “finally!”

“Thank you mom.” Sebastian smiled and looked out into the yard thinking about Peyton and Sasha “so, mom, did you call for any particular reason?”

“Well, besides the fantastic news you gave me now, I actually phoned because Peyton wasn’t answering hers. I need to wish her a happy birthday.Would you tell her I did call and will call later again?”

“It’s her birthday?” Sebastian asked his mom with surprise seeping in every word. He didn’t know it was her birthday. “Yes, I only found out yesterday, but I still managed a gift, will it be okay for me to drop it later today?”

“Yeah, sure mom,” he listens to his mom thank him and the says goodbye before hanging up.Watching the leaves bristle in the wind, Sebastian stand gobsmacked wondering what he should do with this new information.

Why didn’t Peyton mention anything to him? Did she not want him to know about her birthday? Sebastian stands for a few minutes, trying to figure out the reason behind Peyton’s silence about her birthday.

“Hey stranger.” Sebastian couldn’t help but let a smile claim his face when he heard her voice.Turning around, he felt his heart explode seeing that Sasha was in her arms and for the first rime in so long, Peyton had a real smile on her face.

Sebastian gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek before they both went inside and ended up mutually sitting by the kitchen island “sleep well?”

A smile drags onto Peyton’s face and she nods while watching, studying Sebastian and his mannerisms “what’s bothering?” Immediately Sebastian rose an eyebrow in surprise before sighing.

“Why didn’t you tell me that it is your birthday today?” Immediately as if she had just been slapped, Peyton’s smile falls flat and she looks to the floor “how do you know?”

“My mom phoned to say happy birthday a few minutes before you came downstairs. Now please answer the question.” Sebastian watched Peyton watch him and he knew that she was trying to figure out if she wants to tell him or not.

“I just ... why should I let other people care if not even I do? My whole life, I don’t get one phone call or message and the only person who did care was killed.When he died, no one was left to care ... including me,” Peyton looks at Sebastian with pain in her eyes “it’s easier to forget about it than to remember.”

Sebastian immediately stands and moves over to give Peyton a hug “I care. Me, because I love you.” Peyton looks up at Sebastian and connects their lips for a few seconds “I love you too, thank you. ”

Sebastian pulls away with a smile and looks down at Sasha before touching her chin and then running upstairs shouting “it’s the perfect moment!”

Leaving Peyton confused, Sebastian runs into his office and opens the third drawer on the left of his desk. He smiles down at what he was looking for and takes it off before running back downstairs to Peyton who hasn’t moved a bit.

Peyton watches Sebastian take a deep breath before looking her in the eyes “I was thinking the other day about us, I dreamt about us being in love and knew that it was going to be you no matter what. I would make you mine,”

He smiles at Peyton lovingly “luckily I didn’t have to work to hard because I am too clumsy, but you love me and I love you. Our little girl is lucky to have you, but I know that I want to have you truly. ”

Sebastian then gets down slowly onto one knee and Peyton gasps in shock “this ring has been in my family for many years, given to the person they loved the most, I was given this for my someone special and Silver ... I would be honored if we could do it all again and you will agree to be my someone special forever ... for real this time. ”

Peyton laughs and nods her head with a smile on her face “of course.” Sebastian smiles and stands up, sipping the ring onto her finger after taking off the other one.

He smiles at her and gives her a passionate kiss “God I want to fall in love with you everyday.” Peyton smiles and places Sasha into her eating chair and then she moves back to Sebastian.

She wraps her arms tightly around him and places her head on his chest “what do you want to do today birthday girl?” Peyton stays silent for a moment before closing her eyes and letting a tear slip “I just want to listen to your heartbeat.”

Sebastian smiles and places a kiss onto her forehead “well, listen away because it only beats for you. ” on that moment, Sebastian’s phone started to ring and he immediately picked it up.

“Hey Al, what’s up?” He hears heavy breathing and starts to feel his heart start to race. “Allister?!” He heard him cry before he answered “please Nash! You have to come! You and Peyton ... Denise ... she fell ... the kid ... Sebastian come help!”

Without a response, Sebastian put down the phone and grabbed Sasha before telling Peyton to grab clothes and so before meeting him in the car.

Denise has to be okay.

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