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IV: Sassy yet classy.

The smell of the popcorn infront of her was absolutely nauseating to Peyton, it made her stomach churn and her head spin.

Or maybe her head was spinning because she hasn’t eaten in two days.

At all.

She is now eating for two, she knows that, but she just hasn’t had the money to buy food and has to deal with the effects of it.

She is a month pregnant today and you can now see a small little bump forming at the bottom of her stomach.

Peyton loves laying in her underwear in bed and staring at her tiny bump, amazed at thinking that a human is being formed inside of her.

It is mindblowing.

At the moment Peyton is working her cinema job and has to serve the snacks today. Of all days.

The smell of the popcorn and the colours of the slushies drive her absolutely crazy. If it doesn’t make her nauseous, it makes her hungry and she can’t afford anything.

Sebastian still hasn’t made any effort to speak to her, but she now knows what makes him so rich and she wished she never agreed to this when she found out.

Still, she wouldn’t trade the small bump on her freckled stomach for anything. She watches herself everyday in the mirror and loves the way her grey eyes are brighter than before and the way her black locks look like they are even shinier since the pregnancy.

She never understood the freckles but knows it makes her unique so she loves it.

“Hello, are you deaf or something?” A boy rudely snaps making Peyton snap out of her thoughts and glare at him, “no, but I am allergic to idiot.”

The boy’s mouth falls open and he lets go of his girlfriend’s hand immediately slamming his fist on the counter.

“Do you even know who I am?!” Peyton’s eyes travel down his arm which is covered in a leather jacket and looks at his plane white shirt with aviators hanging from the collar, he is wearing jeans and black converse.

She smirks as she meets his eyes again.

“I do actually.You are the guy with a fucked up past, you try to be cool and fuck anything with a gina and you think you own the school. People fear you and you love it because for once you are not the one fearing someone else, probably your father who I would say is a drunk, I also know that you think you are tough and want others to think the same so that they don’t mess with you and crack you.” Her eyes shift to the girl as she places her hand straight up to silence him before she continues speaking.

“She is that girl who thinks she is going to be the one to change you and we all know that will probably be your neighbour, who you love to irritate as much as possible,” her grey eyes flit to him again “and I know that you think the fact that you are feared at school makes its okay for you to be a dick, but guess what,”

She leans in towards him as if she wants to tell him a secret “this is the real world, and when you have finally learnt that it isn’t all about you, you will stop using your brain that is situated under your zipper and start using the brain situated under your hair.”

Satisfied with her rant, Peyton leans back and crosses her arms over her chest in victory “now apologize and be a human or get the fuck out of my face.”


That is the colour his face turns as he grabs the girl’s hand again “at least I’m not a slutty, pregnant cinema slave,” Peyton’s mouth falls open and she slowly lifts the counter and steps out.

“At least I am not a little highschool deliquent,” his eyes widen and she smirks “think I didn’t see the tattoo on the wrist Mr. Juvie?” She smirks and he moves towards her again.

“I might have been to juvie, but at least I want to make something of myself!” Peyton’s eyes flit to the girl, “what is that? A baby? Or do you already have one on the way?”

The boy is quiet for a moment before he glares at her and backs up “I would rather not waste my time talking to trash like you!” He starts walking away and Peyton smirks.

“Thank goodness! I thought my eyes would never stop burning from all that ugly,” she hears the guy grunt and turns to walk away.

She makes her way to the back of the desk and smiles like nothing has just happened as she looks down at her work shirt which is tight so her bump is visible.

“See, your momma can hold her own,” she rubs her belly and smiles at the next customer when she looks up “what can I get you?”

The boy orders and she works hard at getting his order finished as soon as possible before taking his money and handing him his change.

However, he doesn’t take it and instead says “no, keep it.You put Jocob on his place, that is change enough for me.” He then walks away and Peyton puts the money in her pocket with a smile.

Food money.

She looks at the time and notices that her shift ended five minutes ago and she smiles as she logs off for the day.

Her apron is thrown into her locker and she grabs her sling bag with happiness. Her feet carry her all the way past the guy who she chewed up, Jacob, and she smiles at him sarcastically before blowing him a sarcastic kiss.

She turns back to the front and stops in her tracks as a wave of dizziness hits her for a moment.

Her hand goes to her head and she feels someone grab her shoulder as she stumbles on her spot.

“Are you okay miss?” She looks over at the man and sees three of him.About to say something, she immediately stops herself when she feels as if she is going to throw up and then she feels her knees give out as she falls into a pair of arms and lets the darkness invade her.

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