Strictly Baby Business

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Hi guys!

Whew, but it has been a long time since I have posted on this book! I have missed you all, how are you?

So, I have a big announcement and I really want to share it with you all because without you guys this would not be possible (and a little yummy surprise at the end!)

Drum Roll Please:




Strictly Baby Business is getting published!

Yes, you read that right. Published.

Now here is the thing, there is a new app by Inkitt that is super amazing and you should totally check it out, called - Galatea.

Strictly Baby Business will now be published on there for your viewing pleasures. It will be edited and improved on there and there may or may not be a few bonus (juicy) chapters in it there.

Please go support me there guys, I would really love it if you do. Also, when the time comes, only 3 chapters of SBB will stay up here on Inkitt (boos and aww’s are heard from the amazing readers) I know my darlings, but that is why I have a surprise for you too.

Are you ready?

Drum Roll Please:




The sequel is going to be up there and complete as well!

YES!! You read right again!!

I will be finishing the sequel soon and then it will also be going up on Galatea (again 3 chapters will remain up here) So ready yourselves for another juicy, wacky and crazy ride on Galatea, because Allister, Sebastian and Peyton aren’t ready for their story to end just yet.

Love you Darlings, and thank you for everything.

Beaujolais. (this is my new name when it comes to being an author - cool right?!)

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