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XLI: Home sweet second home.

After opening the door with his own key, Sebastian allows Peyton to walk in with Sasha before following suit and calling for Allister before hearing “upstairs Bash.”

A woman walked out of a small room and into the space they were standing in, Sebastian smiled at her and gave her a nod before his long legs carried him up the stairs two at a time.

Peyton stood in her spot watching Sasha sleep in her arms soundly wearing a onesie that makes her look like a little duck. “Is this Sasha? Oh Al tells me so much about her and you must be Peyton, Al never stops yapping about how you changed Sebastian.”

Peyton looks up at the lady and smiles with a nod “oh how rude of me, I am Sam, Allister’s mother. Would you like to get dressed?” Peyton smiles and gives her a nod

“if you wouldn’t mind? Sasha can stay in her onesie since it is a bit windy, I would rather want something to cover her ears. ”

Sam watched Peyton with a smile on her face and as Peyton gave Sasha a kiss on the cheek before looking at Sam “where may I dress?”

Sam smiled fondly at Peyton before she grabbed her bag and hugged Peyton before showing her to the guest room downstairs where she got dressed within minutes.

There was shuffling going on and Peyton heard Sebastian speaking to Sam as she checked Sasha’s diaper before she walked out of the room, dressed and groomed.

After seeing her pair of jean shorts, sandals and plain white tank top Sebastian smiled even more “you look gorgeous.” Peyton smiled “what is going on?”

With his mouth open for a response, he gets cut off by a very over dramatic Allister who sees Peyton and Sasha ” you guys came too!? Oh it must be my birthday! Oh my, let me see my little lama ...” he drifted off confusedly when seeing Sasha’s onesie and looked to Peyton who was smiling “duck? But ducks have no defense mechanism! At least lamas spit!” Peyton let out a laugh and allowed Allister to take Sasha in his arms before he gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

Sebastian comes to stand next to Peyton and he gives her a soft kiss, one filled with as much love as he could, passion and lust. Instead, of doing what he wanted, Sebastian pulled back and they watched allister get excited when his family came in.

“Peyton, please meet my lovely and beautiful mommy, Sam,” he smiled and took Sasha’s hand to make it seem like she was waving at her. He then looked over to the girl in the wheelchair “this is Denise, my wittle ity bity siser,” he said in a baby tone before laughing and then he smiled at something behind Denise’s wheelchair “please

also meet, king Tony of the Allister’s. He is 4 years old and extremely good at being king except when his mother, Denise, tells him to go to sleep.”

Sebastian laughed at Allister and looked at Peyton who was confused “what’s wrong?” Peyton gave him a small smile “why did we come here? Also, why is only she in a wheelchair?”

“Well, Denise fell out of her chair and Allister needed help getting her up, and you need to ask her, she is extremely open to telling people.” Peyton gave him a nod and he softly kissed her temple.

Allister then comes and gives Sasha back to Peyton before giving her a kiss on the cheek and then running off with Tony on his back shouting “I surrender king Tony!”

Peyton let put a laugh before she saw Denise smiling kindly at her with Tony on her lap “may I ask what happened? Why does Sebastian know you guys so well?”

Denise moves forward with a nod “you would have to sit down for this one.”

They went to a room that had toys and baby things in with two chairs. Of course Peyton was confused until she saw Tony smile and kiss his mom and her stomach before playing with some toys.

“Are you pregnant?” Denise smiled at Peyton “guilty.” Peyton looked at her again before she let out an uneasy laugh “you want to run away.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement from Denise and Peyton couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle.

“What happened if I may ask?” She said motioning to the wheelchair feeling nosy. Denise smiled kindly at her before her face turned motionless as if the memory is numb to her.

“I will have to start at the start, the only reason I am okay with this is because Allister says you are a good person. It was 4 years ago. I was in a relationship that wasn’t very healthy for me, but I loved the guy,” she smiles at Tony who was playing with his toys.

“One day, he came home and he was ... aggressive? He demanded many things of me and hurt me when I said no, ultimately, I fell pregnant in a very cruel way and for long I didn’t want the child.” Her eyes start to tear up and she looks to her lap ashamed.

“Allister found out and he beat the guy into a coma, but he died in the hospital and so my brother was in jail, I wasn’t talking, I felt violated and my mom couldn’t pay the bills.That is when Sebastian bought this house for us, he paid for my medications and he helped with family for 2 years because Allister was in jail and couldn’t work. He is a really good person you know, without him, we wouldn’t have made it. ”

Peyton smiles fondly and looks down at Sasha “he is an amazing person. I am very lucky to have him.” Denise then smiles “he paid for counseling to help me talk again and all the baby stuff the great thing was that I could still walk, and once Tony was born things got worse after just coming right, I fell in love with Sebastian’s brother, Mac an-”

She was about to carry on talking when Sebastian walked in clothed in a blue washed jean and a white button up shirt with the first three buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows “Silver, we have to go, they just called me from the office.Apparently it’s urgent.”

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