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XLII: Why now?

“Denise was in love with Mac?” Peyton asked sounding out of breath with how shocking it was before she looked over to Sebastian who had a knowing smile on his face “people love him?”

A laugh was let out by Sebastian and Peyton glanced over to Sasha who was sleeping in her car seat in the back of the SUV before she glared at Sebastian who grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Hard to believe, I know.To answer your question, they were engaged.” Peyton’s eyes widen at the words spoken by Sebastian and she almost gags. Sebastian lets out a laugh before he nodded.

“Yeah, I think Tony was about 5 months old, he and Olivia had broken up for a few months before he and Denise met. They immediately got along and I was actually, sorta happy for them. It took Allister a while, but he also accepted it sooner or later,” they then get home and both get out of the car before Sebastian gets Sasha and Peyton gets the bags and the head inside.

Immediately they go to the living room and both of them take a seat next to each other with Sasha asleep in Sebastian’s arms.They settle down and then Peyton watches Sebastian with curiosity “they were together for a mere three months before Mac proposed and of course she said yes. ” Sebastian takes a deep breath and wraps his free hand around Peyton’s and then he gives her a gentle squeeze.

“Then one day, they were fighting and he pushed her not knowing they were by the stairs, she fell and he immediately rushed her to the hospital, they had then checked everything and found out she is paralyzed.That is when Mac wanted to apologize and she gave him the ring back. She said that if he would push her, then he would clearly do more. ”

Peyton let out a gasp and shook her head “clearly that didn’t bother him much. He is still a prick.” Sebastian lets out a laugh “he was hurt though, went to the army for 6 months to clear up his head, but he only came back worse than he already was.”

“Wow, that is not something that I expected.The poor girl! Wait, isn’t she pregnant?” Peyton asked as the doorbell rang and she stood up to go answer.

“She got married a year ago, her husband, Ben, is on a business trip right now so she is living with her mom until he comes back.” Peyton nods as she opens the door.

The moment she does, her smile falls and an audible gasp is heard from Peyton, she slams the door before running to the living room with tears in her eyes “take Sasha upstairs right now and don’t come down.”

Sebastian gives her a confused look but does as she says “I will explain later.” Peyton gives him a kiss and walks back to the front door.

She rubs her eyes to take away the unshed tears and then she turns her face neutral before opening the door again with a glare “what?”

“Um,” the man clears his throat “could we maybe come in? We have a lot to speak about.” Peyton’s glare doesn’t let up as she thinks it over.

It takes her a minute before she opens the door fully and lets them in silently before she leads them to the living room and sits across from them.

“What do you want? Why do you want to talk all of a sudden?” They both stay silent and she starts to laugh “cowards. Just like day 1.” Peyton gets up from her chair before being stopped by a voice.

“W-where is your brother?” Slowly, Peyton turns to them and glares even more. Both dressed in their finest clothes, she could see right through their act “he’s dead. Thanks to you mom.”

“Oh,” a gasp is heard before Peyton’s mother holds on to her husband’s leg. He takes a hold of her hand and then he looks up as if he is holding back tears.

Not trusting them one bit, Peyton glares and shakes her head “you cannot be sad damnit! It was your fault! And now you have the nerve to show up at my house when I am happy?! Why now? Why now damnit!”

They both watch Peyton closely and stay silent.

“Why did you do what you did? You guys killed him!” Peyton shouts in rage. She feels every drop of blood as it course through her veins.

“We never meant to! We had a good reason!” Her eyes snap to her mother’s and she scoffs while folding her arms across her chest “what was this reason?”

Her parents looked at each other and both of them looked back at her before her father spoke “we can’t tell you now, but some day we will, some day you will understand.”

“So you abuse me and kill my childhood and then years later you come and find me to tell me that you have good reason, then you won’t tell me?” They both nod and she glared at them “I don’t understand and I want to know.”

“Sometimes ... you can’t always get what you want ... and understand why not.” Silence reigns in the room and Peyton watches them closely feeling insulted towards what they said.

Why they came, no one would know, but at least Sebastian was upstairs with Sasha. The silence becomes deafening, not one of them daring to break eye contact.

“Get out.”

“Get out of my house, get out of my life and be sure to never come back! Ever!” Peyton walks them out ignoring their protests and then once the door closes, she let’s out a deep breath.

“So those are your parents?” Sebastian says from the wall opposite the front door with an angry look on his face. Peyton watches him for a few seconds before she breaks, she let’s the tears go and feels Sebastian wrapping his arms around her within a second.

She finds comfort in his arms and then she feels him lower them to the ground where he holds her as she sits in his lap and cries “it’s okay Silver. It’s okay.”

“They killed him.” She mumbled brokenly

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