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XLIII: Woah!

“Happy 3 monthiverssary my llama!!!” Allister through his arms around Sasha who was in Peyton’s arms before Peyton let her go and smiled as she watched Allister make funny faces at her.

“What is a monthiverssary? She is a baby, not in love.” Sebastian asked Allister as he walks into the room and then he gives Peyton a kiss before turning back and raising an eyebrow at Allister who was smiling sheepishly.

“Who cares? She is my little llama who is three months old today! So just shutup.” He then turned to Peyton with a pout “why is he grouchy again?”

Letting out a laugh, Peyton wrapped her arms around Sebastian’s waist and nuzzled her nose into his chest taking in his intoxicating scent.

“You know man, if you weren’t holding my daughter right now, i would have punched you. ” Sebastian states matter of factly before a huge gasp is heard and Allister mocks hurt “well, thank goodness for my llama here! My pretty face couldn’t handle it!”

Peyton let out a laugh coming straight from her belly before she took Sasha from Allister leaving him with a look of horror on his face before she walked away to the backyard where all of Sebastian’s family was sitting.

“Peyton! My darling! I heard about your parents and I promise it wasn’t me!” Clarissa calls when she sees Peyton walk through the door and Peyton immediately gets a sickly feeling in her stomach.

She walks over to Clarissa and takes a seat between her and Amanda before Amanda takes Sasha and plays with her while Clarissa gives Peyton a motherly look. Filled with love.

“They came by about two months ago, and I was shocked at first before I let them in. The only reason I let them in was because I thought that they had changed.” Peyton’s silver eyes become a darker shade of grey as she glares at the ground.

For a few seconds she listens in to the conversation that Mac is having with Allister about some girl he once dated before she goes back to talking to Clarissa “they only had excuses again.; acted like they were sad about my brother and then, they couldn’t give me a reason for why they did what they did ... so I chased them out. ”

Clarissa gives her a soft smile and grabs her hand in his “I don’t know what their problem is.You are so beautiful, too beautiful to hurt.”

Seeing so much love in Clarissa’s eyes brought tears to Peyton’s, her mother never looked at her like that. Not once, hard to imagine hurting your own child,Peyton knows for a fact that she wouldn’t be able to handle even a small scab on Sasha.

“Thank you, it means a lot that you think so about me.” She looks down to the floor with a small smile playing on her lips before she hear a loud scream come from next to her before she lays her eyes on Amanda feeling her heart pounce out of her chest in worry of Sasha.

Only, Peyton starts to laugh and takes Sasha from Amanda when she sees that Sasha had thrown up a bit “I am going to clean her.Thank you all for coming today. ” Peyton announced before standing up, greeting everyone and walking to Sebastian to give him a small kiss before she made her way inside and up the stairs to change Sasha and nurse her.

Once upstairs, Peyton feels thankful for the fact that the barbecue was over before Allister came, mostly because he eats a lot and also because if she takes too long and someone goes home, she won’t feel too bad.

Walking into the nursery, Peyton puts Sasha down on the changing table and opens the crisp white top drawer in search of a onesie.

Once she found a footy one that was purple and wooly with pink butterflies on, she she moves to Sasha and smiles down at her giving her a small kiss on her forehead.

She quickly got to work and changed her soaked diaper, putting on the onesie and then giving Sasha eskimo kisses causing her to laugh and grab her mother’s nose before smiling at her.

Peyton let out a slight giggle feeling giddy.

Sasha has Silver eyes just like Peyton’s and Sebastian could never stop speaking about how much he loved it, but she didn’t have black hair like Peyton, she had brown hair like Sebastian.This, Peyton adored and Sebastian complained about saying his muddiness has affected his child.

Peyton grabbed her from the changing table and sat on the rocking chair which was facing the balcony with the beautiful view of their garden.

She sat straight and positioned Sasha perfectly for nothing to hurt before she started to nurse her. She watched Sasha as she looked up at her mother as if to thank her.

A small smile played on Peyton’s lips and felt content inside, playing everything over and over in her head before she heard her phone chime an email.

Confused, she opened it and started to read it confused

Your portfolio has been reviewed carefully for the competition and it has been decided that you are the winner of the job that has been up for grabs!

The details used in your artwork were absolutely astounding and showed raw talent and lots of passion.

As said in the terms and conditions, the job is in the offices in London and you will be president of the new marketing project we are working on.

Please do contact us as soon as possible. Congratulations once again Peyton.

The market world.

Peyton looked up from her phone with a smile on her face, she had entered the competition when she had left Sebastian after the had come back from Italy.

He is going to be so proud to hear she has been recognized!

Excitedly, Peyton put her phone down and looked down at Sasha to see her fast asleep. She then moved Sasha slightly to detach her and stood up to place her in her cot before she fixed her clothes and went downstairs to the bottom.

She went down to see that everyone except for Allister had left and she immediately ignored him and went to Sebastian. Grabbing both his hands, she makes him stand up with a smile on her face.

He rose an eyebrow at her and matched her smile before following her out of the living room and into the hall where she was bouncing in her feet “Silver?”

“I have something exciting to tell you.” She announced and Sebastian stood expectantly after taking both her hands in his “I got a job.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened and a smile spread on his face “babe! That is wonderful.” He enveloped her in a hug and she let out a laugh “in London.”

Sebastian’s smile immediately fell and he pushed her back at arms length “not great.” Confusion grew on Peyton’s face and she crossed her arms “why not?”

Sebastian let out a sigh “I just took over the company, I can’t just move now,” silence reigned between the two before he spoke again “I am sorry, but it just isn’t possible. ”

He looked down at Peyton and she looked down to the floor and took a step backwards as if she had been burnt.When the silence continued, Peyton took it as it is and made her way to the library.

“That was a dick move.” Sebastian closed his eyes before he glared at Allister.

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