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XLIV: Sealed with a kiss.

“Silver, I am sorry about this.” Sebastian said watching her as she dried up her tears. They had just had a huge fight after Allister had left since he felt awkward.

It may have been exciting for Peyton, but Sebastian took all the positivity away because he had a business to run, you cannot stay the richest person in New York by moving for every offer.


Peyton, saw thought of it as Sebastian only thinking about himself, as if he only wanted to be the ruler and she had to be the listener.Already feeling droopy, she had to let it go even though he was being selfish.

But was he really being selfish?

The fight had started upstairs and ended downstairs after Peyton gave him a killing look because he shouted and she didn’t want Sasha to wake up.

They had fought and then they sat and discussed everything about what they thought. Peyton explained that she had never been able to live up to what she was capable of, that she never had a chance to prove herself as more than just a pretty face.

Peyton wanted to feel important, she longed for the feeling and she wanted to know what it felt like to be important. Sebastian knew that moving everything to London would take at least a month and that Peyton would need to start the job as soon as she can.

Moving everything would be too much.

“I am sorry too.” She said as she turned her eyes away from him with a frown etched onto her face. She made her way to the kitchen. She made some coffee for herself and Sebastian followed suit only for her to put her hand up and stop him, finally deciding that she, in fact, is angry at him.

He was being selfish.

Anything, absolutely anything could make her go, at this moment, one wrong move and him being selfish is all he will have left. She glared at him “I am going to make some coffee and then go check up on my daughter before I get her dressed and take her shopping. Do not bother me Coleman.”

Sebastian was left standing astounded, gobsmacked by her fierce tone which was slightly turning him on even with that, he knew not to test her and placed his hands up in a defensive way before he backed out of the kitchen and walked out to the backyard.

Peyton then turned around and walked over to the fridge where she grabbed a water and then some aspirin from the cupboard on the far left of the kitchen, feeling woozy and disoriented.

Why on earth would Sebastian be doing this? And why would she have to feel sick when she has something much more serious to think about.

She let out a sigh and drank the aspirin before she went and started to prepare herself a cup of coffee, not in the mood for coffee from the state of the art machine.

She grabbed her ‘worlds best mom’ mug that Allister got her and she waited for the water to boil as she watched Sebastian who was sitting outside.

He sat for a while and then got up and walked inside the house as soon as his phone rang. He had a serious look on his face and Peyton finished preparing her coffee before she made he way upstairs.

She walked to the nursery while holding her mug in both of her hands and blowing into the hot liquid softly in an attempt to cool it down a bit.

When she entered the nursery, she placed her mug on the coaster on the drawer case and smiled at Sasha who was laying awake in her little crib.

“Hello my baby! Did you sleep well?” She asked in a baby tone as she picked Sasha out of the crib “Button, I need you to know that I will always do everything for you.” She says reassuring herself.

Taking Sasha to the little cushion where she plays with her toys, Peyton places her down and puts toys around her to let her keep herself busy while she tidies up the crib and things.

Quickly folding the blanket that she used for Sasha to sleep, she moves back to the drawer and drinks her, now cold, cup of coffee before she picks Sasha up again.

The sudden movement of bending down and then standing straight gain has made her dizzy. Placing a hand to her head, Peyton slowly sits down on the couch that has been installed into the nursery and she takes deep breathes while holding Sasha close to her.

She feels as if she needs to vomit for a moment before she closes her eyes and throws her head back, taking a few deep breaths to calm down her racing heart.

She waits for about five minutes before she opens her eyes again and looks down at Sasha, wiping the perspiration from her forehead and smiling slightly.

“Something’s not right.” She says and stands up with Sasha in her hands. She takes a deep breath the decision to tell Sebastian about her being sick has been made.

She quickly grabs her empty mug and then she grabs a spit rag for Sasha and her dummy. She walks out of the nursery in a haste and makes her way down the stairs in search of Sebastian.

First she goes to the kitchen and places her mug down in the sink and she takes a drink of water. She makes her way out of the kitchen and finds herself in the foyer where she hears voices coming from the living room.

With one voice certainly being Sebastian’s, she makes her way to the living room standing outside to make sure she doesn’t interrupt.

“I needed to use her to get the company then Becks.” She heard Sebastian sigh before a sigh is heard in the silence and a woman starts to talk “so that means ...” not hearing anything else, Peyton walks into the living room and freezes at what she sees.

A cry coming from Sasha breaks them apart. Sebastian was sitting on the couch glaring at the woman he was clearly talking to “what the fuck was that?!” He shouted at her before shooting up from the couch and walking to Peyton who looked like she had been shot as she shushed Sasha from her cries.

She made her way back into the foyer and grabbed her car keys, Sebastian stopped her and made her turn to him “It wasn’t me! Silver, she jumped me!” Peyton glares at him and opens the car door to the cherry red Rolls Royce strapping Sasha in.

“I still heard what you said.” She walked around to the drivers side of the car and Sebastian followed.The moment he wanted to speak she glared at him with tears in her eyes “don’t follow me! I will be too busy with my new job. Say goodbye to Sasha through the window and then go get that slut pregnant for a million bucks. See how much she loves you, you asshole.”

She slammed the door out of his hand and started the car successfully driving away before she could stop her. She watched him run after her in the rearview mirror and feels two tears trickle down her left cheek.

Admittedly, she has to stop in the street for a moment to gather her composure, it doesn’t help that she feels extra emotional ...

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