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XLV: Home.

Changing Sasha’s diaper, Peyton was left looking out the window for a moment thinking about Sebastian again with sadness still filling her veins.

Shaking her head, she looks down at Sasha and smiles at her for a moment before she finishes up the diaper and grabs Sasha to get her dressed for the day.

The views from every room in the apartment were wonderful, all of then looking to the Big Eye or the Big Ben making Peyton wonder if the spectacular view is good enough.

Admittedly, just taking Sasha and leaving Sebastian was quite a dumb move, especially since she used the money that Clarissa gave her to get the big apartment and still live a wealthy life.

Not giving Sebastian a chance to have Sasha was terrible. It is surprising that he hasn’t sued her yet, it has been a month after all.A month of pure hell.

The amount of hurt that Peyton endured every day was terrible, she thought of Sebastian the whole time and had to force herself to ignore all his messages and his calls because she knew he probably only wanted Sasha.

Why hadn’t he followed her? He left her to leave and for a whole month all he could do was call and text her, but he didn’t follow her and Sasha; come after them.

After getting Sasha, who was now 4 months old, dressed in a small jean and a little oink button up shirt, she grabbed her diaper bag which held the contents which a handbag would hold too.

She grabbed the car keys and walks out of the penthouse apartment and all the way to her cherry red Rolls Royce which Clarissa had shipped over.

She made her way to the shopping centre where she met up with Brett and gained a shopping cart to put Sasha into. Brett had then taken the liberty of steering the cart.

“So what has you so down this morning babe?” He she spoke and Peyton let out a laugh before shaking her head and having him follow her down the dairy aisle.

“I still don’t feel well.” She said and he gave her a knowing look before looking at her up and down. Silence reigned from there between them as they shopped.

Brett watched everything that Peyton loaded in the cart and played happily with Sasha. Peyton had met Brett at work, it all started when he started telling her that her eyes were breathtaking.

Peyton thought he was coming on to her, but it turned out that he was gay and soon he became her best friend. It was nice ... having someone that does not include Sebastian or know him in some way.

Once they had finished shopping, Brett had helped her get everything home and get everything packed away before he flipped out over a small box that he found in the shopping bags.

Peyton found herself blushing blood red and shushed him as fast as she can. Leaving him sitting on the couch while she got Sasha some toys to play with close to the windows overlooking London.

The great thing about their penthouse being the fanciness and the ceiling to floor windows that it held with the beautiful chandeliers and the breathtaking kitchen.

Everything was just fancy enough to constantly remind her of Sebastian who she missed.Admittedly, she knows that he probably did nothing again and probably spoke about what their relationship was in the beginning.

However, the emotional state she was in at that moment, the way she felt sick and the immediate pain that she experienced made her leave.

It made her take the job and leave because she needed it and was giving it up for him, her dreams would have been put on hold for Sebastian and when she heard him, the emotions became too much and she could be take it.

After having some coffee, Peyton had let Brett out of the apartment and started to clean up the place “Baby Button, I hope you don’t hate me for moving you away with me.” She said and heard Sasha laugh as if she understood.

After a while, her eyes landed on the little box that Brett fawned about and she felt uneasy, she knew it was bought for a reason.With her decision made, she takes the box and picks Sasha up.

She walks to her room and places Sasha in the crib before she settles her down and sits uncalmed on the bed. Looking down at her black shorts which accompanied a purple spaghetti strap top and black ankle boots, she couldn’t help hut think of Sebastian again

Wearing her wedding ring the whole time has helped her with the move, with the transition and everything that goes with it.the ring gives her comfort that a piece of him is with her.

To top it off, she has been feeling sicker and sicker by the day. Her friend at work had suggested that she may not be the type of sick that she thinks she is.

Loss of appetite, puking at the smell of food, and dizziness all lead to Peyton sitting in the bathroom of the main bedroom waiting for the stick she just peed on to show something.

She couldn’t stop looking to her wedding ring and then back to the stick and then out the door and too Sasha.After deciding that 5 minutes is too long, Peyton decided to busy herself with Sasha’s toys and diapers.

Placing everything in their correct positions, she smiles at her little girl with a brim of tears in her eyes.The test she used is one that tells how long as well.

She went back to the bathroom and let out a sigh as her tears started to fall, a smile spread don her face slowly and butterflies flared in her stomach.

It was soon after Sasha, but Peyton was overjoyed at the results on the test ’positive.

1.5 months’

She looked over to Sasha who seemed like she knew what was going on and she let out a laugh before her tears started to slip. She felt her heart rate pick up and she immediately ran to Sasha to give her a hug.

It could only be Sebastian’s, right then, she heard a knock on the front door and grabbed Sasha, placing her on her hip as she then made her way down the stairs and to the front door.

She wiped her tears and let out another laugh as she pit the stick down onto the table in front of the door.

A knock was heard again, more urgent, and Peyton glared “I am coming.” She unlocked the door and opened it up only to find herself frozen in place.

Brown eyes stared back at her and her eyes travelled down to the much bigger than average sized bouquet of red roses. He looked broken.

Sebastian smiled softly when he saw Sasha recognize him immediately “I’m home.” He whispered.

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