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V: Growing

After Peyton had passed out yesterday, she woke up in the hospital and the doctors said the man who brought her left immediately.

They told her that she passed out because of lack of nutrients as she didn’t eat for a while and since she is eating for two now, it is dangerous.

Peyton had then received medication and confirmation that her baby was okay and that was all she needed-wanted to hear.

Even though the baby is part of a deal, she already loves it with all her heart and Peyton knows she wouldn’t be able to stand it if something were to happen to her child.

It is her chance to keep her promise to herself and prove that she can do better than they ever did or claimed.

After Peyton had explained her situation to the doctor and taken her medication; he had her eat and sent a plate of food home with her.

When Peyton had finally reached home, she put her food in her fridge and went straight to sleep with strict orders from the doctor to give herself and the baby some rest.

Luckily, she has off and when she woke up this morning, she had soundly eaten and had some coffee.

After that, Peyton took a long warm shower and then changed into a blue sundress and some sandals.

She admired her baby bump with a smile on her face and thought of the day that she would hold her child and be a mother.

A real mother.

Much better than the one she had.

Shaking the thoughts from her head, Peyton grabs her sling bag and walks to her front door and as she opens it and walks out, she walks straight into a muscular chest.

“Woah!” Two arms stabalize her and she looks up to see who it is and immediately she glares “well, what is Sebastian doing at this rutty little place?”

Peyton knows that he doesn’t like her apartment one bit and likes bringing it up “are you lost? Because assholeville is that way,” she says pointing out the door.

Only, Sebastian doesn’t answer her and pushes past her into the apartment, just like the first time they had met; also with a glare.

He walks to the fridge and looks inside before looking in every single kitchen cupboard ignoring Peyton’s protests.

When he finally is done, his attention goes to a fuming Peyton and he finds himself holding back a laugh.

Peyton is not intimidating.

“Why are you invading my personal space?” Sebastian was taken a-back. She does realize it is only a few cupboards right?

Besides! She should be glad he hasn’t run her over with his anger filled thoughts yet!

“You don’t have any food in this house, you were at the hospital because you have no food in this dump and I came to make sure of these facts, so don’t you try to shout at me when you are endangering the life of my child!” Sebastian growled with fire lit in his eyes.

Peyton could see it an even in the few times that she has seen his eyes, she can tell his emotions are easily given away by them; when he allows it though.

She knows that right now, the fact that she can see his anger in his eyes lets her know he wants her to notice.

However, she is a fighter and won’t back down so crossing her arms across her chest and taking a sassy stance, she glares and starts to defend herself

“One, I don’t have any money for food, if it bothers you so much; then give me money.Two, I am not putting OUR child in danger, you are! Mister ‘no contact with the woman carrying my child’.You can’t just barge in here like you own the place and make demands! I don’t know how it works up there,” she points to his head “but in the real world, we work for our things and don’t all grow up like royalty. Some of us have to make sacrifices.” Taking a deep breath, she composes herself ignoring his growing glare “so don’t make accusations if you don’t know the fucking half of it!”

Silence reigns in the air and not one of them makes a move. Peyton, refusing to back down and Sebastian, sorting through his options of snapping or fixing his problem to gain another.

His child will not be deprived of any necessaty and until birth, 100% health is fully needed. So taking a deep breath and thinking of his pro and con list, Sebastian slowly starts to walk towards her room without a word.

He knows she is following him, but he doesn’t care and opens her cupboard. He takes out a white tank top and a pair of jeans before turning and silently handing it to her.

Staring expectantly, she raises an eyebrow and he rolls his eyes “don’t push it any more than you have, I have seen every part of you and I am not afraid of dressing you myself.”

Surprise takes over Peyton and she slowly nods while taking off her sandals. Sebastian returns to her cupboard and checks if there is anything necessary to take with.

When he comes up with nothing, he turns around and freezes completely; feeling something inside of him snap.

There Peytons stands, in only her jeans and a black bra, but what draws Sebastian to his knees infront of her, is the ever so growing bump that he can clearly see.

Peyton notices a slight smile on his lips as he gently places a hand on her tiny bump, his hand covering the whole bump and she ignores the urge to flinch back at the feeling of his cold, calloused hand against her belly.

“It’s already growing,” Peyton nods and looks around her room. She jumps when she feels a pair of lips on her stomach, but doesn’t move as she rather enjoys the fluttery feeling that comes with it.

“Hey, I am your dad.” Sebastian looks up to Peyton to see how ridiculous she thinks he is, but instead he finds a soft look in her gray eyes “despite what your mom tells you, I am actually pretty nice,” Sebastian doesn’t think or mind what he says next.

All that matters to him is that the evidence of his child is seeable and he loves it. Hoping it is a girl, he already sees himself buying her teddies and flowers amd hoping it is a boy, he already sees himself playing football with him and building lego.

Warmth spreads inside of him as he stands to his feet again and watches Peyton put on her shirt with a smile on her lips before following him to the front door.

He leads her out and to his car after taking her bag for her.When they get to his Range Rover, they both get in at the back and he looks to the front giving a nod “where are we going?” His attention snaps to Peyton and he gives her a bored look “you are moving in with me silver,”

Before she can say anything, he looks down to her stomach and sees his child through the tank causing him to smile and look out of the window before starting arrangements on his phone. Completely ignoring her protests.

Sebastian knows he has to be the father that he never had.

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