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VI: Boredom at the palace.

Once the car stopped, Peyton felt a nudge on her shoulder a few times before a very irritated, masculine voice spoke.

“Wake up Silver, you’re not pretty enough to be sleeping beauty.” Sebastian said and paid no attention to her glare as he got out of the car.

“Well, excuse me for having to cater for an arrogant asshole and a growing person,” Sebastian rolled his eyes and grabbed Peyton by the wrist.

Finally, she had noticed where they were and nearly choked on her own spit. Infront of her was everything but a house.

It was a bloody fricking palace.

“How do you not get lost in there?” She asked looking over and suddenly wondering how his suit has no wrinkle in it.

“I just don’t. Now come on,” as Peyton was being pulled into the place, she admired the flowers everywhere and the huge door that was like five of her on top of each other.

Irritatian kept peeking at Sebastian and he couldn’t wait to just leave her and do anything that doesn’t include babysitting a grown woman.

If she didn’t have money to pay for food, then he was going to make sure that she always gets fed.

“Now, there are two cleaners that come in twice a week and a chef who comes in once a week, your room is up the left set of stares and two left turns away, it has the word ‘Peyton’ on it. Go settle in and then you may do anything your heart desires. I will settle the rules with you when your whole being isn’t causing irritating me.” Peyton’s mouth falls open in offense “asshole.” She mumbles crossing her arms.

“What about my stuff?” She asks and saw Sebastian rolls his eyes then, wondering if he does that all the time or just around her.

“Everything you need is there already.” He then turned straight around and out the door leaving her in the palace known as her new . . . Living place?

She releases a huge sigh and places a hand on her little bump “can you believe him? I hope he is a better father than he is a . . . Person?” Making her way up the stairs she follows the given directions and comes to a door just like he said.

“This is it, Button,” she takes a deep breath and opens the door and as soon as she walks in, she is awestruck “damn, at least he will look after you.”

It was absloutely beautiful!

It was a huge room, on the right side of the room were two windows reaching from the top of the ceiling to just before the floor where is makes a bench to sit on and open the window.

Between the two huge windows is a desk with an apple desktop computer on and a note book with a case of pens and pencils.

Peyton moves her attentiom to the left side of the room and sees a queen size bed with two tables next to it along with an open door which proves to lead to an already full walk in closet and another door going to a bathroom.

There are two couches and a flat screen T.V. Is mounted to the wall leaving Peyton in awe as she admires the white and red theme of the room.

“Seems we have a nice room Button.” she smiles and debates whether she should go into the closte or not and after about two minutes she decides not to and exits her room.

The whole house is a different colour in every room she has seen so far and everything inside the room is themed to match the colour.

Absolutely beautiful! Too beautiful for Sebastian to have designed it.

Peyton soon finds herself downstairs and quite bored. She knows that going up the stairs will take too much energy and remembers seeing a living room before she went up the stairs and then she turns left.

She walks through a large room that has a big glass table with a crystal blue vase and white roses on the inside.The table is on top of a blue fuzzy rug and Peyton loves the way it feels between her toes.

She smiles and looks around to see a white bookcase going from the floor to the middle of the wall. It has blue ornaments on it and a few picture frames which Peyton wants to look at, but she knows there will be another time. For now, she feels like seeing what every room holds.

Making a mental note to take a look another time, Peyton makes her way straight ahead a smiles when she finds herself in the living room.

She looks around and sees a red fuzzy carpet underneath a beautifully made, wooden coffee table along with a row of couches that have red pillows on them and a huge 70" TV. Everything is red and brown and even though it is beautiful, she feels like there is more that she needs to see.

Why is he such an asshole?

There has to be something that will give her clues as to how he ended up like this. Peyton remembers seeing a bit of ink on his back close to his shoulder, but before she could study his tattoo, he had covered it up.

Also, she didn’t miss the one or two or fifteen healing markd that he has. Clearly the scars had to come from somewhere.

His left wrist proves that he felt self hate for something at a stage.

When curiosity finally got the best of Peyton, she turns out of the living room and then turns right down a hall.

She carries on going and funds a few more bedrooms and a gym and a room that looks like a boredroom and then she reaches the second to last door in the hall.

It’s different than the others and it gives Peyton a peaceful feeling.When she opens it, she finds a library.

It’s bsolutely beautiful! Filled with aw, Peyton walks unside and focuses her ryes on the shelves that reach from the floor all the way to the 15 foot high ceiling.

One wall isn’t covered and Peyton finds a comfy looking couch there and a table with a Mac Computer and a notepad with pens and pencils.

When she looks up to the ceiling she sees a chandelier and notices something on the rim of the ceiling where it meets the wall.

Peyton squints her eyes and then notices a messy handwriting in permanant marker, however since she can’t see the letters; she doesn’t know what it says.

With a shrug and a pleased smile, she knows she will visit the library again and then walks out to see what the last room in the hall holds.

Feeling uneasy, she slowly turns the door nob and opens the door slowly. It appears to be an office.

“This must be where he works out the kinks to being an asshole.” She mumbles with a roll of the eyes.

Walking around to the bookshelf, she finds the files boring and turns her attention to his desk.

She takes a seat on the rolling chair and sighs in comfort as she leans back. “What’s this?” She questions when she sees a picture in a frame of a little girl no older than 5. She has striking green eyes and pitch black hair and she is wearing a blue cinderella dress.

On the top right corner is a sticky note with messy handwriting saying ‘Can’t stop the guilt’

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” An angry voice flared making Peyton jump in surprise.

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