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VII: Baffled Letters.

Peyton’s head immediately snaps up and she is frozen in place. Baffled, she struggles to find any words while staring into the fire filled eyes of Sebastian.

“I . . .The door was . . .Then I . . . Picture,” Sebastian rolls his eyes and angrily walks over to Peyton.

He grabs the picture out of her hands and carefully places it back into position before turning back to her and grabbing her by the elbow while walking her to the door “I just thought that . . .”

Sebastian finally walks her out the door and tightens his grip on her elbow while slamming the door shut “no! You didn’t think! You never do!”

“You are hurting me,” she spluttered through everything that’s going on and as if he was just burned with fire, Sebastian immediately lets go of her elbow.

Why she looked through his things in the first place, only she would know. Of course he would get angry especially after he found her like that.

Sebastian can’t stop thinking what would have happened if she found out what happened.

If she found out about everything.

Sebastian can’t help the feeling he gets and instead of shouting at her even more, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm down.

After about a minute of silence, he opens his eyes and calmly looks at Peyton who has her one hand holding the elbow he grabed and the other hand what defensively resting on her stomach.

When Sebastian takes in her eyes, his immediately soften and he gently takes her hand off of her stomach “I am sorry I hurt you, Silver, I just don’t want you to go into that room. Ever.”

“And why not?” Peyton feels herself start to get upset and knows that she is going to talk her mouth past soon.

If he is so sorry, then why did he do it in the first place? Peyton knows something is going on and she also knows that picture plays a role in why he is so damn rude.

There is a reason and she wants to know what it is. She wants to know what happened.

“Because! You don’t need to know everything! Just don’t go into the fucking room! Why is that so hard to understand Silver?!” Sebastian knows that he shouldn’t go on this way, but this girl just makes everything inside him upset.

Why he chose her, only he would know and he is strongly regretting it.Why does she need to be so irritating?

“Why do you call me Silver?” As Sebastian’s irritation reached its peak, his phone rang and he was thankful because it kept him from shouting at her and causing a big fight.

He let out a growl and grabbed his phone while reading the cintact name and then letting out a sigh before answering “What do you want Allister?”

“Well, hello to you too my knight in shining armour,” Sebastian rolld his eyes “I don’t have time for your games. Now talk!” He almost yelled into the phone.

“Okay okay, listen dude, I was in the supermarket right, and this guy behind me keeps hitting me with his cart and I smile slightly and say ‘please don’t’ and like, I am standing there and choosing which flavour candy I wanted and he did it like three

times more.” Sebastian turns around and walks into his office closing his door while waiting for Allister to get to the point.

“I didn’t see the kid and so . . . I need you to come bail me out.” Irritation. Amusement.Anger. Every emotion possible was playing in Sebastian and he didn’t know which to choose.

“When don’t you need me to? Listen, we need to have a serious talk about this stuff man, but don’t worry, I am on my way.” Then he grabbed his file and left the office.

For a moment he wondered where Peyton went, but he had to go help Allister.

Peyton, in the meantime, snuck into the library when Sebastian went into his office. She first took a seat on the couch and looked at all the books.

Now, she chose one from the bottom shelf and took her spot on the couch again. She looked down at the book and read the cover ‘crime and punishment’ by Fyodor Dosteovsky

It looked interesting and Peyton thought that it looked like a good read. So she walked to the couch pleased with her choice and as she opened the book, two papers fell out.

She rose an eyebrow in confusion and gently placed the book down while grabbing the two folded papers and opened them.

They were handwritten letters, there was a tiny note with the word SASHA on it and the handwriting was the same, messy handwriting that she had seen on Sebastian’s picture.

“I don’t know if I should be reading this,” Peyton carefully put the papers in her lap as if they would break at any moment “but if he didn’t want people reading it, then he shouldn’y have put it in a book.”

Again she picked up the papers and staresd at the blue ink on the one and the black ink on the other.

“Although, he didn’t know he would have someone living with him.” Again she placed them down and looked around for a bit.

“I am carrying his child! I should know what type of person my child will be associated with.” Again she picked up the papers and this time started to read them.

The letters were filled with words that seemed like riddles to her, none of them made sense and there is no clue to what they mean.

They all boil down to one common thing; he has been hurt. He has been hurt in a way that he can’t forgive himself.

Peyton knows it’s not her place and instead puts everything back to the way it was with the last bit of the one letter in mind the whole time.


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