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VIII: Kicks and Insecurities.

“Yes, we will have everything sorted out for you by the time the contract is signed and only after it has your signature will we send it off to you.” Sebastian spoke in a serious tone.

He turned and looked at the man on the TV screen in his office. He didn’t look happy, but Sebastian didn’t care. He has the control, not Hasihumto, his client.

The guy was sitting all the way in Iceland and therefore they had to skype their meeting to confirm the contract before he came in two weeks.

“That seems fair! Send the contract to my lawyer for him to review it.” Sebastian nodded silently and thanked him for his time before ending the skype call and then letting the plasma screen back into its space where the wall opens and closes.

“What a dick,” he muttered to himself and then returns to his desk where he presses the intercom button “Wendy, have that contract sent to Mr. Hasihumto’s lawyer as soon as possible.” He didn’t wait for a reply and then logged onto his computer to check what’s going on in thr building.

It’s not easy to be in his position, sure he makes round about $50,000.00 a minute. It still takes hard work to make that sum more.

Then Sebastian hears a knock on the door and tells whoever it is to come in while writing a few notes.

He doesn’t look up at the person when he hears the door open and close and he doesn’t intend to.

Until he hears the very familiar voice; he immediately jumps up from his seat and walks around to the front of the desk in respect.

“You said that you are only coming tomorrow,” the only reply Sebastian received was a nod “then why are you here now?”

His eyes followed the visitor as he walked over to the black leather couches and took a comfortable seat “I actually came to speak to you about Olivia.”

“Well then you are waisting your time,” Sebastian spoke as he threw some whiskey for the both of them and then handed it to him.

Sebastian took a seat on the couch opposite and straightened his tux “just here me out!” The guy said and Sebastian shook his head in determination “not after what happened! I told you that I will find a way to do what you said your conditions are! Why do you HAVE to meddle?”

“Listen, what happened is in the past. I am sure he is sorry about what he did and so is she and now everything can work out,” Sebastian shook his head “he is not regretting anything! He never cares and always wants everything!”

“Everything is okay now Sebastian.” the calmness was getting to Sebastian and he put down his glass “no it isn’t! It isn’t okay and you wouldn’t know this! You would know were you ever around dad! Why her? Why Olivia?”

“Because I said so! It is my company you want and you will do what I say!” His father stood up from the couch in anger and Sebastian glared at him “it’s your company and yet, I am the one running it.”

They watched each other for a moment and in anger his father spoke “listen to me! You will do as I say! I will speak to you soon. Don’t mess up!” And with that said and

done he walked to the door and gave Sebastian one more look before he left in an angry state.

Sebastian slowly let a hand run down his face while taking a deep breath. Silence reigned for a momemt before he grabbed his keys and wallet and walked out of the office.

“I am taking the week off. Cancel everything.” Without waiting for a response, he went downstairs and got into his cherry red Astin Martin.

He took his IPhone out of his pocket and dialed a number while driving to the best restaurant he knows. It took two rings until she answered and Sebastian already started feeling better.

“Hello, Becky speaking.” Sebastian smiled “meet me at the restaurant in two minutes.”

“I work here dumb dumb,” Sebastian smiled “I know.Take your break.” Then he hung up and parked his car. Slowly walking into the place and to his usual seat.

Before he got to his table, he saw her and smiled brightly as he spun her around in a hug “hey,” he put her down and planted a kiss on her lips before they both sat down at his table.

“So why do you need my services?” Becky asked while playing with her pitch black hair and as Sebastian was about to answer, he realized that her hair looks exactly like Peyton’s.

“Hello?” His eyes fell to her lips and he couldn’t help but to compare her red lips to Peyton’s plumpier, redder lips. He remembers kissing those lips.

“Are we going to distract each other at your place?” Becky smiled at his words and nodded.

Suddenly, his thoughts went to Peyton finding the picture that means so much to him.

What if she found the letters?

Even though they won’t make sense to her, Sebastian finds himself on edge and jumps up from his seat while making his way to the door “nevermind.”

He has to go take away the letters from that book!

“Where are you going? I thought that we were going to help each other?” Sebastian turned to Becky and sneered “no, you are not helpful anyway. I only fool around with you because your ex pays me to.”

He was offended that she wanted to stop him for something so simple.What he daid was true and he would much rather go find those letters and see if his child is okay.

He opened the door to his car and as he was about to get in she stopped him “you don’t mean it Seb! We both know that you don’t.” he shook his head.

“I am sure that if you go stand on that corner.You will feel right at home.” He said pointing to the corner with all THOSE girls.

And then he got in his car and drove off, hoping to save his secret from Peyton. If she has to find out, he would not know what to do.

She would ask about what happened and all the pictures would come back, all the flashbacks and all the hurt.

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