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IX: Shouts and Demands.

Peyton was eating breakfast in the kitchen when she heard shouting coming from somewhere in the house.

It was clearly Sebastian since he is the only man in the house and he is such a big asshat, that he would obviously shout for anything.

Peyton has been here for almost two months now and she has learned that the maid is extremely nice and she also knows the whole house.

She has read at least 30 books in the library and has found no clue as to who Sasha is and nothing more that will tell her about Sebastian.

All Sebastian does is work and fight with her, she has learned to deal with it since he deliberately finds something to fight about, even if it is stupid. He does it every time that Peyton starts to relax around him.

However, there are the random times when he cooks them both some dinner and he gives her a foot rub and he would make sure she is comfortable because of the baby.

What she doesn’t understand though, is that he can easily turn into a monster in 5 seconds and blame all of his problems on her.

She is 3 months pregnant now and she has quite a prominent yet almost unnoticable bump which she adores to no end.

Peyton then put her plate into the sink and followed the shouts she heard. She soon found herself outside of Sebastians office where he was clearly shouting at someone over the phone.

Curiosity got the best of her when she thought that it could lead to her next clue about this ‘Sasha’ girl.Then she slides with her back down the wall and listens to what Sebastian is shouting about.

“I found a solution to our problem and now you are denying my proposal!?” Sebastian found himself filled to the brink with anger as he angrily stared at his Apple laptop.

He was on a skype call with earphones in his ears and he was extremely upset with his father.

“I am not denying it, I am simply saying no. I have to pay for everything and that means that what I say goes.” The man was calmly speaking to his son knowing that he was busy playing a very dangerous game.

Sebastian was no fool and once he set his mind on something, then he would be sure to find any way possible to make it happen for him.

“No! That is not how it works! We had an agreement and now that it will start playing on my terms; you say no!” He slams his fist onto the desk in anger and takes a deep breath “If you worry about money so much, then I will pay! I also have money. Just remember that if you say no; I will walk away with my money, your money and all of the benefactors that I got for you.The benefactors that keep that building standing.” He threatened in a menacing tone with his fists clenched as tight as possible.

His father’s eyes widened and he did a double take watching Sebastian carefully “you’re bluffing.”

“Do you want to try me?!” Sebastian yelled in anger while he jumped out of his chair.

He took out his phone and quickly typed a message before showing his father who immediately sighed.

“Fine!” Sebastian smiled in satisfaction and took a seat again. “It will take place in one month, don’t dissappoint me or try to back out of our agreement again.Tell mom we will be there in two weeks.” Then he ended the skype call and sat back in his chair.

He let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair while thinking about their arguement.

“The stuff I do to gain more money.” He laughs softly at himself while looking at the picture on his desk.

“Well alright, now it’s time to go and plan out my day before I get a message about my attitude with my father.” He rolls his eyes and then stands from his chair chuckling softly at how his mother can be.

He makes his way to his door opening it and walking out while making sure to lock the door.

When he turns around and starts to walk, and gets a fright when he nearly steps on Peyton.

A glare forms on his face and Peyton immediately stands up from her space “I heard screams an-”

“And what?” He demanded “you decided to snoop around like always?” Peyton shook her head roughly “n-no.”

“Then what? You thought something was wrong and that you could comfort me?” He sneers when he sees her face fall blank.

“I just thought that-” he shook his head and cut her off again “I have told you before that you never think.”

Peyton feels her blood start to boil and as she is about to confront him, his phone rings and he immediately answers without a second thought.

“What!?” He demanded in a rough tone “whoah dude, chill a bit maybe?” Sebastian rolled his eyes in annoyance “what do you want now? I am not paying your bail for something stupid again!”

“One, who shit in your fruit loops? And two, it’s serious this time.” Allister said cooly and when he received silence, he carried on talking “so listen, if let’s say, you were to choose between hitting someone and swearing them; what would you choose?”

“Why?” Sebastian asked and he knew that Allister would say he needs to answer so to save them both the time, he just answered “I would swear them.”

“Okay good, at least you won’t be mad.” Allister sounded nervous and Sebastian rose an eyebrow “the guy is calling the cops as we speak. Not that Paul would mind, but I am at Target.”

Sebastian let out a sigh and shook his head “You owe me.” He then hung up the phone and looked at Peyton with soft eyes.

He didn’t need to take out his problems and frustrations on her. “Listen, we are having dinner with my family in two weeks and we will be taking engagement photos with them before the dinner where you choose. I will be home in about an hour then we can go get you a few things at the mall and go eat somewhere.”

He gently put his palm against her cheek and then he gave her a kiss on the other before walking towards the exit of the house.

After a few steps, he turned to her and smiled “I hope you can forgive me for being a rude ass.” Then he turned and walked away leaving Peyton in awe and something that felt like a puddle of gue in her heart.

“Is this guy mentally okay?” She asked herself before shaking her head and walking away.

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