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Welcome to Doe! I hope your journey is amazing. I have written this story with all my heart and soul. I have put a lot of hard work to it as well. I haven’t planned any story with as much detail as I have with this one. This is still a work in progress and in official capacity, the updates shall start from 15th March, except for the one chapter that I shall be posting right after this one.

The book shall be given to my supporters first and then updates shall start on both Inkitt and Wattpad. I give books to my supporters because they donate a certain amount to me and this is basically my token of appreciation. So, if you want to then I shall be grateful. #supportsmallauthors

You can support me on the following, links in description section:

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It would mean a lot to me. Give $1 or give $100, it is all up to you. Each penny is important and appreciated, I recently got a new laptop and most of the contribution was made by all of you! I have also started to improve the quality of my books by doing so, gives me more motivation [do not insinuate that I am a money hungry girl]. I give my hard work in turn as well.

The supporters should get this book in their inbox by the 5th of March, after that I shall move to Nymph.

New Plans:

1. If you just want the book: $2

2. If you pay between $3 to $5: Doe + Nymph + Pure Poison

3. If you pay between $6 to $12: Doe + Nymph + Pure Poison + Plum [old version] + Pure Poison + Ambrose’s Muse

4. Above $12: unlimited access to all my Wattpad novels, as and when I complete them.

Any of the old supporters are not eligible for the same. This is only for the ones who will become a part of the new program. Please message or e-mail me with regards to any query.

Back to the book.

The book shall have adult themes. Warnings will be ensued at the start of the chapter. The first chapter will most probably be updated within 24 hours.

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