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This girl Lucy Hale grew up in a foster home in Canada, shes originally from Los Angeles, California. She grew up next door to Shawn Mendes, a heartbreaker in school, him and his whole MagCon posse, go around breaking every girls heart, they try at Lucy but she doesn't take their lies, she knows exactly what they are about, one day during a party she gets locked in a closet with Shawn and sees a different side of him, one she saw over her life through her bedroom window, their rooms face each other, she's seen every girl he's been with through the closed blinds. She's hiding a lot and doesn't show her pain, the demon she fights is fueled by her abusive foster dad, one day she has enough of both her foster dad and the heartbreakers she tries to take her own life at school in the bathroom, she downs a whole bottle of sleeping pills, and she passes out in front of all the magcon guys.

Romance / Action
Kalene Estey
Age Rating:

1. Suicidal Thoughts

Warning! This chapter contains suicidal thoughts, drug use and heavy drinking.

Lucy's POV:

It's Friday night, my foster sisters are at a party I didn't want to go to this time, my foster parents were out drinking and my foster brother Kyle was at his friends, I had the house to myself, I paced around the kitchen for a few moments letting my thoughts run wild, you're worthless, you're a fat ugly pig, you need to die, you're a mistake, you don't deserve to live anymore, the thoughts kept going, my suicidal thoughts have begun, I never thought it would get this bad, I never thought I'd want nothing more than to die and never exist again, my foster dad was a monster, and the school Heartbreakers were no better, they tried to swoon me with their fake ness but I knew their game better than they thought, a whole group of us do, we call ourselves the EazySquad, their are 9 of us and their are 9 Heartbreakers. I said fuck it and ran up the stairs and ran down the hallway and into Kyles room, I opened his nightstand drawer and grabbed his Vape pen, (it's filled with liquid THC) and I went into his mini fridge and grabbed his bottle of whiskey, I went back into the kitchen and paced around the kitchen, smoking the Vape and debating on when to open the bottle of whiskey, it was ice cold. I stopped pacing, I took a huge hit in and coughed violently. I felt like I was dying, I pushed play on my iPod speaker and Forbes by GEazy began, I grabbed the bottle and opened it, taking a huge swig, I began to shake my hips and ass around the kitchen, I let myself go, feeling the music, I drank more, until the bottle was empty and I was stumbling around the kitchen, I hear the front door open, I look up to see an angry foster father,

"What the fuck?!"

My foster mom just walked upstairs ignoring it all, next thing I know I'm being punched hard, I fight back and try to run upstairs, I don't make it, he grabs my leg and I hit the steps hard, my head connecting with the steps first, I go out instantly, drunk and beaten. He just walks over me and goes upstairs and goes to bed leaving me unconscious on the steps.

Kyle's POV:

I unlock the front door and immediately drop my stuff and run to the stairs, where Lucy lay unconscious, she had blood on her clothes, face and arms. She smelt like alcohol, meaning she must have gotten into my stash, I go to pick her up, my Vape drops from her hand, and she's high as a kite. I bring her upstairs and into my room, I lay her on my bed and strip her out of her bloody clothes, I change her into clean bra and underwear, then pull one of my clean shirts over her head and a pair of my shorts onto her body. She was still out, her face was bruised badly, he never hit her in the face before, he always wanted it where no one could see it, he did worse to one of the other girls, he broke her into a person I don't recognize, my dad has hurt all 3 of my foster sisters and turned them into someone else, they all have PTSD and trust issues badly.

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