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What happens when Meredith Mason a bartender in LA at a very popular club, a lot of Famous people party at hooks up with someone for a few months then they split and she becomes pregnant, she is scare She started laughing more, "Damn you gotta quote him?" "Fuck yeah I do, I'm Eazy's biggest fan!" I exclaimed laughing. I put some makeup on and curled my hair, I checked out my outfit to make sure I looked good, I slipped into my high heels as Dana goes, "Oh my damn babe! You are gonna turn heads and impress tonight! You ready for the tips??" "Oh hell yeah I am! I live for the tips on nights like this! We easily could make like a grand for the whole night, open to close shifts are brutal but fun!" I say as I grab my purse and charger. "Awesome! I'll see you soon I'm leaving now!" Dana says through the phone. "Same here!" I say smiling as I walk down my stairs and out of my house, "Hey Boo you want coffee?" "Um yes! Is that even a question?!" She said laughing. "Alright I'm on coffee duty then, text the girls and let them know I'm grabbing their coffees today since Dani bought them last night," I say locking my front door. "Will do babe! See you in a bit! I'll wait outside to help you with the coffees," Dana says through the phone. "Thanks boo your the best!" I say, "Bye!" "Bye!" Dana says then we hang up. I unlock my car and get inside, shutting the door and starting my car, I plug my iPod in and put on Loaded by G-Eazy, I backed out of my driveway and headed for Starbucks, I went through the drive thru and apologized for the big order, but left them a $50 dollar tip for being so patient with me. They were happy and gave me two extra coffees, 2 of the ones I ordered and 2 of the ones Dana ordered. We were going to be all caffeinated up before the club opened to the public, we had a lot to set up and little time, thank god the guys were gonna be there as well to help with the higher places us short girls cant reach, I pulled into the clubs parking lot just as the delivery guy did, perfect timing I have a key, it took me 3 years to get this key but I'm trustworthy enough now, always was I had to work extra long shifts to get this,

Romance / Adventure
Kalene Estey
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Life Changing Events

I woke up the next day with the worst hangover ever, my face hurt so much too, I got up after groaning in pain, I made my way downstairs and started a pot of coffee, I grabbed my cell phone off the counter and checked it, it was 6:30am, why was I awake so early? I only slept for 2 1/2 hours. I sighed and unlocked my phone reading the texts,

Unknown number: hey it's G-Eazy I'm home, your probably asleep, I had fun tonight

Unknown number: I can't sleep....are you up yet?

Unknown number: Meredith can I take you out for coffee when you get up?

I smiled at the last and newest text before replying,

Me: just had some but I could go for more, where do you want to meet?
Unknown number: I'll pick you up if that's okay?
Me: of course! 1232 Tara heights
Unknown number: I'll be there in a half hour!
Me: okay I'll be ready!

I heard my doorbell and went to it, I opened the door and Dani was standing there in tears,

"Get in here I have a half hour."

We talk while I get ready for my day she snaps a picture and posts it for me on my instagram


@DaniTheBartender took this she said it captured my beauty and it looked cool with the steam
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I got myself already and before I put my outfit on over my bathin suit I snapped a picture and posted it,


I might go for a swim before work tonight 😘
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I put a dress on over my bathin suit and heard the doorbell, I heard Dani call out she has it, I finish up my makeup and leave my room with my phone in my hand, I go downstairs and Gerald says,

"Holy fuck!"

I laugh and look at him, "Close your mouth or you'll catch flies."

He laughed at that and smiled at me, "You ready?"

I nodded , "yes I'm ready."

I looked at Dani, "Make yourself at home I'll be home in a bit Okay?"

She nodded, "Okay have fun!"

I smiled at her before I left with Gerald, he opened the passenger door for me and closed it when I got in, he was such a gentlemen, we went out for coffee and breakfast before he brought me home,

"Thanks for breakfast G," I said with a smile as I got out of his car.

"Anytime Meredith, " he says smiling at me.

He leans in and kisses me on the cheek, I smile at him, then return the kiss on his cheek before I walked away from him, I felt his eyes on me, watching me so I turned my head and smiled at him again, he smiled back before getting into his car and driving away. I walked into my house and Dani was dancing in the living room to NF I said fuck it and dropped my purse, shutting the front door and joining her as she shook her ass to Real by NF, I rapped and shook my ass too.

I worked that night at the club, and every night for weeks, Gerald and I became a thing for a month and a half, then he ended things by getting fucked up in my club and took a bitch home, the day after that my manager set me up with managing his other club Hollywood Star, Gerald didn't go there so I was safe to not see him with other girls, I took Dana, Kody and Dave with me to Hollywood Star. Dana is my assistant manager and the boys are still bouncers, this club was more busy then the other one, which meant I was going to have my hands full. I worked open to close nearly everyday to forget Gerald, until I found out some news and I don't know how to tell him, so I'm hiding out 3 1/2 months pregnant, expect tonight I have to bounce between the clubs, and it's VIP Night for both, I left Dana in charge at Hollywood Star while I went to check on Grace at the other club, when I arrived I didn't notice Gerald's car as I walked past all the people, my belly showing just slightly Kyle let me through,

"Looking good, you're glowing! How do you feel?"

"Slightly Stressed and nauseous, I can smell EVERYTHING it's annoying," I laughed a little as he opens the door.

"Well stop stressing! We're all here for you babe!" Kyle says as he leans in and kisses my cheek.

"Thanks babe! Now I gotta go see if Grace needs anything while I make a store run for my club," I smile as I walk into the club the music blaring.

I keep my eyes on the bar and away from the guests as I spot Grace making drinks, I walked up to her and smiled,

"Grace do you guys need anything from the store?"

"Yes! Straws, napkins and plastic cups! The truck didn't show up this morning!" Grace said as she handed Post Malone his drink.

"Thanks Grace!" I recognized the voice and kept my stomach hidden from view, I turned my head slightly.

"Meredith?" Post asks.

"Hi Austin, I gotta go," I say as I grab Graces Club credit card, "I'll be back soon with the stuff you need, do you want coffee?"

She smiles, "please? I'll treat you to lunch tomorrow! Since were having a girls beach day!"

I smile back at her, "of course! Be back soon!"

I turn away and walk towards the doors.

Graces POV:

"Grace...is she pregnant?!" Austin asks.

"What? Shhh Austin!" I snap at him.

"Is it Gerald's?" He asks looking at me seriously.

"Yes but you can't say a word, she doesn't know how to tell him, she's been trying to figure it out for the last 2 months," I say to him.

"Fine but he's my best friend she needs to tell him soon, plus he's here I'm surprised he didn't see her, he won't shut up about how much he hates himself for hurting her 2 months ago," Austin says, looking over at his table where Gerald was making out with a girl.

"He doesn't look like it, he looks like he's banging hoes left and right while she struggles to trust anyone, she barely trusts her friends since what he did to her, she thinks everyone is out to get her, she's afraid of the paparazzi who keep getting in her face asking about Gerald, surprisingly they haven't found out she's pregnant yet, but Austin she's not herself anymore, she works nearly everyday open to close at the club and on the side she works 5am to club open at the hospital, she's stressing herself out so much it's scaring all of us, we're afraid she'll lose this baby," I say looking at Austin.

"I won't tell him and that's the way he deals with pain, fucking hoes that don't want anything but sex, he can't even be sober for a day since he hurt her, it's been two months of non stop partying drinking and abusing drugs, maybe if he saw her and found out he's going to be a dad he's change," Austin said picking up his drink and Gerald's.

"Thank you but Mer might not be okay anymore and he needs to know she's not the same girl he met or knew 4 1/2 months ago, the whole month and a half they were together she was happier than she ever had been and when they spilt she got handed a club to own and manage with the help from the owner of this club, she started school and she's nearly finished with it early, she's put her heart into something to keep her mind off Gerald," I say as I get flagged down by a guy needing a refill.

"If it's any help, I tried talking to Gerald he wishes he could take it back." He walked away.

I sighed and went to help the guy that flagged me down.

Meredith's POV:
I arrived back at the club and grabbed the bags Grace needed, Kyle let me back in and I walked towards the bar as I handed Grace the card back I heard his voice and froze,

"Grace another refill please!"

I couldn't turn yet, I kept my head down and took her stuff out of the bag for her and placed them near the register, Gerald caught my attention,


His eyes looked me over but stopped at the small bump, I couldn't breath or speak, I bolted from behind the bar and got caught in the middle of the crowd, I tried pushing through as Kyle called out my name,


I couldn't push through everyone I was starting to panic and it wasn't going to end well, I heard Gerald say,

"Move! She's fucking pregnant stop crowding her! She can't breath let me through now!"

I was holding my chest and stomach at the same time as I began to panic more, I tried to even my breathing but couldn't Gerald grabbed my hand and pulled me towards an emergency exit and opened it, the alarm wailed and then stopped when the door closed, I felt the fresh air and was able to breath again, he didn't speak for a few moments,

"Is the baby mine?" Was the first thing he asked me.

I nodded slowly and said, "yes I'm 3 1/2 months along."

"Why didn't you call me sooner?" He asks me.

"Because you left me....you didn't call or text unless you were extremely drunk and I just couldn't do it, I found out a few weeks after you left me and I couldn't bring myself to contact you, everyone was telling me you were all over the news with girls all over you, I couldn't bare to tell you, I wasn't going to hide forever just until I was ready to deal with your reaction," I said as my cell began to ring.

I looked down at it and picked it up, "Sorry give me a minute."

I talk into my phone to Kody, "Can you hold it together for like 20 minutes?"

I waited for his answer and replied back, "Okay I'll see you in 20!"

I hung up and looked at Gerald, "Sorry my co worker is trying to handle something and needs me back there, I have about 10 minutes to spare."

Gerald looked upset and angry all at once, I know he was slightly drunk too,
"I'm an idiot and I'm sorry for hurting you...am I allowed to be there for the baby?"

I looked at him, "Of course...just know I don't forgive you for what you did, but I've moved on from it."

He nods at me, I can tell he hates himself so much, "I understand I just wanna be there for you and the baby..."

We ended the conversation and i agreed to meet him at his house in the morning after I got up and before I went out with the girls. I sent Gerald a picture of me by the pool showing my baby bump off and smiling, he posted it to his Instagram about 10 minutes later,


I'm gonna be a dad! 14 weeks along.... only 26 weeks left! And only about 2 until we find out what we're having! I'm such an idiot.....
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