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Maya Jenson is a party girl, at 14 she threw her first party while her rich parents were away on vacation, she drank and did an assortment of drugs, ending up hooked on pills booze and marijuana, at 1 "Seriously? She locked herself in the bathroom? She was drunk texting Gerald last night, he sent me to check on her, is she alive in there?" Austin asks. "Yeah she screamed, she has to be alive, she's locked herself in the bathroom before when she got really drunk," Joe says before I pass out from the blood loss. Joe's POV: We were trying to get my bathroom door open, Maya had locked herself in last night whenever she went to bed, she had screamed a few minutes ago then went silent, something felt off and wrong. I gave the door one last hard shoulder hit and the door opened up, the site we saw in front of us was scary and heart breaking, Lucy screamed and covered her mouth, Austin stood there silent staring at the scene in front of us, I stepped inside and walked to the bath tub and leaned down, placing my fingers on Maya's neck, I faintly feel a weak pulse, I look down at her arm and see it cut open, I quickly scan the bathroom and spot blood on the sharp corner of the sink, I look at Austin, "Hand me that clean towel please, I need to get her to the ER." Austin nods and hands me the towel, I quickly put pressure on her arm and pick her up bridal style and carefully carry her out of the house, I put her in my truck and shut the door, I turn to Austin and say, "Don't tell anyone please, I'm trying to help her as best I can, she has some problems and she ends up hurt a lot, just don't tell anyone, she doesn't trust people took me a few days to get her trust and even then I feel like I don't have it all. She came to me broken I'm trying to put her back together slowly." Austin looks at me and is silent for a moment, "Okay fine, but it's going to be hard to hide shit from Gerald." I sigh and look at him for a moment, "Just tell him, she is sick and sleeping." Austin nodded, "Okay I can do that."

Romance / Action
Kalene Estey
Age Rating:

Dangerous Games

Maya's POV:

I just moved to L.A. my habits are worse, I've only been in L.A for two days and I have a new dealer already, today I had to meet my manager, I got signed yesterday to the same label as G-Eazy, he's always surrounded by slutty girls, I grabbed the bottle of Oxy and popped a few so I didn't go into withdrawal during my first meet with my manager. I put on a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt, I put my sneakers on and grabbed my cellphone and wallet, slipping them into my pockets, I grabbed my keys off my dresser and headed out of my room, down the hallway, down the stairs and out the door. I locked the door behind me and headed to my car, I hit the unlock button and opened the driver side door, got in and started my car. I drove towards the studio, which was about 20 minutes from my new house, I didn't know anyone out here besides my new dealer and his sister who is becoming my best friend, and of course my manager and I got to meet G-Eazy for a few yesterday but he kept trying to read me and I had to look away, I don't want him knowing my secret addiction, I also was into Perks. I pulled into my parking spot and got out locking my car, I walked towards the studio doors, as they opened, Gerald stepped outside, I turned around and headed for my car again, since I had forgotten my cigarettes, I needed one to even me out, I was beginning to feel the pill work it's wonders and I needed to think straight, I grabbed my cigs and a lighter then relocked my car and pulled one out lighting it as I walked back towards the studio again. Gerald was now sitting on the bench outside the studio, watching me, I kept smoking my cig and stopped when I got near the bench, I leaned against the building as my phone chimes, I looked down reading the text from Lucy,

Luce❤️- Hey party at my brothers tonight! You coming babe?
Me- Yes! What time? I might be late depending on how long my manager needs to meet with me.
Luce❤️- 9pm! It's okay if you are I'll let Joe know, don't forget the money!
Me- I won't, hitting the ATM before I head to you later, I gotta go I'll call when I'm on my way!
Luce❤️- Sounds good babes! See you then!

I was pulled from my phone by Gerald speaking to me,

"Hey, Maya right?"

I looked over at him and nodded, "Yeah."

He smiled at me, then stood up, he took a step towards me and I stepped away, dropping the last of my cigarette, I turn and start to walk towards the doors when Gerald says,

"Have a nice day Maya!"

I turn and look at him, "You too Gerald."

He smiled again, I couldn't return it, I was fighting against the pills, and I was winning somehow, I pulled open the studio doors and walked inside, my manager walks up to me and smiled,

"Hey Maya! We have some lines for you to practice, get in the booth and we'll dive in!"

I smiled back and nodded, "Okay!"

I walked towards the booth and stepped inside, I closed my eyes for a moment and heard the door to the studio open and close, then whispers, so I opened my eyes and looked into the room, where my manager stood with Gerald and Post Malone, I looked down at the sheet of paper with lyrics on it and began to read them, feeling a knife in my heart at what I was reading, it was like someone knew my life already....the words I kept reading.....

All drugs and booze I just abuse
I read another line down the page....
All the guys want a piece of me
But I only love the drugs and booze

I was staring at the page too long, when a bad wave of emotions came over me and made me run from the booth, I passed Post and Gerald, Gerald tried to stop me,


I kept going and ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, I leaned against the door and slide down to the floor, all I wanted to do at this moment was get so wasted and high I forget all the shit I put myself through, I heard a knock and ignored it, after the 5th knock I snapped and yelled,


Then I lost it, I broke out into tears and my breaths came in short and quick, I felt like I was going to die, after 10 minutes I got myself calm enough to pull myself together, I splashed water on my face and dried my face with a paper towel, then I unlocked the door and walked out of the bathroom, past Gerald who looked concerned, and asked,

"Are you okay?"

I didn't look at him as I replied and kept walking, "I'm fine, don't worry about me, you don't know me."

I walked back into the booth feeling like a total bitch, but It was from the pills that I talked like that, rude and bitchy. I faintly heard him say to Post,

"Damn, what happened to her?"

"I heard she is from New York, grew up rich and there's a lot of stuff that's sealed about her, but I would say something bad," Austin Says.

My manager distracted me then, asking the boys to quiet down if they were going to stick around to hear me, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and out, then opened my eyes and began to sing from my heart, hitting every note perfectly, when I finished Gerald and Austin alongside my manager clapped, causing me to smile,

"Perfect! Well pick this up tomorrow!" My manager said into the microphone.

I nodded and took off the headphones and walked out of the booth,

"Tomorrow night be here for 4pm, Gerald has the studio in the morning until 4pm then it's all ours to work on some tracks."

"Okay sounds good to me, Incase you need me before then," I pulled a card out of my pocket, "My new cell number."

"You already changes your number?" My manager asked.

"Yeah I had to, personal reasons, I'll see you tomorrow night," I said smiling at him, before turning to walk by Gerald and Austin.

"Bye darling!" My manager says before turning to Austin.

As I grab the door, Gerald stops me,

"Hey! Hold up," he gently grabs my arm causing me to jump.

"Don't do that!" I snap at him.

"Shit I'm sorry," he says pulling his arm away and reaching into his pocket and holding out a card to me, "Here, if you ever need anything or something happens and you need help call me."

I took it, putting it in my pocket, "Okay I will."

I turn and pull open the door and walking outside, I headed towards my car and got in, I drove to the mall in need of a new outfit for tonight, I needed my outfit to scream LA not NYC, I found this amazing store that sold beautiful dresses, I picked out a black and navy blue one that hugged my curves perfectly and a pair of black heels, I paid for them and headed home, once I was home I made something to eat and pulled out the card Gerald handed me and looked at it, I pulled out my cell and put his number into it and saved it, then I went to get ready after looking at the clock and seeing it was 7:30 pm, after I was ready I left, putting Joes address in my gps and quickly texting Lucy,

Me- On My way!!! I should be there like a half hour earlier it just takes me an hour to get to Joes house.

I put my iPod on shuffle and the first song that decided to play was Drop by G-Eazy, I smiled and drove as I sang along to all the songs.

8:30pm Arriving at Joe's

I parked in Joe's garage, locked my car up and headed into his house, I was greeted by Lucy and Joe's pit bull Razor, who loved me already, I bent down and started to pet him, which made me him bark happily. I stood up and followed Lucy into the kitchen as she handed me a mixed drink and held up a blunt,

"Pre party partying?"

I smiled at her, "Yes!"

We headed to the backyard, my heels clicked against the ground, along with Lucy's, we stopped by the pool and sat down on the bench, Lucy lit up the blunt as I took a sip of my drink and snapped a picture of me and Lucy, posting it to Instagram with the caption Me and my girl Luce, ready to fuck shit up! #PartyingCaliStyle💋

I didn't bother to read any of the new comments it go, nor did I notice my new followers, I put my phone on my lap and Lucy and I drank and smoked by the pool, once 9pm hit people were starting to come outside, Lucy and I smiled and went to pop some pills. Joe stopped us on the way upstairs,

"You got the money babe?"

I smiled and reached into my bra and pulled out the money I owed him, "Here."

I handed him the money which he took with a smile, then he kissed me on my cheek, "Off you go, have fun don't over do it and please don't die."

"I won't hun," I said then followed Lucy upstairs to her bedroom.

I stepped inside and shut the door, she walked to her closet and opened her safe with her drugs in it, she pulled out a box of blunts and a few pills for each of us, she handed me two and I took them as she did, washing them down with liquor. We did a line of coke, then walked back down to the party, I was starting to feel everything but I kept it together, we headed outside and smoked more by the pool with everyone, I got pretty drunk that I had no idea I drunk texted Gerald,

1:10am Heeey! It's Mayaaaa! Whaat yuo pu tookkkkk

Gerald- Are you drunk?

Yeah ands Horney roo!

Where are you?

Dyeing in a pole!

Maya that's not funny....

Maya are you okay?

Why won't you answer me?

I stopped looking at my phone unable to see straight, I stood up, stumbling and still unable to see straight, I made it to the bathroom upstairs, locked the door and fell to the ground cutting my arm on a sharp edge of the sink, I was bleeding but had no idea, I ended up crawling into the tub, blacking out and falling asleep. I was too fucked up to get up or know what was going on, the scene everyone wakes up isn't so pretty.
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