Love Bites

By Kaylen Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

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Ivy Pierce lost her father when she was just sixteen, witnessing the brutal murder herself. After that fateful and scarring night, the young werewolf was never the same. With her brothers off joining the Marines and her only friend abandoning her when she needed him, she declared herself a rogue and left the only home she had ever known. Soon Ivy would come across the Silvermoon pack and meet two men, whom she would have to figure out: which one is her destined? Lies and covered feelings will seperate her from true happiness, and now all she needed to do is take fate by the balls and tell it that there is no destiny. You create your own path. Ivy Pierce was never good at following directions, and she sure as hell wasn't going to start now.

Killed by a Monster

The thunder roared in the distance as streaks of silver lightning twisted through the crisp night air, lighting up the sky and the clouds that hung ominously in it.

Ivy sat as oblivious as ever to her surroundings while her background music droned on about monsters and stopping the world.

Her pencil shifted back and forth monotonously, as the math homework she should have completed weeks before was still pissing her off. She sighed under her breath, lifting a hand to rub her eyes. The teen cursed to herself loudly, “Math, you should really grow up and solve your own damn problems.”

In the distance, a storm was rolling in off the ocean, bringing with it salty, fish scented air. With it thunder boomed, followed by a clap of lightning. The sound gave Ivy a start, interrupting the song playing on her iHome; she barely heard the rest of the song playing as it drifted off into the background.

The sixteen year old had always played music while doing her homework. Her music would play softly every time, so as not to disturb her father and two older brothers, who slept soundly in the other rooms adjacent to her own.

Ivy put her geometry book down, deciding that the thunder was a sign to take a break, and walked to her window. Waves were crashing violently against the sand, bringing with it white sea foam.

Up from her room on the third floor of the pack house, she could see many higher, vicious waves coming in from the ocean. The sky was filled with dark clouds and bright purple-like lightning broke through the mists giving the heavens an eerie look.

“This is gonna be a bad one,” Ivy muttered. Behind her, a new song came on and softly she started singing along to it. Turning around, she wrapped her arms about herself and went back to her school work.

It wasn’t until one A.M. when Ivy finally finished her homework. The storm was still raging outside-if anything, it was getting worse-and the rain was coming in, in sleets.

There was a crash downstairs making the young adolescent jump out of her desk chair, causing it to fall down with a loud ‘thump’, and ran down several flights of stairs, before leaping over the oak wood railing on the last set.

The front door was wide open and the rain and wind was trespassing, tossing things around in the hall like a mini indoor blizzard. Ivy forced her feet to move to the gaping entrance and close the door, thinking that the wind forced the locks open. As soon as she got to the threshold, though, she saw that this definitely wasn’t the wind.

It was a break in.

Ivy ran through the kitchen into living room only to find that both were trashed. Racing up to the second floor, she made it to the end of the hall to find her father’s door open and beyond that was her father dangling in the air as a bulky man with arm tattoos stood before her, holding her only parent by the neck.

“Dad!” She screamed.

“Go, Ivy!” Her father sputtered out. “Get out.” Ivy, being the stupid rebel that she was, didn’t listen and ran into the room, jumping onto the attackers back.

She bit his ear, trying to yank it off but the attacker was much stronger than Ivy. He, still holding unto her father’s neck, grabbed her by her small arm and flipped her on her back. A huff escaped Ivy’s lips as pain spread through her back muscles and a shriek echoed throughout the house. The teenage girl watched with terrified wide eyes as the tattooed man ripped her father to shreds.

Her father’s blood splattered onto her face and the assassin’s body. Ivy let out a pained howl and watched as the tattooed man smirked- pleasure in his dark, evil eyes- as they roamed over his bloodied hands, the red liquid oozing off his fingers.

The man brought a soaked appendage up to his lips and a shudder rippled through Ivy’s back as he curled his tongue around his thumb and licked the gore off slowly of the finger. His eyebrows rose up and down and a sound of pleasure left his lips.

“Mm, just like cinnamon.” A glint sparked in his eyes as they raked Ivy’s body and with malice clear in his voice he whispered, “What do you taste like, sweetheart?”

The terrified girl stayed petrified and glued to the floor. Tears slid down her pale cheeks as she looked at her trembling bloody hands and whispered, “Daddy...” with a broken voice.

The murderer stepped closer to her, sadistically enjoying the sorrowful sound of her voice as she recoiled, unable to fight back. She was weak, she was a female, and she still hadn’t even shifted yet. It was all her fault that her father died.

The assassin stepped even closer to her and tuned his voice down to a gentle whisper, “Shhh don’t worry darling. I won’t bite...hard.” His grin widened when the girl used the only strength that she knew of.

Her vocal chords.

Ivy screamed as if her life depended on it, which at the moment, it did. Her shrieks echoed throughout the house and the man, who smelled very much like an alpha, raised his nose, an expression of unalloyed repugnance arising in his hard features.

Other wolves were coming to her rescue. She could smell them. They were strong, but a small terrified voice in the back of Ivy’s mind feared that those wolves weren’t strong enough to battle the alpha.

He stopped walking towards Ivy and took one last look at the girl before jumping out the window. “I’ll be coming back for you, my sweet Ivy Pierce.” And with those haunting whispers, he was gone, leaving the trembling girl on the floor, covered with tears and her father’s blood.

Her father.

The alpha’s beta. The man that risked his life for the pack was now on the floor with his head halfway ripped from his body and blood covering what was once was a tranquil smile, now a gruesome grimace.

Alpha Simon stepped in and the rest of the wolves howled in agony.

The beta, the father of three young children, had been killed.

Killed by a monster.

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