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Chapter 1


Lydia’s POV

I went to the reception. “How may i help you?” An old lady asked me, a warm smile planted on her face.

“I am Lydia Hayes. Can you give me the keys for my room?” I asked kindly. “Yes sure, my child” she said and handed me the keys.

“Room no. 304... Your roomate is Emily Winston. She is very kind and genuine. You will get along with her” she said. I told her thanks and went to my room.

I had ordered a room in a suitable dorm. It was well furnished. My room came to my sight. I sighed and opened the door.

Time to face the new room mate Lydia!

The room was painted white and was arranged in a beautiful manner. I entered the room and closed the door.

It had 2 beds, 2 cupboards and 2 bed side tables. A girl was sitting on the bed on the right side. She looked at me.

“Hello” she said. “Hi, I am Lydia. Lydia Hayes” i said as i went to her and shook her hand. “Emily, Emily Winston. Nice to meet you” she said sweetly. She was a nice girl. She had wavy hairs and her complexion was fair. She had chocolate brown eyes.

Thank god i got a good roommate!

“Get settled” she said pointing towards the bed. I sat on the bed after keeping my bags. “That is the bathroom and this is my books section. You can grab any book you want” she said.

I nodded, “thank you. I am a book lover” i said and she smiled. “You can get fresh if you want to and then we can unpack your things” she said. I nodded and told her a ‘thank you’.

I took out a comfortable t-shirt and PJ’s and went inside the bathroom. I took a shower and washed my face and freshened up

I wiped myself with a towel and got out of the bathroom after wearing my clothes.

Emily was reading a book.

At least i could make a proper friend.

I thought as i sat on the bed.

“Emily, what have you chosen for studies?” i asked her, opening my bags. “Arts, fashion designing” she said. I turned to her with a grin, “same! High five” i said and we both did a high-five.

She reminded me so much about Alessa and Julia. “Come on. I will help you to unpack your things” she said. I nodded and we started unpacking.

The cupboard was large enough to let clothes could fit in it. We had a smaller cupboard for shoes. I am thankful that we have such a nice rooms.


We finished with packing. “At last!” She exclaimed as she lay on the bed. “Really! At last” i said, dramatically and we laughed. “Come on. Get ready for dinner” she said after a while of silence.

I nodded and changed into black leggings and grey crop top. I pulled by hair into a messy bun.

“Lets go” i said and grabbed my phone after wearing my vans. Emily had great taste of style. She was wearing a red crop top along with faded jeans.

She nodded and we headed outside after she took her phone. She took me to her BMW. “Wow you own a BMW?” I asked and she nodded.

“My parents are pretty rich” she said. “Oh! what do they do?” i said. “They own the UNB” she said and i nodded. “What about you?” she asked. I told her about my father’s successful business and we high-fived. “We are so much alike!” She said and i agreed.

“We are like sisters separated from birth” i said and we chuckled. We drove to Mc.Donalds and first thing that came to my mind was Blake.

A pang of hurt hit me. “Are you okay?” She asked. “Ya, i am good” i said. She smiled “connect your phone to car and play some songs, if you want to” she said. I nodded and connected my phone to the car.

I played ‘all we know’ by the Chainsmokers. “I love this song” she said. “Same” i said and we both grinned.

We reached Mc. Donald’s “parcel?” Emily asked and i nodded grinning. “We can have a movie marathon” i said and she raised her hand for a high-five and i slapped her hand. We got out of the car to go and make an order.

I ordered a chicken burger and fries with a coca cola and Emily ordered same.

We took our orders and headed back in the car. I connected my phone again and played ‘faded’ by Alan walker.

This was Alessa’s favorite song. I miss all of them a lot. I opened my instagram and posted my new picture with the caption ‘Arrived safely’.

Maybe i added that caption to inform them that i had arrived safely.

Not friends, Blake.

Shut up conscience!

We arrived the dorm. We took the food and entered the building after parking the car. “Hi, Diana!” Emily said to the same receptionist.

“Hello girls” She said and i waved at her. We literally rushed to our room and locked the door.

I took out my laptop and started ‘the notebook’ on Netflix.

This used to be mine, Alessa’s and Julia’s all time movie. I sighed and started eating my burger.


The movie ended soon. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. “We should sleep now. You must be tired” Emily said.

I nodded and threw the boxes in dustbin and kept my laptop back and changed into my previous pj and t-shirt.

“Good night Lydia” Emily said.

“Good night roomie” i said and switched off the lights.

Its funny how my life was perfect last saturday and its all ruined now...

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