My Darkened Path

By Darkque3n All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Horror


Lucinda Fairis is a troubled girl with not that many friends and on her 18 birthday arrives a new boy at her school shows up and she's drawn to him... dark hair, great figure but most of all his odd bright green eyes and as she gets to know him, the more is unsure about herself. She begins to see bad visions and dreams and the more she hangs out with Valentine, it become worse. But yet he is the cure..... Is it him or somebody else causing this pain?...

My enemy: Time





As I watch the clock tick on, I realize so does my life. Every waking moment a second goes on so does my life and literally sitting in a class like this is boring me to death. “Why wait?” says my tiny evil voice in my head. Let’s see let me count the reasons.... None. Oh lord I’m so pathetic. At the same I laugh at my desperate attempts to cheer myself up.

“Lucinda if you care to stop staring at the clock like it holds some type of dark magic maybe you’ll actually get some answers right instead of having to copy from someone around you.” I snap my head to Mrs. Kingsley who is standing over my desk and awaiting my answer. Oh, like I care you whore.

“Sadly. Mrs. Kingsley we both know that I’ll never understand your teachings. Maybe you should pay attention to how your husband is cheating on you with the school’s principle, hmm?” I stated. She paled so badly I thought I’ve killed her.... Maybe I have on the inside, I don’t care I’m more broken then her marriage. I knew I hit a soft spot for her and I smiled. Good for me, I get to leave again.

“Lucinda! Go to the principle’s office now!” as she angrily steps away in those loud ass boots of hers, I get the relief of being alone. I pick up my bag, my journal and books and walk out of my class with the students giggling behind me at our heated argument. “Save yourself the pain Mrs. Kingsley. Just let the lying bastard go and get yourself a new man. And by the way your class is a group of assholes that need to be shown a lesson. Especially Sophia and her boyfriend screwing in the bathrooms ALL THE TIME!!!!” I shout back, gasps erupt and I see a book being thrown at the door, luckily I duck just in time. Well at least I got my daily person exposer.

As I walk down the hall to the front office, I pull out my phone and plug in my headphones to start listening to music. Whatever it is with this school we can’t get a reception for crap anywhere inside. I zip up my coat and head outside to catch some air. It was winter here in Constantine, just snow and cold air for all we get in winters.Then summers are just cold and wet due to rain. I loved the cold but that was just me and my crazy brain that everybody thought I wasn’t human and did I care? Not really, but deep inside I wondered if it was the way I dressed. Being goth was something to live up to. Besides the strong view of the bad girl to keep up, the cuts I had to hide and the break downs I sometimes had. The struggles I had to deal with daily. I looked up when I got halfway through the courtyard and I see a back figure leaning up against a wall..... Shit. I think that’s another cop. Last Friday night was a blast with Cristian. But nobody knew about that. I chuckle to myself. As I walk toward the figure the shape becomes more noticeable. It’s a guy I thought, great another one to make fun of me....

then he looked up, “Oh, hi, my name’ s Valentine Black. What’s yours?”

My heart stopped I couldn’t’ t breathe... He had black hair, a great complexion and his eyes. hey were the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen...“Lucinda Fairis...” I stammered out. I knew him some how and yet even then I saw my future become much more like the darkened path I’ve believed to be mine.....

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