Two Peas

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Stuck in a rut and overwhelmed, Daisy considers running away and never looking back, leaving behind her fiance, a successful business, & the small town she's always loved. Two Peas is a five part series about a sweet small town romance. Daisy and Brooks are a newly engaged couple who grew up together in a small town. They also run a successful and stressful business together that literally does everything. When Daisy has to plan their wedding, which the whole town wants to attend, and make sure the business is running smoothly she starts to feel like she’s being pulled in too many directions. Wondering whether she's made the right life choices and if, long ago, she should have left the town she’s always loved. She starts to think there might be something better out there. What happens if she goes after it?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Thank you for calling We Do Everything. What-,” I answered the phone the same way I have been for the past 5 years, or at least I tried to but Mrs. Wyatt interrupted me halfway through. I could hear the panic in her voice as she said my name.

“Daisy, thank goodness you answered, I mean you always answer. I wouldn’t call you if you didn’t, the town wouldn’t depend on you and Brooks for everything. Oh dear, well anyway, I have a problem,” Mrs. Wyatt said, nearly out of breath. She sometimes has trouble getting to the point even when it is urgent. I think she has too many thoughts in her head at once and she has to get them all out before what she really wants to say can come out.

“What can I help you with Mrs. Wyatt?”

“Well honey, I got up this morning, ate breakfast, did some gardening, came back inside to clean myself up and, wouldn’t you know it, the toilet sprung a leak. It wasn’t doing it this morning when I woke up. And I promise you, I’m a lady and I don’t clog toilets, never in my lifetime. Now Stanley, rest his soul, he was a big man and you know he has seen a few clogged toilets in his lifetime. But-“

“Mrs. Wyatt, sorry to interrupt, but for the sake of your bathroom flooding, did you check the shut-off valve?” I said, hoping to spare myself the gory details of the Wyatt’s bathroom habits.
“Shut-off valve, what’s that? I jiggled the handle but nothing happened, it’s still leaking. That’s what I called you for dear,” said Mrs. Wyatt.
“Ok, I’m heading over there now, but in the meantime can you check near the base of the toilet for the valve, it should be a silver knob. Turn it and it might stop leaking.” A minute passed while I listened to Mrs. Wyatt groaning. I imagined her trying to kneel down and reach the back of the toilet. Not an easy task for a woman well into her 80’s, hopefully she wouldn’t break a hip in the process.
“Ah, oh no, it broke off. It’s still leaking, but not more than what it was since I broke the little knob thingy off. What do I do now?” asked Mrs. Wyatt.
“That’s ok, we’ll fix it. I’m headed over there now, I’ll call Brooks to come over too. He’s at the Thompson’s helping with their cattle but I’m sure he’ll rush right over.”
“Oh, good dear, I’ll make us all some tea. And make sure you potty before you come over.”

“Not a problem, see you soon.” I called Brooks and explained the issue. I could probably fix this myself but if it turns out worse than it sounds he may need to take care of it. Plumbing is not my thing, but I’ve learned a little bit of everything over the last few years for just about anything you can think of.

Brooks and I started this business 5 years ago, we were both fresh out of college, wondering what to do with our lives. We still wanted to live in the small town we grew up in but jobs are scarce here. So, we created our own, with my business degree, and his knowledge of many things ‘We Do Everything’ was born. And we do do everything. Brooks has helped deliver a calf, we’ve planned people’s weddings, I do taxes, whatever you need we can do it. Everyone in our small town community knows us and has for our whole lives. We’ve grown very well as a business and even more so as a couple.

We are planning our own wedding for next year. This is going to be big, everyone in town wants to go. It’s a stress and a joy, I couldn’t be more excited. Which reminds me, I need to go over our monthly finances. Food, venue, band/DJ, and more for an entire town is going to be expensive, we need to be saving a lot more than we have been. Maybe I should start answering the phone, “I’m too stressed to do everything, what can you help me with?”

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