Soul Surfers

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When you a sex addicted teenager in a hotel full of surfing hotties you'll get more than great room service. Elena is an seventeen year old sex addicted teenager, mix that in with her bad attitude and her mom and step father cut her off for the summer and send her to Ilanda Paradise. A remote island on the edge of California. She's sent there so her golden-boy brother, Matt, can keep a watch full eye on her. At first, all she wants to do is escape, but when she meets the rest of her hot coworkers and she just can't seem to stay away and her sexual desires start to rattle the island and everyone on it. All the while she's on the island and causing trouble every second, her new found friends find themselves in predicaments regarding the heart. Olivia, a sweet-hearted girl with an shy and oblivious personality finds herself possibly falling in love for the first time. While the blonde bombshell, Andy, is contemplating whether it's time to lose her v-card to a possible summer romance.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One: Elena

I rocked back and forth on the nearly broken-down bus, my arms crossed as I pouted all the way here, even on the ferry ride to Ilanda Paradise. Which was some cheesy tourist hotel, “lighten up,” my golden boy brother uttered as he looked at me with still innocent eyes, “trust me it’ll be great, there’s great waves and nice people, literally everyone there is going to be great.”

He had been telling me this for weeks. I always thought it a joke until I woken up by a blow horn to the ear and my mom and her crappy boyfriend pretty much dragged me out of my room. I’m sure I left enough scratches and teeth marks on their skin for them to know that once I found my way off the damn island then I would be coming for them with sweet revenge.

The bus came to a brief stop and I nearly kissed the seat in front of me, “bad breaks,” groaned the girl sitting in front of me. I looked over to see she had slipped onto the floor and out of her seat. She was pretty, kind of averaged height and had long dark hair and tanned skin. She also had a south American accent. She was also beautifully tanned with only natural features. She was like the Latina version of me.

“Sorry staffers, it was Mr. Squirrel,” he said, he poked his head out of the window towards what clearly looked like a cat, “I told you not to cross the path you mangy animal!” He cried out and drove on.

My brother snuck up to the front of the bus to talk to the bus driver.

I stayed in the back with the new staffers, “what’s your name?” asked the girl in front of me, she looked over my seat with curious eyes, “where you from?” she asked.

I sighed, “the names Elena, and I’m from North Carolina, and you?” I reversed the question to her, before she topped over back into her seat once the bus came to another stop.

Laughs erupted from the guy next to us, also a new staffer. He looked cute, but if he kept on laughing I was convinced that I would kick his teeth in.

“What’re you laughing about?” I asked, giving him a dead stare.

“Nothing,” he said simply, “I’m Kyle,” he introduced, “I’m a local around these parts if you didn’t know,” he told us, “I’ll show you the ropes, especially in surfing,” he winked, and I gagged, "no but seriously, you guys here fro surfing?" he asked.

“Wait you’re Kyle Hoffman, I’ve read about you in some Surfs Up Weekly,” the other girl said as she popped up back in her seat.

“You might want to actually sit down or else you’ll kiss the seat,” I told her, and she sat down but leaned into the conversation.

“Yes, it’s me, but you don't need to call my by my full name,” he chuckled, “but yeah, I hear that Ilanda gets the best waves, so I'm here to test that theory."

"Oh where's the coolest place you surfed?" she asked, vaguely interested in him.

He took a second, "Pipeline," he said, "that's in Hawaii," be place I've ever been, well--then again there was--" before we got into a full on convo about this guy, I interjected.

“Anyways what was you’re name again?” I asked towards the pretty girl who kept on slipping from her seat, “never got it.”

“Oh,” she said realizing she never introduced herself, “I’m Olivia,” she said, “I’m from Cuba,” I was close, I thought silently to myself.

For the last time the bus came to yet anther stiff stop, and we all walked off of the bus, “see you later Leo,” Matt, my idiot brother, waved goodbye as the bus left in a cloud of black smoke pumping from behind the wheels. “The smell of fumes,” my brother smiled, “home sweet home,” he said as we turned to a pretty white house on the lake.

“Yes, it’s just so…intoxicating,” Olivia said with a confused expression.

On the porch of the house was a bunch of people, probably staffers. Most of whom I recognized from the photos that Matt brought back last year.

“Mattie-boy!” called out a shirtless guy only dressed in beach sandals and swim trunks. He was tall and tan, he was mixed Asian with a perfect jawline and cheek bone structure. He had wet black hair and perfect body, honestly I think I caught Olivia eyeing his abs more than I did.

“Roy!” my brother called out as they did their bro thing and bumped chests and did a little handshake, “it’s great to see you, I wasn’t sure if you were going to come back,” Matt said as a row of other guys followed after the first hottie.

“Hey man,” said the next one, who was especially cute. He was averaged height but had soft features that made him all the more cuter, and just by looking at him, I knew he was definitely my type, “it’s great to see you,” he seemed tired out.

“Ian,” Matt called out, then he just so happened to remember me, “hey guys, this is my little sister,” he said as he pushed me closer to the bodies of cute guys.

“Another Mcfarland?” the one named Roy chuckled, “nice to meet you, I’m Roy, and this is my main man, Ian,” he said as he brought Ian into an arm tuck.

“Who the rest of your friends?” Ian struggled to say as he got a few glimpses of Olivia and Kyle.

Matt turned, probably forgetting about them for just a second, “I don’t know,” he said embarrassingly, “introduce yourselves rookies,” he said.

What a doofus, I thought as we went through introductions, “go up to the porch and Jesse will give you a room arrangements, one of the newbies is already settled in,” Ian said, “I think his name is Brodi,” by the sound of the way he said it, it was obvious it was a strange name.

The three of us rushed to the porch, “I wish I wore something cuter,” whispered Olivia as we walked side by side by one another, “all those guys were so cute,” she said.

“I know, I’m not blind,” I whispered, looking back to see the guys, including my brother, heading towards the beach with their boards tucked under their arms.

We waited on the porch and coming out the front door was a light-skinned cutie. He has bright green eyes and a bit of an afro, “hey my dudes,” he welcomed us into a hug, “I’m Jesse, and I’m a senior, I’m sure you met the guys,” he said.

“They were aight,” said Kyle, “but where we bunking?” he asked, “my bags are getting heavier,” he complained as he lifted his duffle bags.

“Oh right,” Jesse said and picked a piece of folded paper from his pocket, “okay you’re bunking with Brodi in room one, which is on the first floor,” he said, and soon enough Kyle was on his way, “hey, tell Brodi we’re meeting for a staff party on the beach tonight after work.”

“Wait, we work today?” I said, coming the realization.

Jesse nodded, “yup, a huge party was thrown yesterday and as staffers its our job to make the hotel squeaky clean,” he said, “in fact after this I have to go and round up the guys to take a pair of boxers off the flag pole.”

Olivia and I both laughed, and the headed up to our shared room, room six, we were upstairs on the junior staff side. Seniors staffers got their own rooms.

On our way to our room a pretty tanned girl with a bit of makeup on shoved passed out, “out of my way rookies,” she spat and trudged downstairs in a heated attitude.

She stomped in the direction of the beach, “what was that about?” Olivia asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “but she was a real b—”

Someone else interjected, in fact I could hear light footsteps making their way behind us, “don’t worry about her,” a feminine and cool voice said, we turned around a bit startled. But we came face to face with a tall blonde and tanned girl. She was utterly beautiful like one of the models you’d find on front covers with natural beach waves and beautiful clear skin and bright blue eyes, “Cami is just mad because she was just re-positioned back at DR,” she said, and her eyes widened, “oh you two are new aren’t you?” she realized, “well I’m Andy, nice to meet you,” she said.

“You’re a senior, right?” Olivia asked.

Andy nodded, “yeah, but I’m really not that much older than you,” she said, “got any names?” she asked, but I was still wondering how she could pull off boy boxers as fashionable shorts.

“Y-yeah…” I stuttered, something that rarely happened, “I’m Elena.”

Another look of realization hit as she bumped her fist into her palm, “you’re Mattie’s little sis aren’t you, nice to meet you, Matt talked nonstop about you last time I saw him, it’s cool to finally see the great Elena!” she said.

I would have to ask Mattie what in the hell he’s been saying.

“I’m Olivia,” she introduced herself, “how long have you been working here?” Olivia asked as Andy showed us to out room.

“Just a year,” she said, “I only come back for the summers and breaks, but only because I live so close.” Andy told us she was also a local but spent most of her time at competitions around the world and was home-schooled after she learned to ride her first board, once we got to our room Andy said, “this used to be my room,” she said, “me and two other girls,” she said.

“Yup,” said another voice from down the hall, “us girls make a lot of memories in this room, every year new staffers carve their initials into the door.” It was another tall and beautiful girl with thick curly hair and tanned light skin, “I’m Mia,” she announced, “senior.”

“This is my best girl,” Andy said, “if you need anything just give a holler and we’ll come running,” she said. Suddenly Andy and Mia’s watches went off, buzzing like alarms, “this is Andy,” she said through her watch and on the other side was a raging voice of what sounded like the manager.

“Get your butt down here this instant, this beach is missing one thing, an actual life guard, if I don’t see your face in ten minuets that's strike one for the first day of being hired,” he was screaming so loud I was surprised that the glass of her watch didn’t shatter.

Andy hung up immediately, "that's Asston, gotta run," she said while rushing into her room with a bag slung over her shoulder and a penny-board tucked under arms. “I’ll see you betties later,” she said and road down the railing to get downstairs.

Mia followed afterward, “I’m scheduled for a concessions shift at the beach, I’ll see you later at the staff party,” the curly haired beach bombshell said and made her way downstairs.

Olivia and I entered through to a wide room with two queen sized beds, and an open that had a image of the ocean beyond the trees, “how pretty,” Olivia commented and set her bags on one of the beds, “you don’t mind if I take this bed do you?” she asked.

I shook my head, “it’s no big deal,” I told her.

Once we put our stuff away, I looked to her board, she was a beauty. It was a white wave rider with marble print, “where’d you get this beauty?” I asked as it had a faint smell of coconut.

“I’ve had her for a while, she just got her first paint job, my board rides waves like no other,” she said, “what about you?” she asked she looked towards my board. It was a Freja longboard that was colored dark brown, light brown and turquoise, it was my first board and still stick with me even now.

“This one I’ve had ever since I first started surfing,” I said, “longboards are easier to do stunts on,” I said, and rubbed on the print of residue board wax. “we’ve been through a lot me and this one.”

We both laughed, and headed downstairs, where we found the guys sitting on the porch, “hey betties,” said Kyle.

“What a kook,” I said aloud, earning a bit of a pout from him.

“Hey,” Olivia said, and she turned to the other newbie, Brodi, he was a tall guy with dark skin and killer hair, he also had a sleeve of tattoos down his arm, “I’m Olivia and this is Elena,” she introduced.

“What’s up my dude,” he said like a good and honest hippie, “Brodi,” he seemed like a local.

“Turns out Brodi’s mom works at head chef at the DR, he gets free eats from time to time,” Kyle said, “which means we get leftovers every night,” he continued to gush.

There was a pause between Kyle’s gushing, then Brodi said, “I never said those exact words, but food is food my guy."

“Do you guys want to head to the beach?” Olivia asked as her eyes followed the trail the guys took about an hour ago, “I heard the waves were crazy here,” she said, “I want to get a session in before lights out.”

“You’re a true wave rider,” bowed Brodi, “but yeah, let’s hit the beach, I’ve been itching to get a ride ever since I got here.”

We grabbed out boards and changed into out swimsuits, but before we could escape to the ocean the speakers above the house screeched and the same voice emitting from Mia and Andy’s watches sounded loudly, “summer staffers are reported to the pool area along with cleaning supplies immediately!” he shouted.

“Aw come on, we were just going to get in one small session,” whined Kyle.

I groaned, “this is so unfair, do we have too?”

“Yes,” sounded the speaker once again before going off.

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