Soul Surfers

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Chapter Eleven: Olivia

Police cars crowded the house. The seniors said they would talk to the police, at the core of them, meaning that only Andy, Roy, and Jesse were allowed in for questioning at the time. “What do you think happened?” Elena asked.

I shrugged, “it beats me, one second it’s quiet, the next someone screams and I come in to find one of our coworkers drowning in blood.”

When I came back inside the house, one of our coworker, Ruth Wayland, had been found at the foot of the stairs with a gash in her head, and swimming in her own blood.

Someone from the party called the police, but we don’t know who.

We all saw the three seniors make their way back, all with faces of relief and yet discomfort, “my uncle is going to stop by the house and head to the hospital with Ruth,” Andy said, still shaking a bit from what happened.

I remembered that it was her and Roy who were the first ones to jump to Ruth’s side, they were trying to stop the bleeding and they were both covered in blood, Jesse was the one who I assumed called the police in the first place, “they got here so quickly,” I thought.

“Is she going to be alright?” Mia asked.

“They don’t know yet,” Roy spoke up, as he hid his blood covered hands, “they’re trying their best, I’m sure,” he said, “but as of now, Ruth is walking a pretty type rope.”

Suddenly a car pulled up to the house, it was black lumazine with bullet proof black windows, “whose that?” Kyle asked as he looked over me to the fancy car, “how much trouble do you think we got into,” he asked.

“This isn’t good guys,” Andy said, “that’s Mr. Pridemount,” she said as we all watched a tall figure step out of the vehicle. Mr. Pridemount was a tall man in a tick suit, he had serious green eyes and his face was covered in stressed out wrinkles.

He walked straight towards us, a look of suspicion crossed his face, as if he was trying to accuse us of something.

“What happened?” he asked, as the head detective of the case came prancing about at the right moments.

“A girl fell down the stairs,” Elena spoke up, “no one wasn’t looking,” she said.

From the expression we got from Mr. Pridemount, he didn’t seem to believe it, “a party with over a hundred teenagers, and no one saw what happened?” he asked, “as of right now you will not say anything unless it has been said to me,” he said, “you will not reveal anything of which has happened prior to me appearing before you right now,” in the corner of my eye I saw an aloof Nathaniel standing by the car.

A look of satisfaction as it seemed as though Mr. Pridemount was yelling directly at Elena.

“Yes sir,” said all the boys who were seniors.

“I asked if I made myself clear!” he shouted out.

“Yes sir!” we shouted back.

He stared at us, and silence fell upon us, “is there anything else that happened here tonight?” he asked, giving us a sickly stare.

Andy shook her head, and as if on que, a voice from the crowd of teenagers rang out, “Andy!” it called, and we all turned our heads, even Mr. Pridemount, and saw a shirtless Trent running towards the group, but suddenly he came to a halt.

Andy ran towards him, crossing her arms and twisting the sleeve of her unusual over-sized shirt, they engaged in a quiet conversation, of which we could barely here.

“I lost you in the crowd,” we could only little bits and pieces, but that wasn’t what worried us.

It was the fuming face of Mr. Pridemount as his face started to red and his knuckles started to turn white, the next part was the scariest part of all as he screamed across the boardwalk, “Trenton Christopher Pridemount! Get over here this instant!”

All our faces covered in shock, as we stared at Trent with baffled looks, he held his head down as he tore away from Andy’s well-deserved hug and headed to who we assumed was his father.

At this moment we all looked back to Nathaniel who was still lounging against the limo with yet another amused expressed painted across his face.

“What do you think you are doing here?” his father said in slow toned words, “if the media caught a glimpse of MY SON at a crime scene like this—”

“The police don’t know anything about it yet, for all we know it couldn’t been an accident,” Trent said, “it was just a harmless party.”

His father didn’t seem to believe him, “I would’ve expected this from you’re sister, which is why I sent her to boarding school,” he said, “but now I know how you’re spending your free time,” he cringed as his eyes looked back to a confused Andy, “and you,” he said, “what have you been filling my boys head with?” he asked, “hippie talk? Rainbows and sunshine,” he shouted.

It felt awkward to be in the middle of everything, and from what we could see, Andy was shaking more now than ever.

“Hey!” shouted another voice, entering the fray, standing under the moon next to a huge van colored in orange and brown was Leo. The bus driver who drove us to the staff house.

He was an old guy—about in his mid-forties. He had long braided blond hair with wrinkles under his wrinkles. He wore plaid and board shorts to the house and spoke in a relaxed tone.

“What’s happening chief?” he asked, and looked back to Andy, a look of panic across his face, and ran to her, “why are you screaming at my niece?” he asked.

Another shock to us as now we were looking at Andy with wide eyes and unanswered questions.

You would have to be there to feel it, but we could tell, everyone could tell, that there was a story between these two. The hippie with unruly hair, and the entrepreneur who a pockets of money.

“Trenton,” said Mr. Pridemount, as he pulled the flaps of his suit jacket, “in the car, now,” he said as he turned on his polished shoes and made his way back towards the lumazine.

Andy stood by us, and Trenton looked up, with a sadden expression, he looked like he wanted to say something until his father pushed him into the car.

Andy looked to the ground, “how come you never told us that Trent was Trent Pridemount?” Elena asked, pointing out the elephant in the room.

Andy looked up to us, “I didn’t know either,” she said, and looked to the guys who were a bit quiet, especially Roy and Matt who stood stiffened by one another, “did you know?” Andy accused, as tears threatened the brink of her eye.

By this point Andy’s uncle was taken away by the police to the hospital.

“Did you know about Trent?” Andy continued to ask, “is that the reason why you acted so coldly towards him?” she asked, crossing her arms.

Matt cleared his throat, “yes, we knew,” was all he admitted to.

Andy let out a heavy breath, “here I thought we were friends,” she said.

“Andy,” Roy called out to her as she ran into the woods in a angry fit. Once she disappeared into the darkness he was faced with an angry Mia.

“Explain. Now.” She ordered, with hands on her hips.

We were on probation, and night workers along with the senior-senior workers had to pick up the slack. While we were on the beach surfing waves there were only three workers not apart of that equation, and it was the main seniors.

The ones who also had the privilege of talking it out with the police.

Unfortunately for us, Andy had thrown a big cow, the backlash of finding out her boyfriend is her boss’s boss’s son kind of sent her into her pit of confusion, so if she wasn’t doing police stuff or work stuff she was in her room listening to Adele and Taylor Swift.

Mia spent the first few days consoling her, and the Matt and Roy went in to apologize, I don’t know why exactly, but Mia said that Andy would tell us once she was ready.

“What do you think they’re doing right now?” Elena asked as we floated over the water, dragging our feet along the sand.

“Probably talking about employee protocol,” I replied, “I doubt we’re suppose to have preppy college guys at the house anyways.”

Elena nodded, “did you notice how Andy was only dressed in a guys t-shirt and thong?” she asked, and we looked at one another.

I gave her a sly look, “actually I realized that her sheets we covered in a little blood when I went into her room to borrow her board wax,” I whispered.

“Do you think they did it?” Elena asked.

“Why else would Trent be shirtless?” I asked.

Elena laughed, “I saw him around the house, he came up to the door,” she said, “Andy gave me the dirtiest look, telling me not to even think about opening the door.”

I sighed, “how long do you think she’ll ignore him?” I asked.

Elena’s facial expression read: Are you kidding me. “The guy she just lost her virginity too is some rich dude who lives in the penthouse and has an allowance of a thousand dollars and she’s the niece of van-driving hippie,” she said.

“But that shouldn’t matter,” I said, “so what he’s rich,” I shrugged, “I think this goes deeper.”

“Well while you think about it going deeper, I’m going to go and catch the next wave,” she said and paddled towards the next bomber.

I joined Ian on the beach, and we sat on beach towels and we basked in the sun, “the situation is so messed up,” I said, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“What, the Andy thing or the Ruth thing?” he asked, and I nodded, “well the big 3 are settling things with Mr. Pissmount.”

I laughed, “hey do you remember anything of that night?” I asked, and I visually saw him tense.

“Ugh…” he sighed, “no, I was totally drunk,” he said, “I think I remember talking to you before Ruth fell down the stairs,” he said.

“Yeah, after I went to sleep, I just forgot everything,” I said, and shook my head, “I had the weirdest dream, and it was funny because I got this song stuck in my head and I can’t pin point it,” I said.

“What was the dream about?” he asked, excitement laced in his voice.

I blushed, I remembered vividly that I kissed Ian and we were listening to the most beautiful toon, “umm I kissed someone, didn’t see their face though,” I laughed it off as I started scratch the back of my head, still trying to piece together my dream in little parts.

“Was it a good kiss?” He asked.

I chuckled, “you know what, I think it was…it was,” I couldn’t spit it out, and when I thought about talking, I just ended up saying, “you know, it was tongue,” I said it with such a straight face It even surprised me.

I looked at him and he gave me a strange look back, “Good to know,” and just like that, he was off the beach. Great job Liv.

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