Soul Surfers

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Chapter Twelve: Elena

It was early in the morning when we were all called downstairs, where we met the old and wrinkled faces of the minds behind the whole business. Then we saw Andy, Ross, and Jesse, faces we hadn’t seen in a while, along with Matt and Mia who were always going back and forth to the hospital with Leo.

“What’s Ruth’s condition?” asked Roy.

“She’s stable, but not awake,” said Matt.

“After much talk, we have decided to suspend parties that don’t revolve around the staff,” Asston said as he read of a clip board of new listed rules, “there will be a set curfew of eight o’clock,” he added, “and your seniors will put more depth into the new rules.”

“But as of now, we want all of you guys on the lookout, especially those of you in housekeeping and lifeguarding,” announced Detective Harris, he was a big deal around here for the passed few days. He’d been sticking around doing investigations, he showed all of us a paper, “we suspect that you’re coworker was high when she fell down the stairs,” he said.

The picture was something that looked familiar. It was of a little bag with a red label and small little crystalline inside. I’d noticed that they appeared in many rooms that I cleaned.

“It’s called EDON, it stands for ecstasy, dextromethorphan, opioids, and n-bomb, it’s a new drug that has recently hit the black market,” Harris said, “if you find traces of it, dispose of it and report which guests are seen having them.”

“Yes sir,” said the main 3.

“I have given Harris all access to the hotel, and if needs something I expect our employees to do anything and everything in their power to help,” Pissmount said.

“Continuing on,” Harris said, “the guests are apparently pulling up with the stuff on the beach,” Harris said.

“No that’s impossible,” Andy spoke up, “my crew and I would’ve noticed it earlier,” she defended, “it can’t be North Beach,” she said, “and South Beach has been closed of for years now, there’s no way that—”

“Miss Maddford,” Pissmount raised his voice, “like detective Harris said, if anything happens, report it,” he said.

Andy cleared her voice, “yes sir,” she said, and then they all left. Pissmount gathered all the senior instructors along with a detective Harris to have a private discussion, so we were told to just go somewhere else.

“I heard we’re going back to work tomorrow,” Olivia said and her, Kyle, Brodi, and I made our way back to the beach.

“That’s sucks,” Brodi said, “I really could’ve used practice surfing or something,” he said.

“You don’t need any practice, you practically live at the beach, no in the water,” Olivia remarked as they separated into their own little conversations.

“I really could’ve used that day off,” Kyle complained as we walked ahead of them, our bodies getting a bit closer as we walked away.

I hummed, “to do what?” I asked, giving him a sly grin.

He smirked, “I don’t know,” he said, “it depends on this one girl I know, I hung out with her this one time a kind of wanted to take her out,” Kyle said, giving me a bit of a wink.

I hummed in agreeance, “well if I were guessing then the girl might want to leave the island and go into town, have a table at Antoinette’s and eat pasta,” I said specifically, “you know just off the top of my head.”

We both laughed, “so pick up at eight?” he asked.

“What about curfew?” I asked, “it the new instilled rule its probably going to be strict until the end of the investigation,” I warned.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I’ve got a plan.”

Olivia, Mia, and I were in Andy’s room while she was away with Jesse and Roy. We were roaming through her closet looking for something that I could wear, “it’s a lot cleaner than the last time I was in here,” Olivia said.

“That’s because the last time you were in here we covered every surface in feathers,” I remarked as I threw Andy’s dressed on the bed, “what shall I wear?” I asked myself as I was stuck between two dresses.

“I still can’t believe it,” Mia said, “you’re going out with Kyle now, what about Isaac?” she asked, “he’s a really good guy and I think—”

“I think the night I saw him his tongue was down another girl’s throat,” I said, “I think that’s a clear sign that he doesn’t want me, and I don’t want him,” I said, as I set my eyes on the second dress, stripping down to my underwear to put it on, “besides, Kyle is nice and funny, he’s romantic, and…he’s relatable,” I said, although they both gave me turning heads at the last part.

“How exactly is he relatable?” Olivia asked.

I rolled my eyes, “well he is too me,” I said and also decided to take a pair of shoes from Andy’s closet, “she doesn’t mind right?” I asked, looking to Mia.

“This is the last thing on her mind,” Mia said, “she’s too busy working with the guys and instructs and the police, all the while she’s also got a certain guy she doesn’t want to deal with at the moment,” she said.

“Come on,” Olivia begged, “just tell us.”

I sat down on the other side of Mia who gave us a panicked face, “I’m really not supposed to because it isn’t any of my business,” she said, “and I won’t,” she finalized, “Andy is my best friend and I won’t go spilling her personal business.”

I looked to the clock on Andy’s drawer and it read seven-fifty-five, so I headed downstairs where on the porch waiting for me was Kyle, “hey,” he said sweetly.

“Hey,” I said back as he looped arms with one another and headed into the night, “so how did you cover us being gone?” I asked as I looked back to the house with longing eyes.

He chuckled, “I pulled a few strings,” he said no more after that.

Once we got to the city he tipped Leo and we rushed to Antoinette’s, it was a an Italian restaurant with really great food, when we picked up my brother this was the first place he took us, I still remembered it freshly, the taste of marinara and cheese still filled my starving dreams.

“I’ve been meaning to come back to this place,” I said, “I’m glad its with you.”

We got a table pretty quickly and once we ordered we were left with just us, “talk about a crazy week,” he started off with, “I can’t believe all that’s happened.”

“Same,” I said, “I haven’t seen Andy in days, and when I do she’s too stressed to talk about anything,” I said, “what about you? Do Jesse or Roy talk to you when they have time.”

“Not really, nothing worth noting at least,” he said, “but I did overhear them talk about something about the EDON thing,” he said.

“What about?” I asked, a bit interested.

“Well Detective Harris think there’s a dealer on the beach,” he said, “and the guys were getting onto that it maybe be one of beach people, you know—”

“No,” I said, “trust me I spent a whole day picking up trash on the beach with Andy, she would never let that happen,” I told him, “she loves the beach, the island even.”

“I just heard it around,” he said, “but I can’t be for certain,” he said, and then told me, “but I don’t think it’s Andy, I doubt that she’d want her uncle and her to be kicked off the island for some drug trading mill.”

“Who do you think it could be?” I asked.

“It has to be one of the beach instructors or the lifeguards,” he said.

“No,” I said, “I hope you aren’t referring to my—”

“No,” He said, “I’m not talking about your brother, but maybe someone who works with him,” he said, “maybe it’s someone on night staff.”

I thought about it, it made sense. No one would be stupid enough to plant drugs in broad daylight, but if it were someone during the night, they could get away with it no problem.

“You have a point,” I said, and an idea sparked in my head, “do you want to go somewhere with me?” I asked.

He gave me a quizzical look, “where?”

“Why are we sneaking around the beach?” he said as we hid behind the palm trees in perfect silence.

“We’re investigating,” I said, and saw a moving figure going across the beach, “whose that?” I asked, as it was bulky figure moving across the beach by the center lifeguard course.

“Isn’t that Andy’s tower?” Kyle asked as we watched the figure bend down, “I think he’s planting something there,” he said, as we moved in closer.

“That’s the guy,” I said, “but why is he planting them?” I asked aloud.

Kyle shrugged behind me, and clearly we could see that in the moonlight the dark and shady figure was holding up a plastic packaging of what the drugs were held in.

“Omg, it’s the dealer,” I whispered, and suddenly one of stepped onto a branch and the shadowy figure shined a flashlight to us.

“Whose there!” he shouted.

“No it’s a cop,” Kyle said, and took my hand and we turned back and ran as fast as we could towards the light house, “he must have been doing what we were doing,” he shouted as we ran faster until we got to the house, where we quickly entered the house and shut the door. “Talk about a first date,” he laughed.

And suddenly the lights flickered on, “oh really,” said a voice coming from the living room. We turned and saw a waiting Asston as he flicked his fingers together, like in one of those movies where they are just waiting for you in the dark. “I want to hear all about it,” he said, and we stood their dumbly holding one another.

We were up all night getting screamed at by Asston, until he popped a vain and was rushed to in-house nurse.

I woke up with an aching pain in the back of my neck, “Elena!” shouted as she jumped onto my bed in a hurry, “wake up!” she hurried as she rushed to the window.

I got up quickly, “is it the cops?” I asked, a little freaked out, did they see us? I thought to myself and started to put on some clothes that were actually appropriate.

“No,” Olivia said, “look,” she said and pointed to a bus parked outside the house, “new people, but isn’t it a little late?” she asked, looking to me for some answers.

“How should I know?” I asked, and looked to more beautiful people walking out of the bus, “where they from?” I asked as we made our way downstairs.

“I don’t know,” Oliva said.

The rest of the staff was waiting downstairs, they all stood at the porch, with a less than happy face. “What’s going on?” Kyle asked as he followed behind us, just dressed in plaid pajama pants.

“Looks like new people are heading in today,” Brodi said, with ocean’s breath and a half-awake expression, “but look at those girls~” he said as he examined one in particular with a smitten face.

“Stop it,” Mia said, “they’re not new people,” she said.

“Then who are they?” Oliva asked.

We saw Andy approaching them, and from the way she was looking at one particular girl, there was history, a lot of history.

“They’re our new Life Guard sections,” Roy spoke up, “they’re from Ilanda East,” he said, “I heard they worked our Florida Branch.”

“Pissmount is reopening South Beach,” Jesse said, “that’s why they’re here, they’re going to be guarding that beach.”

“Why’d they close it down?” I asked.

They shrugged, “it’s was never opened last summer, but it’s closed off,” Roy said, “The fact that they’re reopening it is because North Beach might be closing down soon.”

We looked towards a saddened Andy, “then what’s going to happen to the lifeguards who run North Beach?” Oliva asked.

Jesse and Roy gave a look, and it wasn’t until Jesse spoke up did we hold our beating breaths, “they might get suspended.”

Among the crowd of the lifeguards stood a familiar face, a face that Andy had so desperately tried to ignore this whole time.

It was the face of Trenton Pridemount.

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