Soul Surfers

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Chapter Fourteen: Olivia

Everything had been tensing around the house, it was like living in the middle of a war between team red and team blue. Not all the blues were bad people. Sergio was a bit moody at times, and we found that Marissa was a great roommate. She did hair and makeup and made clothes, I was wondering if she had caught onto Jesse’s crush on her.

“Hey,” I said walking out of the bathroom, Marissa looked up at me with her doe eyes and bright smile.

“Hi,” she said back and held something close to her chest.

“What’s that you’ve got there?” I asked, trying to look past her overbearing arms, and the pulled it out and in the open.

“It’s been days,” she said, “these are the new uniforms,” she said and showed a blue one piece to me, “it looks so different from what the red guard wears,” she made small little observations.

“I think that was the point,” Elena walked in, “I think Pissmount wants to put as much as a difference between you guys as possible,” she said, as she crashed onto her bed.

Marissa sighed, “I don’t understand thought,” she said, “I mean when we did training, Andy seemed to go really hard on us, I heard from Ruby that she practically screamed at this one guy.”

“To be fair that guy was a royal dick, and deserved it,” Elena argued, “they were a thing,” she said simple, “not so much anymore.”

Marissa nodded understandingly, “I see,” she said, “isn’t his name Pridemount?” she asked, “wouldn’t that make him the son’s boss?” she asked.

Elena and I nodded, “yeah,” I said, “he kept a lot of things from Andy.”

“So how close were they?” Marissa asked, “how long were they dating?”

We found it weird how many questions she was asking, in fact Elena gave me a suspecting look, “why do you want to know?” she asked, crossing her arms unapprovingly.

Marissa put up her arms, “no, it’s not for me,” she said defended, only thickening Elena’s new grown annoyance, “it’s for my friends, she’s one of the lifeguards, her name is Ruby,” she nodded while speaking on.

I had remembered that Ruby and Andy had something going on, something personal. “What does she want with Trent?” I asked.

“You know, they work together, and she thought he was really cute,” Marissa started making lists, but we could tell she was avoiding one certain thing. “So, she just wants to go out with him.”

Elena nodded, but wasn’t totally buying it, “you don’t seem like a puppet,” Elena blurted, and I looked at her shocked, and Marissa looked like she was a doe in headlights, “why does Ruby really want to get to Trent?” she asked.

Marissa didn’t answer for the longest time, and when she did it was followed by an audible gulp, “she just wants to make Andy jealous,” she gave up, it came to no surprise to Elena, but I was trying to act cool, so I crossed my arms, but I just looked weird in the mirror so I sat down.

“Why? What happened between the two?” I asked, “it was obvious that they didn’t like each other but to this extent seems a bit excessive, I mean going after each other exes like that?” I tried to laugh it off, but it didn’t seem to work, so instead I put on a serious face again.

“I don’t know,” Marissa said, this time not a lie, “Ruby never mentioned Andy before, and she’s always been a bit bitter, didn’t know what it was about till just a few days ago,” she said, and her watched went off, telling her that she had fifteen minuets to get to her post. She smiled up at us, “sorry,” she apologized, “first day jitters,” she said and shuffled out of the room in excitement.

A few minuets passed by and we joined everyone at the breakfast table, where Roy and Sergio were doing some kind of cooking contest, we could hear the guys…barking? Through the kitchen, Mia, sitting in front of them bored of all the cheering and just wanting to eat something…anything.

Andy seemed to be getting back into her mojo, it took a few days for her to get out her room, a few more days for her to get out and have breakfast with us, a few more days for her to go out and surf with us in the morning, but now she seemed to be back to her old self. In fact, she was getting all close with the new lifeguards, or at least trying too. I’m sure a handful of them still held a grudge from all that training they did.

I was surprised to see Andy sitting next to Mia howling with the rest of the guys, while her partner in crime was dying of hunger.

“Just hurry up!” Mia groaned as we could all hear her midriff roar.

“Come on babe,” Roy said as he kissed her forehead from over the counter, “I need to show this poser who’s the man of the house.” Roy was one of those dudes you just had toss tick it too sometimes, right now he was acting like King Kong and started to bang his fists over his chest, “let’s do this,” he cried, and everyone gathered around him.

Even Trent, although he was rooting on the other side with his fellow blue lifeguards.

Once eggs and pancakes were done the final result came by Brodi, who could basically eat anything, but when he tasted Sergio’s pancakes, it was like love had filled his pupils, “bro…” he said, “these are delicious,” he chuckled as he started to scarf down like a wild animal.

Roy accepted defeat and Mia comforted him with a quick kiss before eating all her boyfriend’s pancakes while everyone dug into Sergio’s, “the key is love, and a whole lot of it,” he said in his hot Latino accent.

“Everything was nice, and in this moment with the sun shining through the window everything was perfect, everything was at piece,” finally, I thought as one everyone’s faces were pure smiles.

At until a quick knock came to the door, “doors open,” Jesse shouted out and walking in was detective Harris.

Suddenly all of our newly formed smiles fell, and the mood went down and serious, “good morning,” he greeted awkwardly.

We were all dressed in just bathing suits and pajamas, not something you want to be dressed in when being confronted by a cop.

“We got a hold of some new information,” he said as his badge shined in our eyes, “apparently Ruth was not only taking drugs, but she was also selling,” he said as a sigh left his lips, “which potentially means that the person whose selling it to her is here on the island, and there could be more sellers on the beach,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” Andy said, “wasn’t Ruth in house cleaning?” she asked, and suddenly all eyes were on Elena, whose eyes widened all together.

“Umm I never worked the same hours before, if I had to guess she planted them in guest’s rooms whenever she was out on the job,” Elena said.

Harris nodded, “good to know, if you guys find anything suspicious then be on the lookout, for now on there is going to be a much more strict security around the beach,” he said, “not a thing should be overlooked, not a thing,” he repeated, and then made his way out the door once again.

Once we checked to see that he was out of the premise we all let out our held breath, “why is here coming here? Doesn’t he have to take it through to Pridemount?” Kyle asked.

Since Trent was in the room, we kept it on the downlow about the Pissmount thing.

“I’m guessing they already have,” Trent spoke up, although Roy and Matt were still iffy with him, they still understood that he was here and here to stay.

That’s how most of the staffers were.

“Well we ought to get to our posts,” Andy said taking over the conversation, “today is the opening of South Beach, so today I want all my guards to scan around their posts,” she said, it was amazing to see Andy take charge. Whenever she went into her lieutenant mode it was like the American flag was behind her at she talked.

“Yes mam,” her crew said, as they all shuffled out, and headed towards North Beach. While Andy stood behind a bit longer, taking a suspicious file from the kitchen with her.

“I’ll see you guys later,” she said, to us and was on her way out.

The Blue Guards looked towards Ruby, who crossed her arms in a fit, “what are you looking at?” she snapped as she turned on her heel and headed out to the South Beach.

“Go team!” joked Sergio, as the rest of them filed behind.

“You know I can’t tell the difference between the Blues and Reds,” Jesse joked as they were all out of sight.

“Whatever,” Elena said, “girlie let’s head out, we need to get into uniform and head into work,” she said, “I bet Camille is going to put you in the fish tail,” she snickered as we headed back upstairs.

“Don’t even joke about that,” I said, remembering my first days here, and the horror I went through that first shift.

I was serving tables today, and I travelled from table to table taking orders. “Here’s another one,” I told Lu as I spun around his little order rack.

Alongside me was Kyle, although since he talked back Camille today, he had to scrape gum from under the tables.

Once the DR was a little empty, I finally got a break in, “ugh!” I groaned as I poured myself a water, “this is so stressing, it feels like I haven’t gotten a day off in a while,” which was not exactly true since we just got off probation.

“Maybe you should go on a date with Ian,” he snickered, and I nearly choked on an ice cube, and looked at him wide eyed.

“What?” I said, trying to pass off my confusion with a bit of a chuckle.

He laughed, and then realized how confused I was, “are you serious?” he asked, and I nodded.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, “can you see dreams?” I asked, but at the words left my mouth I felt like dumber than I was before.

“No,” he laughed, “you dream about him?” he questioned.

My face flushed, and I turned around, “no,” I laughed, “that’s…that’s ridiculous,” I stuttered as I started to amuse myself with the dishes.

“Well the night of the party I saw you guys in a pretty heated make out session,” he said, “right outside the house just on the porch swing,” he said, “you know, out in the open.”

My breathing starting to grow erratically faster as I held onto my chest, “what?” I said, “that’s a lie, you were probably just drunk and thought it was me, but I bet he was kissing someone else,” I tried thinking up the excuses.

“I don’t think so,” Kyle said, “I was drunk but not that drunk,” he said.

My face started to flush, “oh my goodness it wasn’t a dream!” I shouted. In that moment I was both happy and embarrassed and horrified. “Oh, my goodness, do you think he remembers?” I asked, covering my mouth out of the chock from what I did that night.

Kyle shrugged, “I don’t know,” he said, not really helping. Suddenly his eyes looked pass me and to behind me, “maybe you can ask him,” and I turned around and from far away I saw Ian making his way into the DR.

“Shit,” I uttered and shuffled behind the counter where I hid.

“What’s up,” I could hear Kyle said as I heard the slapping of hands as well.

“Nothing much,” Ian said, “I thought I saw Olivia around here,” he said, “but I guess it was someone else.”

“Oh, probably,” Kyle said, as he started to block the way of the counter, “say,” he started, “where were you the night everything happened?” he asked.

Oh come on, I don’t want to hear this, but at the same time, I had leaned into the counter a bit more to hear what he had to say.

“I was with Olivia,” he replied, “there were a lot of guys around and after a few shots Olivia was plastered so I took her outside to let her sober up.”

“Ohhh…” Kyle said, knowing that I was listening in onto their conversation, “so did you guys do anything?” he asked.

“Just kissed,” Ian said, “dude she was drunk and couldn’t walk straight, I wasn’t going to try anything,” he said and finished off with, “if you see Liv tell her I said hi,” he said and left with that.

“He’s gone now,” Kyle said, and I lifted up to my feet, “some I’m guessing you heard all of that…”

I looked at the space in which used to stand Ian, and suddenly a longing feeling filled my chest, “I am so done,” I thought.

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