Soul Surfers

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Chapter Sixteen: Elena

I was finally set free on my break. “Finally,” I screamed out as I entered the lobby, my hair covered in feathers.

I headed into the DR where I found Kyle was sweeping the floor, “hello captain,” I said, referring to his newly added eyepatch, “how’s the life in the seven seas?” I joked.

“Better now that you’re here,” he said, and he placed the broom against the wall and pulled me towards by the strings of my apron, he pressed his lips to mine.

I was a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure about dating or kissing in front of large groups of people. In fact every time we got a second away we would meet together like this while no one was watching, “do you think this is wrong?” I asked as I started put a great deal of space between our chests, “not telling our friends about us?” I asked, looking up to his eyes for some answer of clarity.

He took a moment, “I wasn’t sure what we were until you mentioned it just now,” he smiled, “I don’t think being together will affect anyone.”

Suddenly, an image of Isaac filtered through my mind. A great big smile across his face as he knelt down as blew away the pain on my knee.

“I want to talk to someone before we make any moves,” I said, “you just the girls, because I think that they should be the first know at least,” I told him, kissing him on the cheek, and instead of meeting Andy and Elena at the beach I headed in a different direction.

On the second floor of the hotel was where our masseuses worked, each room was of relaxation whether it was a sauna or candle lit rooms with a bath. As I walked through the doors Isaac was making his way out. His hands were covered in oil and sweat dripped from his forehead. “Hey,” he said with his toothy little smile, “what’re you doing here?” he asked.

I sighed, “I’ve actually been looking for you,” I said, “can we talk?” I asked, he nodded. And I made my way back into the elevator.

We walked out towards the beach, where tourists flooded the sand and water, “what’d you want to talk about?” he asked as he rolled up his pants and held his shoes in his hands while his feet dug into the sand.

I sighed, “was I imagining things?” I asked him, he gave me a confused look, “the first day we met, was I imagining things?” I asked once again.

Isaac shook his head, “no,” he said hoarsely, “you didn’t.”

I understood why he did what he did, showing off that he could and would gladly choose some other girl that he could get over me with, and that if he wanted too, then he could have any girl. But for some reason, in that moment, as it always played slowly in my mind, it was as if he was taunting me, showing off.

“When I saw you with Pissmount junior I lost it,” he said, “you weren’t imagining anything though,” he told me as we stopped for a second as the tide rolled over our feet.

“I know what I did was wrong, but I had already felt bad about it,” I told him, “when I came back and you were with that girl I felt so horrible, and you just made me feel worse,” I said, my arms shaking and my eyes started to sore with water, “you made me feel like less of a terrible person,” I said as I sniffled a bit, having to rub my nose. Having to talk seemed to get harder.

He breathed in heavily, “I know I messed up,” he said, “and I know that I could’ve done better, but we can start over,” he said, he pleaded basically, “lets just press restart and I’ll take you out and—”

“I can’t,” I said simply, and looked down to my feet, “Kyle has been there for me,” I told him as a look of surprise and heartache pulled up on his face, “he relates to me,” I said, “we have scars and burns and we can understand one another,” I said. “You’re a good guy,” I told him, “you’re so kind and cool, but we aren’t supposed to mix, you know,” I said, “you deserve to be with an equally great person.”

“There are none left after you,” Isaac said.

“There are,” I told him, “there are.”

My heart was pushing up against my chest, and as I started to walk away, I noticed how his head went down, and how I started feel fresh tears fall down the tops of my cheek.

I walked towards the snack shack where I could see a bored Mia leaning against the counter, “I’m surprised that Andy isn’t here,” I said as sat on one of the newly put stools.

“She’s busy with the guard, and Harris and Pissmount has them on drug hunting the ocean, so seems like Andy is working longer hours,” Mia said as she whipped up a drink for me.

“Understandable,” I said, whipping my eyes of fresh tears.

“What’s going on?” Mia asked as she went into the kitchen to retrieve tissues.

I sighed, “what happens when you meet an absolutely perfect guy, but then you just happen to also meet the guy who is perfect for you,” I asked.

“I’m not speaking your language,” she said, tilting her head followed my an undeniably confused expression.

I sighed, “so there is Mr. Perfect, he is sweet and kind, and caring, handsome as hell as hell and just so perfect, but then there is Mr. Perfect for Me, he is a male version of me,” I said no more, and she nodded understandingly.

“I would go with your gut,” she said.

“I don’t know if I can,” I said, “they are two really—”

“Okay can we at least pretend you’re not talking about Kyle and Isaac, just for a second?” she asked, and I gave her a surprised stare, “it was obvious,” she said, “you and Kyle just happen not to be in the same room, and Andy saw you and Isaac from the start,” she said.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“As a senior, I say you have two great guys, whoever you choose, will make you happy,” she said, and then returned to the forming line on the side of the shack.

By the end of the day I wasn’t in the mood for partying on the beach and breaking curfew with the other gals, nope, I was secluded in my room with only Andy, who was playing with my pillows as we watched the ceiling fan go around in circles.

“Its on the middle of June,” I said, “we really suck don’t we?” I asked as played with one of Olivia’s stuffed animals.

“I’m not sure about you, but I definitely do,” she said, “what’s you do?” she asked.

“Was looking for a summer fling but got stuck with two different perfects,” I said, “you?”

“Gave my virginity to a rich playboy,” she said.

“At least you got the one without a teeny weanie,” I argued.

We both laughed.

“Trent doesn’t come across as a playboy,” I said as I turned to face her.

“Oh yeah?” Andy turned also, “he’s dating Camille,” I gasped in shock but she quickly ushered my to shush, “she doesn’t know that we’ve been together, and the last thing I was is to cause hurricane Camille,” she joked.

“Why?” I said, “when? How? Why?” I said again.

Andy shrugged, “well the fact is that I’m fine now, in fact I’m better than fine, I’m estatic,” she said, “I’m ready to get out there and give it another go,” she said.

“I wouldn’t try that,” I said, “how do you think I got stuck with two guys?” I asked.

She laughed, “well I’m not stuck with two guys,” she said, “I’m left with none, and I couldn’t be happier,” I said.

“You’re in denial,” I said, “trust me, my mom has been in love many times, so when I know it when I see it,” I told her, “you should go get your man, I know what he did was wrong but…you love him, and you’re mad now, but you don’t hate him, I know you , you don’t hate anybody.”

She sat up on the bed, “I still have to give it time,” she said, “he really messed me up, and everything with the beach, I’m still…processing everything.”

“Aren’t we all?” I chuckled, “so how was it?” I asked.

“You’re very bold with your questions,” she laughed.

“Are you going to answer the damn questions, or do I have let my illusive imagination take charge?” I asked.

Sighing she said, “it hurt,” she said, “but it was good.”

We laughed.

“I really shouldn’t be talking about it,” she said, “but thanks for the laughs,” she got up and headed towards the door.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“They’re installing new cameras in around the beach,” she said, “I’m just there to make sure they actually do it,” she said and soon enough she was gone.

While I was left with my thoughts, and those were just ones about whether I should choose Isaac or Kyle.

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