Soul Surfers

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Chapter Two: Elena

I scrubbed the ketchup stains that imprinted themselves around the pool with water and bleach, “this is so disgusting,” I complained.

“Stop whining,” Matt called out from inside the pool, as he scrubbed the walls, “at least we’re getting paid for this,” he said, then he gave a questioning look to the other senior staff members, “aren’t we?” But Roy just shrugged, giving o answer in the end.

“This is so boring,” Olivia said as she hadn’t gone one second not dropping or knocking something over, so they kept her with the seniors, so she would topple something over, like another bucket of soap.

“Here, let me get up there, no offense but I think I might be able to reach a bit better,” chuckled Ian, who gladly took the scrub from her. From where I was standing, I could see an obvious blush appear across Olivia’s freckles.

“T-thanks,” she stuttered, and watched he did her job.

He smiled down at her, “no worries,” he said.

I rolled my eyes, “I called dibs,” I uttered and scrubbed even harder, eventually getting a splinter in my palm, “ouch!” I cried as I dropped the broom, gaining everyone’s undivided attention.

“You good?” Ian asked as he hopped out of the pool to check out my hand.

I played off a damsel well, “I don’t know,” I cried, “I think the split seeped into my skin,” I whined, but he seemed genuinely concerned.

“Let’s get you to first aid,” he insisted, “we keep one in the staff locker room,” he said, and held my hand steadily in his hand and lead me through the resort.

Once we got to the locker room, he rummaged through one of the lockers and pulled out a first aid, I sat patiently, but I wasn’t lying. I was overacting.

“Can I see your hand?” Ian asked and I placed my hand in his own, “it’s nothing too serious,” he said, and took tweezers from the bin, “because we’re surfers we get a lot of scrapes and bruises,” he said.

I was barely listening, instead I was just staring at his lips, I didn’t even notice that he had already pulled out the shred of wood, instead when he brought his face back up I took his cheek into the palm of my hand and connected our lips.

Soft, I thought to myself before he rudely pulled away and fell back against the lockers. “What’re you doing?” he asked a bit startled.

“Kissing you?” I said confusingly, he still looked a bit startled, “sorry guys like you are just my type,” I said flirtatiously.

“Guy like me?” he said, confused.

I nodded, “and started to run my nails along his shoulder, “guys who are nice and sweet, and strong, and mysterious,” I said, getting closer and closer trying to get back to his soft and bruised lips once again, but he pushed me back to sitting on the bench.

“I’m sorry,” Ian apologized, “it’s just you really don’t know me,” he scratched the back of his head, “I made a promise to steer away from your type, and I’m not even sure you know what you want,” he said, and then left to return on the outdoor pool.

I was mad. And I looked in the mirror, I looked at it, my reflection, it made me angry, so angry that I chucked the first aid kit into the mirror, shattering the already cracked mirror. “Ugh!” I screamed. I kicked the bench I was sitting on and as if at the right moment it seemed like the right person walked in.

In the cracked mirror I could see the shapely figure of Andy, dressed in her red one piece for life guarding with her wavy hair whipped into a ponytail of blondness. “Just saw Ian running out of here, thought I should check out what’d going on,” she said as she adjusted the bench back onto it’s legs.

I kind of admired Andy in the three hours I’ve known her, she was elegant in everything she did, even the way she breathed was nice.

“What do you want?” I asked bitterly with my back turned to her.

She laughed, “well being a senior, by one year, I’ve got experience, and I’ve been through what you’ve been through,” she confessed.

I turned to her surprisingly, “what? But you’re like everyone’s dream,” I told her. “Like literally I’m sure that the only people who drown at the beach are the ones paying attention to you rather than saving their own lives.”

We both laughed, “feeling better already, now that your laughing and in a better mood then how about you help me down by the beach,” she ushered me out the door, “I was originally here to snag trash bags.”

“Why do you need trash bags?” I asked, giving her a questionable look.

Then she went into an explanation that had to deal with that party mess, everywhere, it wasn’t until they actually arrived at the trashy beach, “I really hate it when people do this,” Andy said as she got on her knees and started to collect the trash by hand, “if we don’t collect the trash other no one’s going to come to the beach, and with no one coming to the beach the hotel will send this piece of the island so they don’t have to pay such a high price,” she explained.

“How long did you say you were working here?” I asked.

She laughed, “I’ve only been working here for a year, but my uncle works around here, in fact I live at the staff house.”

“What about your parents?” I asked.

There was silent pause as we went down the beach, “my mom and dad are busy people,” she said, “have you ever heard of Maddford Opera?”

I was surprised when the words left her mouth, Maddford Opera was this huge opera house that was located in New York, but the owners are like major talent judges so they’re practically scrambling from one side of the world to the next. “You’re their daughter, that means you’re loaded with money,” I said, “why you working at this popsicle stand?”

“I’ll show you why later,” she teased, “but for now lets divide and conquer,” she said as she handed me a trash bag and started to dust the sand off her knees.

“Looks all good to me,” I said as Andy and I looked at our handy work, at least until some guy in a lame fishing hat walked by through his soda can into the sand. Seething I ran up to him, Andy watched as I pounded my finger against flabs, “hey, I just spent the last hour and a half cleaning up cans just like your from the sands, and I even broke a nail while doing it,” I grunted, “pick up your trash,” I spoke slowly, and would not get out of his way until he bent down a tossed his trash into recycling.

“Happy now?” he asked annoyed.

I nodded, “I better not catch you doing the same thing in my presence ever again!” I shouted, and he stumbled away in the sand.

I walked back to Andy’s side and she gave me a look of clarity, “you did great girl,” she said, “now let’s go get something to eat, we need a break,” she skipped to concessions where we met up on the opposite side with Mia.

“Hey girls,” Mia welcomed, “I’ve already got two coco butter smoothies on the way,” she said, “you’ll love it, its basically an Ilanda need,” she said.

Once Mia went back to check on our smoothies Andy turned to me, pulling out her ponytail and looking at me with serious eyes, “so is it still too early for me to ask about what happened in the locker room between you and Ian?”

I froze, and sighed, Mia had customers lining up on the other side of the snack shack, so we were just left with the stiff tension and coco milkshakes.

I started to mix in the whipped cream with the rest of the smoothie, “well Ian is total eye candy and having a summer fling was the only thing that would’ve gotten me through this part time horror job,” I said, “when Ian jus totally ripped apart at my personality, it hurt.”

Andy nodded, “I totally understand,” she said, and gave a symphonizing g look, “but you’ll find your guy,” she told me, “and to tell you the truth, Ian’s still a pretty harsh virgin, you need a guy with a bit more experience.”

We both laughed, “thanks for the pep talk, I’m going to go and explore a bit of the island,” I said, “I won’t keep you from the great glories of life guarding,” I said and headed towards the staff house.

I took my board and headed to the waves, but Andy’s dog, MJ. He ran into me at full force towards the beach.

I was a bit scrapped up by the fall, but I could hear running steps coming towards me, “it better not be that dog,” I scoffed, love Andy, hate her mutt.

“Hey, I’m sorry bout that,” called out a guy, he kneeled down to my scraped knee, “looks a bit bruised up, but you’ll be fine,” I looked at his awesomely handsome face and his whisky blonde hair and surfer’s beach bod.

“Yeah…” I said dreamingly as his lips looked like soft plump pillows.

“Okay,” he said, and I blinked my eyes as he got up, “I’ll take you back to the staff house, I don’t think it’s smart to wash your scrapes in ocean water filled with fish poop,” he said and helped me get up.

“Thanks,” I said, suddenly MJ barked, wagging his little golden tail, “not so dumb after all,” I uttered.

The new cuties looked back, “what was that?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said as I limped my way back to him, wow, didn’t have fake an injury this time, I thought to myself, after a few seconds of quietness I finally mustered up clear word, “got a name?” I asked coolly, no stuttering this time.

“Oh yeah,” he sounded like a total surfer dude, he was chill and handsome, he gave a vibe that was totally lowkey, “I’m Isaac,” he said, “you’re one of the newbies, right?” then a look of a bit of realization hit him, “you’re Matt’s little sister, aren’t you?” he said, “cool beans, it’s nice to finally get to meet you.”

I laughed, “I hope I’m not just Matt’s little sister for the rest of the summer.”

“You don’t have to be,” Isaac said, “then again would you rather be stuck with new girl all summer?” he laughed.

“No, that’s even worse,” I rolled my eyes as I sat down at the porch and waited as he got the first aid kit, but as he was inside Ian started to make his way back, with Olivia laughing and smiling. Now that’s a couple, I thought to myself.

“Hey, we missed you at the pool,” Olivia said. She was covered in in soap and water, “this clown pushed me into the water when I wasn’t looking,” she said as she made her way upstairs.

“Then again you did spray me with the sprinkler,” Ian retorted as he watched from afar as she made her way back up the stairs.

I was left with Ian outside, “I guess people are making their way back for the staff party,” I said, not meeting him in the eye.

But surprisingly, he was the one who started the convo, “hey, I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” he apologized, “first day jitters and I’m not really into those one times things, and I don’t want to be someone summertime tale,” he said.

“I thought this was an apology?” I chuckled, and then he started to laugh, “no I’m sorry, shouldn’t have jumped you,” I said, “besides it looks like you go a thing for my roommate,” I said, and he blushed a bit, “don’t worry, she’s a real sweetie, if you need any help then I’m here.”

“Thanks, you’re the best betty ever,” he said, and made his way to his room.

Once I was all left alone I could feel the kick back, “this place is truly paradise, no wonder Matt was so excited,” I said.

“Yeah, well this is a pretty chill place,” said Isaac as he made his way back out with a first aid, “how you are liking this place to far?” he asked.

I looked him straight into his dreamy blue eyes, “I think it’s perfect,” I said.

“Okay here’s a toast to all our newbies out there, I don’t think we could’ve finish cleaning up this pigsty with out them,” hollered Roy, “the waves are big and massive so once you’re all done eating, you’re dogs let’s go our for another session,” he said.

“I can toast to that,” Kyle said.

I watched as everyone went out for a surf, I stayed by the fire with Andy, “not joining the surfers?” she asked.

I shook my head, “I think I’ve gotten enough action for the day,” I said.

“Just one more question,” we laughed.

“What now? I swear I haven’t harassed any of the other guys,” I chuckled.

She gave me a mischievous look, “what about Isaac?” she questioned, the words just rolling off her tongue.

I blushed and looked down, “for right now, I’ll keep that confidential.”

Andy rolled her eyes for a slight second before widening, “hey,” she said.

“What?” I asked, and looked around, only to see nothing out of the norm. Beautiful surfing friends and an isolated staff beach surrounded in trees.

“Remember that thing I was going to show you later?” Andy asked as she ran her hands through her blonde and wet hair.

I brought my knees into my chest, “yeah, so what?”

She spoke quietly, but there was a colorful silence in her eyes, “the sunset is probably the best part, especially at the end of the day,” she dreamed, she tilted her head to her shoulder and sighed.

I looked to the lowering horizon, the sky was painted in red, orange, and yellow. It painted the ocean in a musky red, but I saw what she was seeing, “you’re right,” I said, “totally worth it.”

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