Soul Surfers

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Chapter Three: Olivia

I swam back to shore as the sun started to rise, it felt good getting into the first session on our day of training. Also surfing out here I the morning was Andy and few other people from the senior staff like Matt and Kyle. “Is everyone snoozing?” I chuckled as I paddled my way back to Andy who was clapping from my last wave turner.

“Probably,” Andy replied as she paddled her way into the next wave. Ever since the staff party I’ve noticed that she was probably one of the best surfers I’ve seen, at least for an amateur.

“She’s really good,” I pouted, I leaned over my board and slipped into the water holding onto my board for support of any kind.

Surrounded me as the guys entered into the water with me, Matt helped me onto my board, “I know she’s good, but you don’t need to drown yourself over it,” he joked. After some observance, I’ve came to know that Matt and his sister, Elena, were total opposites.

Elena was a bit reckless and thick headed. In the two days I’d known she had told me that her mom kicked her out of the house for the summer to get a life, and so her mother sent her with her brother, who is on the opposite scale and is nice and kind. He even helps me with my carve.

Are they really related? I thought to myself.

“Look whose up,” Kyle said looking back to the shore where I could see the sharp figure of Ian as he rushed to the shore with his board tucked under his muscled arm, “where’ve you been?” laughed Kyle as he started to charge at the next clean wave while Andy made her back.

“It’s was such a rush,” she said and started to drain by twisting her hands around her thick strands of thick blonde hair.

“How come you guys didn’t wake me?” Ian asked as he paddled into the water with us, “I’ll barely get a session in today,” he said, and adjusted the drawstring of his board shorts.

Kyle and Matt looked at each other and shrugged, “I thought you were going to go and surf with Roy and Isaac,” Matt said.

Ian just slapped the tops of his forehead, and the guys spilled into fits of laughter. “That’s not cool guys,” Ian said while crossing his arms.

“Well if you’re just going to stand there and float on your boards, I’m going to take this next wave here,” I said and started paddle further away from the shore.

Following behind me was Ian, “not if I get to it first,” he said, and we raced to the next ride with him just a few seconds behind me.

While walking back to the staff house, we bumped into the other guys Roy and Isaac, “hey, getting an early session?” Roy asked while emptying the salt water from his ear.

I nodded, “you were great,” I said, as my eyes slipped to Ian in a quick moments, and for second he was looking at me, soon enough my face flushed red and I tried to take a step back, “what I mean is…everyone did great,” I said as Ian and I were falling behind the group.

“You did great too,” Ian said, looking away from me and towards the trees, “how long have you been surfing for?” he asked.

I looked down to my feet and before I could get a word out the speakers above the house went off, “all junior staffers and staff trainers report to the locker room for training,” it was the unmistakable voice of Beck Ashton, out super uptight manager who I heard screaming at Andy the other day to return to her post as beach lifeguard.

“Awe come on, we have to train today?” I asked, looking to the other seniors hoping that they would just say it was some joke, but instead I got faces and smiles that read: sorry, we can’t do anything.

I sighed as I stepped onto the porch and went back upstairs, I stepped into my room where I found Elena had finally woken up, she was wrapped in a towel and smelled like fresh soap, “better get dressed, I heard we’re getting our assignments and uniforms today,” she said as she let her towel loose, it fell to the floor and pooled at her feet.

“Warning next time,” I said as looked away to get changed into something more casual, I’m not sure if I can walk around the hotel in my bikini, I chuckled at the thought and once we were both changed, we headed downstairs where the rest of the crew was waiting.

“Better hurry before we get a strike,” Roy said, and he hurried to the staff locker rooms which were located at the top-level floor of the basement, “smells like grease and foot cream,” Elena complained as she covered her nose with her hands.

Roy and Ian gave a slight look to each other giggled just a bit, “yup,” Matt said proudly, “just like the old staff house, may she rest in peace.”

The senior staffers rumbled in laughs and suddenly the door slammed opened revealing Ashton, he was a tall skinny man. His pants look too tight along with his shirt. He was darkly tanned but had unusual light hair. “Listen up losers,” he said blatantly, “get changed into uniform and meet back here in five, go! Go! Go!” he hollered and the most of us were scrambling to our assigned lockers that held out uniforms.

“Where were you guys assigned?” Mia asked as she opened her locker easily.

I struggled to open my locker, at least until Andy made her way to help me, “this was my locker last year, the combo is a bit weird,” she said, and unlocked it easily, and grabbed my uniform for me, “cool,” she said as she examined it, holding back a pity laugh.

“What?” I asked as I grabbed my uniform from her hands, “what is it?” from what it looked like it was a short blue dress with tropical designs.

“Looks like you’re in the DR,” Camille said, “which means I’m training you, and honestly, this will be so much fun,” Camille seemed a little stuck up, if I was being honest. She walked away with her own uniform, the managers uniform.

Once she was out of hearing distance, I gave a quiet sigh, “this sucks,” I said.

“No!” everyone turned to the corner of the room where Elena stood by her locker with a maids uniform that was colored in gray and white, “are you kidding me? I don’t even clean me own room,’ she argued, holding up the dress in a distasteful manor.

When I turned to Matt, he seemed to have a look of amusement across his face, “aren’t you going to do anything?” I whispered.

He shrugged, “I’m not the manager,” he said, “there is nothing I can do.”

Suddenly Elena’s glare transferred to Matt, and his eyes widened, “Matt!” she said desperately, “switch with me, what do you have?” she asked.

“Surf instructor,” he replied, “but you have to get an official license in order to become an instructor of anything,” he explained, “you’ll just have to clean rooms until then,” he laughed as he escaped to the dressing rooms to change.

“You know it could be worse,” Andy said.

Elena glared and crossed her arms, “how would you know? You’re the hot life guard,” she mocked as she turned back to her locker.

Andy sighed, “well just so you know I started at housekeeping before I earned my lifeguard license,” she said, “it was pretty fun, right Mia?”

Mia nodded, as if there was an inside joke between the two, “yup, you get to sit around and watch on their TV and sometimes the guests will leave food for you.”

Elena once more rolled her eyes and went into one of the fitting rooms, and when she came out she was dressed head to tow in her maids outfit, “guess it’s my turn,” I uttered and when I came out I was in fully uniform, it even went down to the sandals.

“At least it isn’t a traditional uniform,” Mia said, “the manager’s wife is a total fashionista, so she pulled some strings, so the DR waitresses could have so me pride in their jobs,” Mia chuckled.

“Well at least it’s not a maid’s uniform,” I teased, and before Elena could stick me with her middle finger Ashton, or as the senior staff called him, Asston, walked in.

“Are we all in uniform?” he asked, and looked around to see we were all dressed, just by looking at what everyone was wearing you could tell where they were all assigned.

Obviously, Andy was a lifeguard, Mia worked at concessions on the beach, Matt was the surf instructor, Camille, Kyle, and I were at the DR, Elena was housekeeping, Jesse was the concierge, Brodi was a bellboy, Roy was the tennis instructor, Isaac was the beach sports director, and Ian was a masseuse.

“Good now,” Asston said as he divided us in a line of junior and senior staffers, “I’m not sure if you’ve been debriefed at all,” he started, “but there is a tradition that I go by with all junior staffers, but this year I also plan to go by it with all intermediate staffers.”

The seniors groaned, “aw come on,” muttered Ian as he looked down to the floor disappointingly.

“Yes, I know,” Asston said, “life is cruel and unfair, but after what happened last year, I will make sure to keep an extra sharp eye,” he said.

“Cool,” mumbled a goth girl at the corner of the room, she was excessively chewing her gum and leaned against the lockers with her arms crossed.

“Anyways,” continued Asston, “if you just happen to get the absolute worst employee evaluation that I have ever seen, then you’re done, and gone,” he said, “there is no strikes, no do-over, you are permanently suspended from a job anywhere on this island,” he said, and breathed calmly for once, “am I clear?”

We all nodded.

“Okay, then break,” Asston said and we all scattered to our positions, and I had the unfortunate job of working under Camille.

I got chills when I walked into Atlantis, the tropical restaurant ran by the hotel, it was sea food restaurant that had the ironic theme of the kingdom of Atlantis.

“So here’s a list of thing you’re going to do,” Camille turned to me, and she handed me a rolled up sheet up paper with a list of things to do around the DR, and it was so long.

I read it aloud because of how outrageous they all seemed, “scrape gum from under the tables, pick the crumbs from the floor boards, ice all the cups…?” I looked at her questionable, “this is so dumb,” I said and tossed the list of things to do Kyle.

“Well these are the things that have to be done before you leave for your break, or I’ll have to tell Ashton that you’re not following orders,” Camille said, but then a look of mischief fell upon her eyes, “actually let’s scrap the sheet,” she said.

Kyle smiled, “yes, what will you have us do then? We can just go ahead and serve, I worked at McDuffins before I applied to the hotel,” he said.

“Oh that’s cool,” Camille said blandly, “but I have a very important job for you,” she said, looking straight at me, “it’s uber important.”

“What is it?” I asked, something that I had regretted the moment the words had left my mouth.

I stood as the centerpiece of the restaurant, in the middle of everyone while everyone was eating, I sat above a massive tank, on fake rocks covered in gloss and seaweed. I flapped my fake mermaid tail and had to adjust my slipping mermaid bra.

“Looking good betty,” Kyle said as he would occasionally walk passed me holding up a tray of food.

From the counter I could see an evil smirk appear across Camille’s injected lips.

Then I turned to the camera that belonged to family who wanted a picture with the mermaid princess and plastered on my best smile, “I hate my job,” I uttered through my teeth.

On my break I made a run to the beach, where I saw Andy chilling by the snack shack with Mia, “hey Liv,” Mia said, “what’s—” they held back laughter as I was still in my mermaid get up, walking through the slits of the blue and green tale.

“Oof…that’s bad,” Andy said as she looked up and down the outfit, “come on, let’s get you out of the fishtail,” she ushered me to the back of the snack shack where she unzipped me from the damn thing, “most the seniors have a benny they pick on for the summer, I think you just became one,” she said.

“Whose you’re benny?” I asked.

Andy chuckled, “well I actually live here, so I don’t really have one,” she said.

Then I looked to Mia, who read my mind and said, “I’m not into it,” she said, and then returned back to the counter because a human hamburger was waiting for his next chilly cheese dog,

A spark inflamed into Andy’s eyes, it was like watching a lightbulb explode, “you know what, I’ve got my hands busy with beach stuff and saving people from sharks and things like that, you know what you should do?” she asked, a wide smile across her face.

I shrugged, “what?” I asked.

“Go surfing, the staff beach should be empty so go get yourself a solo session,” she said.

I was confused, because last time I checked she was just talking with Mia, “but you were just—” she ushered me towards the staff beach.

“Don’t worry about it, go and…relax,” she smirked.

I walked away, with a million questions rolling in my head.

*Andy’s Point of View*

I walked around back to the shack where the forming line had disappeared, I leaned against the counter, “you’re up to something,” Mia claimed as she glanced at me with knowing eyes.

I shrugged and flipped my hair to one side, “maybe I am, maybe I’m not, who knows?” I exaggerated and watched as Elena trudged to the staff’s beach.

*Elena’s Point of View*

I got to the beach after changing into my bikini, with my board in my hands and flip flops, I was ready, I thought to myself as I dashed towards the sandy beaches, but that all changed when I saw someone doing three-sixties in the air with wet hair and perfect form, “oh my God,” I uttered.

Ian! I internally screamed.

On one of his turns he caught eye of me standing by the beach, and that one action caused him to wipeout into the water, “Ian!” I shouted as I jumped into the water, paddling on the surface of my board and into the ocean, he managed to get back on his board, but he spit out salt water with his mouth and nose.

“Took me by surprise Irvin,” he called me by last name.

I laughed, “you gave me a bit of a scare,” I said, relieved that he was fine.

“Ugh…” he groaned, “that’s so embarrassing,” he said, “wiped out in front of the newbies, let’s keep that between us,” he said.

I laughed, “yeah, promise,” I said.

Once we surfed for a while we just sat on the boardwalk once we got back to the house, over the tip of bridge. We dipped our feet in the lake, and wouldn’t look at one another, it was actually kind of nice and relaxing.

“It’s so pretty here,” I said as we sat back to look up at the sky.

“I know, this view is the best, after the house was rebuilt, I didn’t leave this spot,” he said, “you know until I had too,” he chuckled.

“You’re real down to earth,” I said, “I like that.”

“Really?” he said and flashed me a smile, and suddenly butterflies were set upon my stomach as I felt the heat getting to me inch by inch.

The sun was on us, and for some reason everything seemed to be deafening upon us as our fingers intertwined with one another and faces got closer and closer, until: beep, beep, beep

I looked down to my phone and sighed, a disappointed muffle erupted from his mouth, “times up,” I said.

“Yeah,” and he got up, and for some reason, the sound of his footsteps were slow, and sounded really sad.

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