Soul Surfers

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Chapter Four: Andy

“Are you off already?” Mia asked from afar as I was making my way off the beach, my duffle bag by my side and shorts riding up my behind.

I flicked my sunglasses down to cover my eyes and scampered my way to the snack shack, “yup,” I said, “when do you head out?” I asked.

She sighed, meaning she probably didn’t get to taste freedom till later, “not anytime soon, don’t get off till seven,” she said.

I gave her a sad face, “you know I really wish I could do something, but you know what’ll make you happy?” I asked, and she was all ears, “if you could get this blondie some potato chips so she has something to munch on after her sick surf session,” I chuckled.

Mia pouted, and went into the back, “is this what the doctor ordered?” she mused, waving a delightful bag of chips in my face.

“You know me so well,” I said and skipped to the staff house while she finished the rest of her shift.

I had lived on the island on my life, and there was nothing new. We still got cheesy tourists and the manager never ceased to loosen up. The only thing that really changed was the staff house, but that was last year. To be honest though, I missed the leaky ceiling and moldy corners.

When I got up to me room I jumped into my plush covers, “Ahhh!” I moaned after a hard day’s work and rolled around in my covers with glee. The best part of my room was that I got the balcony, and when I opened the doors to ledge I got a beautiful picture of the sunset above the trees, but it was still a bit early for that.

I quickly changed into my wet suit, it took me five pay checks to buy it. I’m friend with the guy who sold it to me, he gave me pretty good discount and it was totally worth it. It was Leon Trence Wet Suit, a water proof short with built in padding and a light weight bikini bottom that doesn’t slip off, “totally worth it,” I uttered to myself as I started to check myself out in the mirror.

I looked out the window once more and saw the huge waves rolling in, better make a move on, I’m wasting the day away, I thought to myself and shuffled downstairs, holding my board in one hand while putting up my hair in the other.

Once I got to the staff beach I immediately paddled my way into the next bomb, it was a humongous wave that gave me the power to show off my aerial three-sixty. I loosened my back foot and my board and I shot up into the air like a flying bird, I held onto the bottom of the Angelica, my board’s name, and twisted into the air like no one was watching.

At least that was what I thought.

In the corner of my eye I saw a flash go off and I immediately lost my balance, I tumbled into the water and drank up a lot of salt. I quickly swam to my board before it got suck into the out land, and swam back to shore.

I gasped as my mouth felt like it was getting drier and drier, “pleh!” I spat and wiped my mouth over and over again.

“Hey!” called out a voice, I looked up, but my vision was a bit blurry, it wasn’t until he came closer did I shoot up to me feet.

It was a totally hot guy.

I understand that most the people I work with are hot, but this was a different level. He had a wide smile and perfect dark eyes. His hair was curly brown, and he was tall with a few tattoos here and there.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized as he helped me up to my feet, “I was just traveling around the island and I saw you crush that awesome wave, like you were really killing it out there,” he said, “I got some really cool pictures if you want to see—”

“Hold up,” I said, putting my hand in the air, “this is kind of a private beach,” I said, “tourist aren’t really allowed here, and you’re also not allowed to take pictures,” I said. Although the more I looked at him the more I familiar I found he was. But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

He adjusted his glasses and chuckled, “sorry, but I’m just a huge surfer,” he said, “I’m sorry I took you’re photo without permission,” he apologized looing down disappointingly at his camera.

“It’s all good, but you might want to get a permit from the hotel if you want to take photos,” I laughed, “but I doubt they’ll let you, in order to get a permit you have to talk to the guy who owns the place, and you would have to be a pretty important person just to talk to that uptight guy,” I laughed, but once it got quiet I finally introduced myself, “I’m Andy,” and held out my hand.

He looked down and smiled, “nice to meet you, Andy,” he said, and took my hand into his.

I waited for him to introduce himself, he stood quiet for a second and didn’t say anything, then I rose my brows and smiled, “and you are…?” I laughed as his eyes went wide and a blush scattered across his face.

“Oh yeah,” he said and took his hand back, “I’m…Trent,” he stuttered.

We sat on the sand and I took the privilege of looking at my photos, “these are so good,” I said as I spammed through the camera of pictures of me, at least until it came to the photos of my epic wipeout, “well except for these ones, when I’m rich and a famous surfer please don’t let these one get into the media’s hands,” I laughed and handed back the camera to him.

He took it and put his eyes through the lens, “don’t worry,” he said, “I don’t think you could ever look bad in a picture,” he said and spammed the camera.

“No!” I chuckled and started to cover my face as much as I could.

He laughed, “now these pictures are the ones that deserve to be on the cover of magazines,” he said, and leaned in closer to show me the photos, they were just of my laughing while the wind was behind my hair and I was looking into the ocean.

“You’re really good,” I said, and once I looked up I noticed that we had gradually moved closer together, to a point where our face were just a few inches apart. I was lost in his beautiful eyes that seemed to be pulling me in like how the tides do.

I could feel his hand moving closer to mine and our breathing seeming to get thinner until a wave splashed over on our feet and we both looked away and scooted away in the sand, I coughed awkwardly, “yeah,” he said, “thanks.”

He stood up and looked deeper into the ocean, “I missed this place so much,” he said as combed his fingers through his hair, “this sight is the best,” he said.

I was still in the sand when he said that, but even from where I was sitting, I couldn’t agree more.

After the moment of gazing into the ocean passed, he looked to me and reached out his hand to me, “do you want to go somewhere?” he asked, his hand shaking, probably in fear of rejection or something.

I smiled and looked down at his trembling hand, “why not,” I said, and we left the beach hand in hand.

I went to the staff house to get changed while Trent stayed outside, there waiting in my room was Mia, “where’ve you been?” she asked, and I tried to hide my blushing smile, “or who’ve you been with?” she asked, and I turned away and wiped the happy tears away from my eyes, “so is my best girl going to lose her v-card this summer?” she asked with a little excitement in her words.

I sighed and fell onto the bed, “no,” I said, “well I don’t know,” I contradicted, “I just met him, and he seems real cool, you know?”

She nodded, “yep,” she said, “it’s like when I met Roy, totally doofus, but once you get to know them, they’re true sweethearts.” Mia and Roy were the number one couple among the staff, they were cute and all. Roy was a complete doofus, like she said, but it balances out with her serious and mature personality.

“I just came to change out of my clothes and into something more casual,” I said and started to take off wetsuit, I took out what ever was clean, and came up with a t-shirt and ripped jean shorts, “does this look good?” I asked.

She gave me the thumbs up, literally, and I took my purse with me and headed out, where I saw Trent conversing with Roy and Matt, “why’re you here?” were the first words I heard when I stepped out onto the porch.

“Boys, you can leave it to me,” I said as I got in between Matt and Roy, who were visibly flexing. I could feel tension, and I looked at Roy who was literally squinting, “Roy, Mia is waiting up stairs for you, and Matt your break is almost over, I’m a big girl and can take care of myself,” I reminded them.

They reluctantly left in different directions, and to avoid running into any other one of my coworkers I walked Trent down the scenic route, “sorry about that,” I apologized, trying not meet his eyes, afraid that I might burst into little fits of smiles and laughter.

Trent chuckled, “they seem like good guys,” he said, “I’m sure they were just trying to protect you,” he said, and then a cheeky little grin appeared on his face, “so does this mean I’m the first guy you brought to that staff house?” he asked.

I blushed and started to look at my kicks more than I should have, “maybe,” I uttered. I didn’t have to look at him to tell he was smiling down at me. After a wad of silence, I finally got the courage to talk, “so, where we going?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” he winked and put his finger to his beautiful lips. As we were going up hill there were a group of guys passing us. They bumped into me, probably just by accident, but it was still enough to set me aback, I gasped when I felt like I was falling. At least until a Trent’s hand reached to mine, it was warm, I didn’t care, even if I was in the California sun. “Whoa there,” he said as he pulled my back up with ease, “that was kind of rude,” he said as he glared at the boys making their way down the hill.

“It’s fine,” I said and started to nervously brush my hands through my hair and pointed my eyes down to our entwined hands.

After a few minuets of walking we grew accustomed to asking simple questions about one another. “Okay where are you from originally?” I asked.

He laughed, “that’s so simple, give me a harder question,” he begged as he teased me some more.

I shrugged, “come on, now I’m curious,” I said as I unknowingly clasped my other hand to connected ones.

He looked down and then away, “Canada,” he said, “Tofino,” he said specifically.

I had realized that we were now by the docks off the island, “we’re going into town?” I said, looking towards the parked boats in front of the hotel.

“I don’t know, are we?” Trent chuckled. I walked us towards the ferry but before I even put my foot on the bridge off the docks, he yanked me back towards him, and I bumped straight into his hard chest, “hold up,” he said, “we’re not riding the ferry,” he said.

“Then how are we going to get over the water?” I asked.

I watched as his eyes traveled to a single jet ski, and I looked at him, trying to see if he was being serious and gave me a look that read: you know it.

“How much did this cost you?” I asked, “there’s no way,” I said and looked at him in disbelief, while he just pushed me towards the jet ski with an excited look on his face.

“Way,” was all he said, “but I’m driving,” he said.

“Let’s play for it,” I said and we did the classic rock, paper, and scissors, and I won. “I promise that I’ll be gentle,” I told him as I started up the engine. The sound of it growling was so powerful, “this is so cool!” I said as I went full throttle, passing the ferry and other boats.

It was bumpy, it took Trent squeezing my arm to realize that I was getting a little carried away, “I’m sorry,” I said, “are you good?” I asked.

He nodded, “yeah,” he said, “I’ve just never met a girl like you,” I couldn’t believe he said that with a straight face, and I tensed when he put his warm hands at my now shivering waist.

“Yeah,” I said, and I turned my head back around and started to speed across the water, not stopping until we were back on land, “where’d you get the money to afford one of those?” I asked as we walked into the city.

“It was collecting dust in the garage, so I fixed it up and now she’s mine,” he said, “I named her Marina,” he said.

“You name you stuff too?” I said, thinking that I might’ve been the only one.

Trent nodded, “yeah, what’d you name that surf board of yours?” he asked as we walked along the sidewalk with his hand wrapping around my hip.

I smiled, and ever wrapped my hand on his hand that curled into my hip, “her name is Angelica,” I said, “she was my aunt’s board, she’s a little worn, but still kicking,” I explained.

He nodded, “were you and your aunt close?” he asked as we waited in line for some ice cream.

I rubbed my arm, even scratching the back of my head, “yeah, I guess you could say that,” I said, and soon enough we were the ones next in line and took a seat at a table that overlooked the island.

“Okay,” he said, lightening the mood we started up the questions again, “favorite movie, shoot,” he said as after each sent, he filled his mouth with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I though and tapped my spoon against my cheek while chewing an Oreo between my teeth, “hmmm…” I moaned, enjoying the waiting face he made. After some much time of thinking I blurted out, “Fast and Ferocious series,” I said, taking in another scoop into my mouth, “what about you?”

We went on just talking about one another and getting to know one another, but by the end of the day we found ourselves back at the staff house on the edge of the boardwalk that lead to the lake. We dipped our feet and would occasionally splash water onto one another, “today was a great day,” he said, then coughed while laughing, “I mean, date, today was a great date,” he told me as I leaned into his broad shoulders and looked up to the stars.

“It really was,” I said, and lifted my head, “but it’s not over yet,” I said, and stood up on the deck, he looked up at me as I started to strip down to my underwear, and once I was in nothing but a thong and bra, I jumped into the lake, I came back up, gasping for air, and swam in circles. He looked at me in awe, “well, are you going to join me?” I asked.

He followed me in short after that, and it was surprising to know that his boxer’s prints were donut holes.

We swam around, splashing each other from time to time, “you are truly like no one I have ever met,” he said as we came back up to the deck, I put my shorts back on walked around in a wet bra, while he just roamed around in his shorts as well.

“I’ll take that as a complement,” I said as we made out way back to the staff house, he walked me up to the porch, “I don’t think you need to worry about the boys, I’m sure they are asleep by now,” I said, as I stood one step above on the stairs.

“Well aren’t I lucky,” he said.

I’m not sure how or when I did it, or why I did. But in that moment, with his messy wet hair and dreamy expression, I reached up, and grabbed his water stained glasses. He grabbed my hand once they were folded into my fingers, and he brought his other hand to my cheek.

Space seemed to be thinning along with our breaths, “what are we doing?” I whispered.

He looked into my eyes, and I looked into his, “I don’t know,” he said, “but I just want this right now,” he said and as everything around me seemed to be getting blurry as our lips met in a heated rush, I wasn’t sure who swiped their tongue in first, but we opened ourselves up to each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hand went to my waist where he brought my in closer. He pushed me up against the railing of the porch and before things could get any more heated, I did the sensible thing and put my hand square on his chest, and gave him a slight nudge, “sorry,” he apologized, “too much too soon?” he asked.

He was caging me in between his arms, and I placed my hands over his, “no,” I said, “well yes, but I didn’t mind it,” I told him.

He chuckled and brought my head to his lips, “I better get going before we gain an audience,” he said, and gave my one last peck.

Once he was out of distance I went up into my room and crashed onto my bed, “what have I gotten myself into?” I asked myself.

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