Soul Surfers

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Chapter Five: Olivia

It was just us girls out surfing that morning. But we weren’t really surfing because Mia let it slip that Andy went on a date the night before, so we just skipped the waves and went straight to the story. So currently we were just floating on our boards in the water, “so what happened next?” I asked, rolling my leg in the water.

Andy sighed, “then we came back to the house, and he gave me a kiss goodnight,” she said as drew circles on her board with her fingers.

“What was his name again?” Mia asked.

“Trent,” replied Andy, “he’s real nice, but the guys didn’t seem to take a liking to him when they met him at the steps of the porch yesterday,” she said.

Mia laughed, “well yeah, you know we’re not supposed to date the tourists,” she reminded us, “but I’ll talk with Roy the next time I see him.”

“Okay enough of this talk,” Andy declared and started to paddle further into the water, “I’m catching this wave,” she said, and Elena followed a bit after her, leaving Mia with me.

As we watched, Mia said, “so anything interesting happen yesterday?” I was only partially paying attention; the other slice of my attention was going to Elena’s wipeout and Andy’s aerial three-sixty.

“Nice,” I muttered, and then I turned back to Mia, who gave me a knowing look, “what do you mean?” I asked confusingly.

She gave me a questionable look, “you know during your break?” she asked, trying to get to the point a little faster.

I felt like the slowest horse, but I honestly didn’t know what to say, “I hung out with Ian for a bit and then went back to work,” I said, “it was a bit weird though.”

“By weird what do you mean?” she kept on poking.

I shrugged, “I don’t know,” I said, “it just was,” I told her, and then I caught my eye on the next wave, “I’ve got dibs,” I shouted aloud and paddled my way to work on my cut back.

But before I land it, I heard the speakers go off, and erupting from the sound was Asston’s calming voice, shouting through to the entire beach. “All summer staffers make you’re way to staff house for employee elimination,” he said.

“Come on,” I said as I wiped out with he wave.

When I made my way back to the shore the girl were waiting for me, “that must’ve hurt,” sneered Elena, Andy and Mia chuckled.

“We better hurry up,” Andy said, “anyone could be sent home today,” she said, and we sprinted back to the house and sat on the porch with the other staffers.

“Everyone keep you’re fingers crossed,” said Matt as he took a seat on the porch swing, popping a soda can open.

It felt like the first day of school, the feeling that something was ending, like there were opportunities missed, I crossed my fingers like hell, so much so that my nail stabbed into my finger. Then Asston made his way to the staff house, holding in clipboard in one hand and a stress ball in the other.

Please don’t let it be me, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I felt weight on my shoulder and looked up to see Ian. He smiled down on me, “it’ll be fine,” he said, and I put my hand over his.

“Thanks, you’re a great friend,” I uttered, and his hand slipped through mine as Asston started to pace through.

“This is the time of reckoning,” Asston announced as he finally stopped pacing and just stood tall in front of us, “the person who will be going is…”

In that second, I feel could myself stop breathing and tension went from eye to eye as everyone was stiff. I never thought there would be so much tension, I thought to myself. I looked around some people seemed unphased. Like the seniors, most of them were instructors who were licensed for their positions, so I’m sure that Asston wouldn’t let them go.

Elena was bugging to get off the island ever since the first day she got here, so she wasn’t really worried. It was a win-win for her. She either gets booted and returns home. Or she stays and chills with hot guys.

Brodi was too laid back to care, and Kyle was already a server, so he has experience on his side.

Then it dawned on me, I have nothing. I thought to myself as I realized I was basically a loose cannon. I had no special permits or experience in working, I started to shake and put my hands together to pray to any God that is out there, but in the minst of my small-minded prayer Asston blurted the name, “Matt.”

Elena gasped as she turned to her brother, who sighed heavily, although the other seniors seemed unphased by this.

“What?” Elena blurted, she looked at her brother for any type of answer, but he stayed quiet instead, “how come you were booted?” she continued to asked.

Asston sighed as he wrote down a few things on his clip board, “at least that is what I would be saying,” he said, “Matt was my scapegoat, is what you cold say.”

I felt a wave of relief wash over me, but Kyle was less than happy, “not cool man,” he called out, and Brodi agreed with a half open mouth, the other half full of chips and salsa sauce.

“The seniors were all in on it, this was an exercise that I always do with junior staff to teach you to work hard, or the next time you actually will be fired,” he said, and turned on his foot and walked away, “now get to work,” he said.

Once Asston was out of hearing distance the juniors turned on the seniors, “how come you didn’t tell us?” I asked, crossing my arms and pouting.

Ian smirked, and put up his arms, “what do you mean?” he asked rhetorically, “just before Asston came up to the house I told you that it’ll be fine,” he laughed.

Andy, too, laughed at out expense, “if we told you then you would’ve just blown it off,” she said, “this way you have the fear of being expended.”

“Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting in another surf before going into work,” Elena said, which was surprising because it’s not like she actually cleaned rooms, most the time she just laid in their beds and ate their food from their minifridge.

“Hey, I think a toilet is calling your name thought,” Matt laughed as he followed her to the beach with his board by his side as well, I could hear their distant conversation about how he wasn’t being funny and how he said that she would miss him if he weren’t there.

“Must be a twin thing,” Mia said as we made our way upstairs to our rooms to get dressed for work.

Once I was ready, this time dressed in the waitressing uniform, not the mermaid tail, I headed over to Andy’s room, she dressed in the signature red lifeguard uniform and just wrapped the whistle’s lace around her neck, “what’s up,” she asked.

“Nothing, but I have time to kill before my shift starts,” I said. But a mischievous gleam entered through to my eyes, “are you meeting up with that cute guy? What’s his name?” as I thought about what she said earlier, “Trent?”

Andy laughed as she brought her hair into a pony tail, “I don’t know if I’m seeing him again,” she said, “maybe it’s just one of those things that happens once in a hundred years,” she said.

I shook my head, “I don’t believe that, and I don’t think you do either,” I said, “do you have his number?” I asked.

Andy shook her head, “no,” she said, and turned around to me, “What about you?” she asked, “cozying up to one of the staffers?” she asked.

It was my turn to shake my head, “no,” I said, “but I made friends with that Ian guy,” I said, “he seems really nice.”

She gave me a look of disbelief, but it was soon replaced by a bit of laughter, “we better head into work,” she said, “I’ll see you later alright.”

We walked down stairs, everyone else had left to go to work and people from the night shift came in and took to their respective rooms.

I went int the spiteful face of Camille, her arms were crossed, and she seemed to be in a even more sour mood than usual. “You’re late,” she said, looking down on me. Her overly red lips and contoured face spooking me a bit.

“Ugh…yeah,” I said, “but I’m only one minuet over,” I told her, trying to step around her, “I’ll get right to work right away,” I said and clocked in.

“Hey what’s up Camille’s ass today?” Kyle asked as he clocked in right after me, “She seems more uptight than usual.”

I shrugged, “I don’t know,” I said, “maybe she had a rough night,” I said, and from the kitchen we could hear more of her screaming, along with the clang of pots and pans.

“Are you stupid?” we could hear her yell at the chef, we took a peak in through the windows of the door.

“Poor chef Luigi,” said Kyle as we watched Camille have her rage fest.

The kitchen staff made sure to stay out of her, and once she made her way out the doors we hid behind the walls, and then went into the kitchen as Camille put on her best performance of smiles and laughing with the guests, while Kyle and I hurried into the kitchen to clean the mess she had made. “What happened?” I asked the other cooks.

But they all gave blank stares and confused looks, “we don’t know,” said Luigi, and we left to return back to take orders.

A bit later on my break I went out with Ian to the main beach. Andy, like always, was chilling by the snack shack, munching in chips and smoothies, while Mia was staring boringly into space.

I paddled back to shore, which is where Ian congratulated, “that’s was so narly,” he said in surfer slang, “you totally road out the crest with out being toppled back into the dead end,” he told me, “I guess its my turn,” he said.

I chuckled as he went for the next wave, he shouted out, “hang ten!” as he did tumbling tricks on the surface of his board.

I laughed and called hi m our for being a show off.

But once the beach started to get more crowded, we departed to the shack, “I have to head back in for work, but I’ll see you later betty,” he said.

“You don’t have the right to call me betty,” I shouted out once he was far away.

I could hear him laugh, and say, “what are you going to do about it?”

I returned to the girls who was lounging around the snack shack, Mia was now outside the snack shack while another girl was covering her break, “that was great,” Mia said, “I guess dawn patrolling has done you some good,” she said.

I shrugged, “it’s nothing,” I told her, “back in Yumuri I would surf every second of my life,” I said, “it was great.”

I dug my board into the sand and got something to eat, “can I ask you guys something?”

“You just did honey,” Mia said as she loosened her pony tail.

“Shoot,” Andy said as she popped open a coke.

I gave a heavy sigh, “when Kyle and I went into work today Camille was having quite the cow,” I told them, and they gave each other a look, Mia’s eyes full of surprise while Andy practically choked on her drink.

They had a silent conversation, I could tell.

“What?” I asked, “what is it?” I questioned as they continued to stay silent.

Mia was the first one to talk up, “well you should probably know that…umm…” she was stalling for words.

“Just spit it out, it can’t be that bad,” I reassured them.

Mia looked to Andy, and then Andy looked to me, “Ian and Cami used to be a thing, but something happened last summer and they broke up,” she said, “she’s probably just bitter because Ian is over her and is hanging out with you,” as if reading my mind Andy quickly said, “she’s probably jumping to conclusions and thinks that you two are the new thing.”

I was confused, why would she think that? I thought to myself, “maybe I should talk to her,” I said aloud, looking at the beach beauties for a possible answer.

Mia was first to reply, “no,” waved her hand in my face, “that’s the absolute last thing you want to do,” I said, “she will rip your head off faster than you can say I didn’t know,” she exaggerated.

“But she should know that we are just friends, that way I can clear the air and so that she doesn’t terrorize Chef Luigi and his staff,” I explained.

“How bad was it?” Andy asked.

I was going to explain what happened, at least until arms came up and behind Andy, they wrapped around her torso and pulled her back, “guess who?” he asked.

By this moment Andy was a ball of laughter, and she turned around, “hey,” she said, and earned a peck to the forehead.

“Hey,” Mia said, giving Andy the realization that they were in public.

Andy and who I assumed was Trent tore away from each other, “this is Trent,” she introduced.

He was a tall guy, he was wet and smelled like sea water. He was totally shirtless and there was a tattoo over one side of his chest that signified a bird. “Hey,” I said, as I could stop staring at his wide smile and kind eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you guys, Trent,” he said.

“I’m Mia, and this is one of the newbies—” she stopped mid-sentence and looked at him close in the face. Furrowing her browns and placed her thumb and index finger under her chin, “have I seen you anywhere?” she asked.

Trent shrugged, “I don’t think I’ve met you before today,” he said, and then turned back to Andy, “guess what I got,” he asked, leaving Andy a bit confused.

“What?” she asked.

Out of his camera bag he pulled out a piece of paper, “I have received a photography permit, and I have gained access to take pictures anywhere on the island,” he said, “but I can’t post them publicly until you boss’s boss sees them,” he chuckled.

I watched as Andy’s face molded into one of surprise and she slammed her drink down and snatched the piece of paper from his hands, “what?” she said once again as she was thoroughly examining the piece of paper.

“I guess I’ll see you after work then,” he said as he took the paper back, flicking the paper off the tip of her nose.

He walked away with a bit of confidence in his heel. Andy turned back to us, and we had smiles plastered against our faces, “what was that about?” Mia asked.

Andy blushed, “you see, he’s a nice guy,” she said, “lets hope he gets my good side,” Andy said, then she looked directly at Mia, “what was that about?” she asked.

“What was what?” Mia questioned confusingly, crossing her arms as if she were being accused of something.

“When you said that you knew him from somewhere,” Andy said.

Mia shrugged, “I’m just saying he looks familiar, like someone that I know,” she said.

Andy stood awkwardly and suddenly her watch went off, “got to get back to the tower,” she said, and pulled us into hugs, “I’ll talk later.”

“Going on another date?” Mia teased.

“I don’t know,” shouted Andy from afar.

“I probably have to get back too,” I said, “I’ll see you tonight.”

I made it to the kitchen, we weren’t too terribly busy as I stood by the freezer trying to cool off, at least until Camille came in, she sounded frustrated on her phone, she talked loudly, and even though I could only a hear a few things the most prominent things I heard, “great, I’ll see you tonight,” she murmured.

My first thought was, Ian? Followed by a sharp pang in my chest that I couldn’t describe.

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