Soul Surfers

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Chapter Six: Elena

It was one room after another, when I thought I could finally get a beak I couldn’t. Instead I would just move to another floor on the higher levels to clean. “Ugh!” I groaned as I struggled to get the sheets to stick to the bed with out any sight of wrinkles.

“You know you’ll just make it worse if you make it seem like such a struggle,” said my partner in cleaning, Marge. She was an older type of gal, she had quite the attitude on her and didn’t like my sarcasm or potty mouth, “how about you start on the next room, and I’ll finish up this one,” she said, “and don’t touch anything.”

The way she said it sounded so specific, “is there a reason why?” I asked, crossing my arms.

Marge stood quiet and put her hands on her wide hips, “if you touch anything, you’ll be getting a knuckle sandwich from me,” said Marge. “Now skedaddle,” she said and took the cleaning car with me and pushed me towards the next room.

“It’s a gold room,” I said aloud, as I took out the maid cards to unlock the room.

Once the door opened, I was met with a fresh breeze and the smell of sandalwood, it was a massive room with a huge bed and big open windows. “Dang,” I said aloud as this was the nicest rooms I had ever seen, and I’ve cleaned a lot of rooms today.

The sheets were made of silk and the bed had such high posts. In the corner of the room was a surfboard. It was massive and had a red outline over a navy-blue base, and in the middle of the board in a red circle was a red star. “Dang,” I thought aloud.

“I wouldn’t touch it though,” a masculine voice said through the room. I jumped and turned around to meet a handsome face of an obvious older man. He was tall and looked about mid-twenties, “aren’t you supposed to be cleaning?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?” I retorted, “you’re at a luxury hotel and all you can think about is stay in your room, fascinating,” I said.

He chuckled, “I’m Nathaniel Pridemount,” he said.

My eyes went wide, “Pridemount?” I said, “like Pridemount as in—”

“As in my dad owns the hotel,” he says awkwardly, “it’s nice to meet you…Elena,” he said as his eyes peeked to my name tag.

I tried not to seem weird, but if his dad owns the hotel he must be really loaded, “by chance are you free later?” I asked, a glimmer of light in my eye.

“You did what?” Olivia practically screamed as I stood next to her as she scrubbed all the dirty dishes.

I nodded, “yup, I got his number and everything, I’m ready for my five-star meals and first-class plane rides,” I said and got excited when my phone buzzed.

“Is it him?” Olivia asked as she peered over my phone.

“Is it who?” we both jumped and looked behind us to see a sweaty Kyle, in his hands were a bag of McDuffin muffins, “who are you two gushing over,” he said in a girly voice.

Olivia and I looked at one another and both said, “no one,” quickly, he raised an eyebrow and then looked at Olivia who was easily cracked.

“Olivia I’ll give you my last muffin if you tell me,” I looked back to her, daring her to say it.

She looked between both Kyle and I and she broke, “Olivia asked out the manager’s son,” she blurted and took the bag of McDuffins and ran through the bag looking for a chocolate chipped cover muffin, “sorry, but you can never beat the deliciousness that is McDuffins,” she said and went back to washing dishes.

Kyle looked at me with crossed arms, “are you crazy? He accused me of being, which wasn’t too far from the truth.

“Not as of now,” I said, “he’s cute, rich and seemed like a funny guy, those are my top tens,” I said.

He looked confused, “top tens?” he questioned.

I rolled my eyes, and Olivia intervened, “it’s her top ten attributes that she want’s in every guy,” she explained perfectly.

“Oh really?” he said, “go for it name all of them, tell me how undoubtedly high your standards are,” Kyle smirked as he leaned into the counter.

I rolled my eyes, “don’t you have people to serve?” I scoffed.

“Don’t you have a toilet to clean?” he retorted.

Suddenly my phone buzzed again, and I screamed when I opened it up, I read the through it and it said: free in fifteen, such a short message, but I could still taste the money.

“I’ve got to a glam myself,” I said, “enjoy the muffins,” I said and strutted out of the restaurant and made my way to the staff house.

Once I got to the staff houses I put on my white romper along with tan wedges, I was already too late to deal with my hair, “Elena!” called Brodi as he was lounging on the porch, “someone’s here for you,” he said.

I shuffled down stairs where I saw Brodi covered in water with his board standing up in the dirt. I followed his eyes and they were set on a horse drawn carriage on the middle of the woods, “whoa,” was all I could say, as I stepped down the porch stairs and into the dirt where I was welcomed by Nathaniel.

“Hello,” he greeted and walked me to the carriage.

Although it was a bumpy ride at first, we travelled through the beach where I passed by Mia and Andy who were standing against the snack shack, I waved to them, showing off just a bit.

“Are those your friends?” he asked as he looked at me with that charming smile of his.

I nodded, “yeah,” I said, “we go surfing all the time and they’re just awesome, we all live at the staff house together.”

“Sounds nice,” Nathaniel uttered, “my father never let me do that, in fact when I went to college he had me room at the penthouse at the closest location possible,” he said.

I nodded, “sounds kind of overbearing,” I said, “but cool, you’re dad must really care for you.”

Nathaniel nodded, “I have two other siblings, a younger brother and sister,” he said, “I haven’t seen them yet ever since I came back,” he said.

I nodded, “I’ve got an older brother and sister, I guess you could say I’m the baby of the family,” I said, “but if I was conceived first then technically I would be the middle child,” I said as I drew circles in the seating.

We traveled all around the island, and eventually came to one of the swan rides where we paddled on the ocean, “isn’t this great?” he asked, as I could feel arm wrap around my shoulders.

I nodded, “but you know what would be greater?” I asked as I ran my hand up his thigh, I bit lip and he got the message.

“I guess we should be making out way to shore then,” he said.

As we paddled back to shore we ran into Isaac, he gave me a look, and I tried to ignore it but he was persistent. He stopped us in our tracks, “hey, what’s up?” he asked he looked back between Nathaniel and I.

“Hello,” Nathaniel said, and reached out for Isaac’s hand, “I’m Nathaniel,” he said, “Nathaniel Pridemount.” A look of realization hit Isaac, “you must be one of Elena’s other friends, you’re quite popular, aren’t you?” he laughed.

I laughed awkwardly, “sure,” I said in a dying sentence.

“Where you headed?” Isaac asked, “I just came back from town, I picked up marshmallows and stuff for the bonfire tonight,” he said, “are you coming?” he asked.

“Actually, she’ll probably still be with me,” Nathaniel said, “you know how it is.”

I felt like I was in the middle of a Prince and Mr. Perfect. The prince who was dashing and cunning and took me to exotic places without batting an eyelash, a man who leaked masculinity. While there was Mr. Perfect who has lived in my shoes and shoots me a smile when I need one and will kneel to me when I’m wounded.

Can’t I just have both of them? I thought to myself bitterly.

“We should really get going,” Nathaniel said and reached into his pocket to pull our a fifty, “here, buy yourself some new board shorts,” he said.

But Isaac didn’t take, “I don’t need it,” he said, “I don’t need this,” he said, I bit my tongue as he looked at me with dead eyes.

I walked back to the hotel, and Nathaniel tossed me onto the bed where he shrugged off my romper as quick as he could. He works fast, I thought as I could feel my underwear being slipped off my legs and I felt his tongue run up and down my slit, I gasped. It’s been too long! I thought as I grabbed the back of his head and bit my lower lip in pure satisfactory agony.

“Ahh!” I moaned he sucked onto my bud and groped my thigh.

I felt his fingers poke at my bud and that did it for me, I shook with pleasure and a tingling feeling of a breaking damn fell apart and I came with a loud moan, I pushed my knees up and gasped while I fell back to the bed.

I smiled, as he got up and started to pull down his pants, “I just want to tell you that I really do like you,” he said, “And I beg you not to be judgmental,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I—” then he tore down his boxers, what was underneath was so unbearably small, I looked at it, and found myself scratching my head.

“Here so soon?” Andy said as everyone was sat around the fire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows, “I didn’t think we’d see you until morning, walking the walk of shame,” she said as she handed me a stick.

“Let’s just say the best things come in small packages,” with that everyone was left in bits of laughter, especially the girls.

Isaac came back from the water dripping with water, he stuck in board into the sand and joined us around the fire, he didn’t even give me a look, and greeted everyone but me.

“What’s was that about?” Olivia asked as we were now making our way into the water after eating just a bit.

I shrugged, “I don’t know,” I said, “hey,” I said as I realized something, “how come you and Ian aren’t talking? I thought you two really hit it off.”

Olivia laughed, “Ian and I?” she chuckled, “no, we’re just friends,” she said, “plus I think he’s still into his ex,” she whispered as the guys were making their way into the water, following in just right after us.

“Ohh…” I said as I was a glutton for gossip, “who is his ex?” I asked, “is it someone on staff?”

She shook her head and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “it’s Camille…” she whispered, and I jumped, sliding off my board and into the water.

When I came back up, reaching for my board, the first thing I said was, “what?!”

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