Soul Surfers

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Chapter Seven: Andy

Once I was off work I returned to the beach in my wet suit and with my board, I looked around to see if Trent had already been there, but much to my dismay he was no where to be seen in sight. I sighed as I headed into the waves, shredding like how I always did, but one trick at a time.

I would look back to the shoreline every so often to see if he was there, but it was just me and the trees.

Once the once huge waves just turned into ankle biters, I just reeled it in and started to float along the surface. “So boring,” I said aloud as I would circle my hand in the water.

“Hey!” shouted a voice from the shore, I looked to see Brodi and Matt waving to me, “pull back in,” they said.

For minute my heart raced, I thought it would be Trent, but maybe he just wasn’t that interested. I looked down into my reflecting in the water, when did I become so desperate? I thought to myself as I startled to paddle back.

It was a quiet walk back to the staff house. I passed by Camille who rushed out the door in a hurry, “where you headed?” I asked.

She turned around and smirked, “on a date,” she said, and not another word more.

Poor guy, I thought to my self as I stepped into the staff house, “what’s the plan guy?” I asked, as we were getting ready for the staff party tonight.

It was more a mixer, we were going to bring our friends and everyone we knew like family and friends, of course all of them were to be under twenty-two.

I started to make lanterns, Mia was right next to me as she changed out bulbs, “you seem kind of down,” she said, she wasn’t looking at me, she didn’t have too. I was practically an open book if anything else.

I shrugged, “how did you and Roy start out?” I asked. She gave me a surprised look and put down a bulb, “you just never told me,” I said.

She nodded, “good point.” We sat down on the boardwalk, the memories of the night before came rushing back and my face flushed, “it all started here,” she said, “there’s a rumor about this bridge.”

I looked at her, Mia wasn’t a superstitious person, so this was surprising coming from her, “and what’s the rumor I asked?

“Well it’s not just the bridge, but also the lake,” she said, trying to mystify the story, “the tale is that its magical, and that if lovers come to this bridge they’re bound to end up together,” she told me, “that’s the reason why it was the only thing that survived the storm from last summer.”

I rolled my eyes, “what does superstition have to do about you and Roy?” I asked.

“Now that is a story,” she said, “listen here child,” she acted as she brought her arm around me, I put my head against her shoulder, staring into the water blankly.

“Here’s how it started…” she said, looking off into the trees, painting an image for me.

It was just last year, when the crap house was still standing. Mold grew from the floorboards and the old couch reeked of sweat and saltwater.

The only thing that never changed was that by nightfall we were making our way back from the beach. Surfing had always been a thing that most of the staffers picked up when they worked over the summer. Everyone but Camille.

Who still managed a rotten attitude just like right now.

I was shy and kept to myself most of the times, even when I wanted people to help me get my surf on. And at the time, Roy was a party boy who I never thought would give me the time of day, and of course from a far I thought he was cute, but I always felt inferior. He was cute and handsome with a rocking body and perfect surfing skills. To make it better he knew how to keep the party and going and could make me laugh in ways that I couldn’t imagine.

But at the time he was dating an older girl in college, do you remember Stephanie Hardemon? Well they were a thing, and I envied her so much.

She had the skills and looks and Roy. Everything that I ever wanted.

But then I found out the ugly truth.

The seemingly perfect girl had him on the rebound, but when her ex-boyfriend came running back to her, she dropped Roy like a loose cannon.

It took all of us my surprise because the pair seemed genuinely happy.

After that Roy went off the bender. It came to the point where he wasn’t working or surfing, he would just stay at home, and bring girls to the house and let them leave the night after.

Once Asston heard of his little escapades he threatened to fire Roy if he didn’t pick up the slack. So one day, when I came to the staff house from work, I saw him staring blankly into the lake, he was really sad.

But I guess that happens when you get your heart broken.

I walked up to him, he didn’t want to talk, but when you see a person like that, a person whose so heartbroken, all they need to know is that they are loved.

So in that moment, I gave him a hug.

He broke into tears and hugged back, he bruised me up a little bit just by that simple action, but by the end of it, he got everything out. And we sat on the edge of this boardwalk and dug our feet into the water.

I told him that the right girl was out there, he just needed to look closer. And in that moment, he stared at me with his teary brown eyes, and leaned in. He kissed me. It was my first kiss and it was great, he was so gentle, after a week of raging and rebounds he had finally opened up his heart to someone like me.

“And that’s how we started dating,” Mia finished off, “I didn’t like telling the story, but since it’s you, it’s okay.”

I smiled as I leaned into her more, “that sounds more heartbreaking,” I said, “watching the person you love fall in love with someone and then getting their heart broken over it,” I sighed, “I don’t think I could ever go what you did.”

Mia shrugged, “look where it got me,” she said, rubbing my shoulder reassuringly, “I’m happy with him, and nothing is going to stop us,” she said, “speaking of Roy and I—”

“I’m not covering your Saturday shift, so you and Roy can get hanky-panky in the staff house,” I interjected. She sighed, and I smiled, “I love you, but I’m sure you guys can reschedule.”

“Well moral of the story is that love takes time,” she said, “Trent might be the one, and he might not be,” Mia helped pull me up from the edge of the boardwalk, “just wait, and I’m sure fate, or this bridge,” she said pointing down, “will bring you together with someone.”

Loud footsteps made their way down the boardwalk, “Andy, you don’t mind if I steal my special girl for a second do you?” Roy asked, a smile plastered on his face as he had his sights directed onto Mia, who also smiled at the sight of her man.

“Not a problem,” I said, and gave Mia one last hug, “thanks for the story time,” I said and scampered off to the house to finish up lanterns, “where’d all the guys go?” I asked as Olivia had taken over lantern duties.

“They went into town to grab a bite to eat,” Olivia said, but then yelped because she got shocked by the little light bulbs.

“Here let me help,” I said, “I’ll finish up with you,” I insisted.

Olivia shook her head, “no,” she said, “I kind of want to be alone, so I can finish these up and you just do whatever you want,” she said.

I looked at her weirdly, “what happened?” I asked.

She shrugged, “nothing, just a bit confused,” she said, “on everything, so I just want to clear my head, and by the looks of it so do you.”

I gave her a questionable look, “what do you mean by that?” I asked, she was about to answer until we heard the sounds of something crashing against the wall upstairs. We looked at one another, and then I asked, “what was that?”

Olivia sighed, “it’s Camille,” she said, “she came back and seemed pretty mad, but I’m not sure why,” for once I was seeing a bit of an attitude from Olivia, and she caught it too, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said, “but what’d you mean by what you said earlier, about cleaning my head?”

She gave me a look that read: really? And then said, “the fact that you’re not with Trent right now is probably really eating at you.” Olivia pushed me towards the door, “don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, just need some time to clear my head,” she said.

I walked around the resort with MJ, my dog. Well technically my uncle’s dog, but he’s come to like me more, plus he stays at the staff house, so he was practically mine.

I would play fetch with him along the beach, and instead of bringing the things I threw he would bring seashells or surfboard wax. “You are really bad at this game,” I said and threw something else, and there he went again, he ran into the sand and fetch something else. I turned away to look into the ocean and saw waves as they crashed down. One after another.

I could hear MJ barking across the beach, he brought something back, covered in his slobber I hesitantly took it back and realized that they were glasses, glasses that I’ve seen before.

I looked at MJ and then the running person behind him, “Trent?” I said in surprise as he was out of breath running after MJ.

“Finally,” he said, “I found you,” a pang hit my heart and I started to smile and blush crazily.

“Yeah,” I said, “I was at the staff beach earlier then I had to leave because of something me and the team are planning.”

He nodded, “no worries,” he said.

We walked down the beach together and he would make subtle glances at me, “what’ve you been up to today?” he asked.

“Just work,” I said, “I didn’t do a lot today.”

I looked up and a smile appeared on his face, “do you want to go somewhere with me?” he asked, as he tugged on my hand.

I bit my lip, “I don’t know,” I said, “do I?”

He ignored my nonsense and pulled me over to the music bar, “oh my goodness,” I said, as we sat on the tools of the bar, “what are you planning?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he chuckled and pulled an innocent face. He called over Ricki, one of the senior-senior members of the staffers, “one Cranberry Vodka, and…” he looked to me, “what would you want?” he asked as he started to reach out into his pocket.

I stopped him from swiping his wallet out, “I think I’ll take this,” I said, “I’ll just get a regular strawberry smoothie,” I said, “and it’s on me,” I chuckled as I got out a few bills from my pocket.

“You know I could’ve gotten it,” he pouted as he leaned closer to me.

“I know,” I winked, Ricki slammed out cups between us, “thanks Rick,” I said and started to swirl the straw in my drink.

“How’s your uncle doing?” Rick asked as he started to clean smoothie glasses.

“He’s doing great, you know him,” I rolled my eyes, “always keeps busy in that shack of his.”

“Your uncle works on the island too?” Trent asked. I wiped the liquid dripping down his mouth and down to his chin, I licked it off my fingers, and realized what I had just done.

“Ugh—yeah,” I said, “that’s how I got a job at the resort,” I said.

Rick returned to the kitchen, leaving me to Trent, “so do you live on the island?” he asked.

I nodded, “my parents travel around a lot,” I said, “and so when moving around kept getting in the way of just having a life they left me here with my uncle.”

Trent nodded, “yeah,” he said, “I totally understand,” he said, “my dad was always on the move,” he said, “and when it came to be too much for my dad, she called it quits, and after that we just stayed in one place,” he said.

“Where?” I said. Slowly we were unknowingly getting closer as the music started fade into the background.

“Canada,” he said, “then I moved to the states for college.”

“Sound’s lonely,” I blurted, “I have my uncle with me, and that’s all I need.”

He nodded, and after a wave of silence the music started to roll back into my ears. He looked at me with a pair of mischievous eyes. I started to shake my head.

“No, no, no,” I repeated, trying to get away, but he tugged on my hand before I could even escape.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he mocked and twirled me around in his arms and we made our way to the other couples who were dancing to the music.

“I can’t dance,” I said as I looked to his feet, so I wouldn’t squish his toe by accident.

“Neither can I,” he said, but continued to do flashy moves, and some how was able to waltz us to the center of this madness.

I tensed as he put his arms around my hips, it was confusing for me because he’d already seen me in my underwear, and we’ve already made out, this should’ve been nothing. But lord and behold, I was still pretty jumpy.

I set my arms on his shoulders and looked up, bumping our heads against one another, he smiled as he looked down at me, do I have something in between my teeth? I thought embarrassing as I shut my mouth and started to swirl my tongue around me teeth.

But still, he continued to stare down at me with those beautiful hues of green, “what?” I finally said as I tried looked away, but he held my gaze for the longest time.

“Nothing,” he said, “you’re just so beautiful.”

I chuckled, and then looked back down to my feet, “gosh you’re straight forward,” I said, and we both laughed.

“I think it’s worth it, just to see you smile,” he said.

Again, space between us was thinning as the music faded into the background.

It was slow and soft, his lips against mine, he held me gently, and took one hand that sat in the curve of my waist and tangled his fingers through my hair.

We broke apart when the song ended, and we hurried off the dance floor, with him leading the way once more and me covering my blushing face once again. Once we were away from the music bar and outside in the sun we pulled my close against a palm tree in a secluded area, I chuckled as he was trying to act all macho, “I can’t believe you,” I said as held y hips down with his hands, my hands finding my way to his jawline and through to his hair.

“Which part?” he retorted as he pressed out foreheads against each other again.

“All of them,” I said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy like you,” I told him, and with that he closed the distance between our lips.

He held my face while the rest of his body pushed me against the tree. I held onto his elbows as his tongue swiped along my slip and we engaged into a little make out session.

When we broke apart our breathing was short and he once again pressed out foreheads together, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like you before,” he said, “you are once in a lifetime type of girl,” he said.

We finished the day by sitting on a hill that was empty. It overlooked the entire island. “I found this place when I was looking for you,” he said, “it’s a great spot for taking pictures,” he said, looking down at me with those hues of green, “don’t you think?”

I smiled, I leaned my body into his lap as he squeezed my stomach tight in his muscly arms, “I think being with you is great,” I said shyly, interlocking our fingers and crossing my arms over his.

“I think so too,” he said.

In that moment everything was perfect. The breeze blew into our hair as we sat and watched the sun go down gradually. We watched everything around us was changing at we sat on the hill and enjoyed the scene.

“I pray this never ends,” I murmured.

If only I had known the truth.

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