Soul Surfers

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Chapter Eight: Olivia

We stayed up late that night. It was a night of mingling, at least after surfing.

All day we had decorated the house in lights, they were strung on the roof of the house and we also put our food for the guests. The guys had gone to the store earlier that day to pick up party supplies.

We headed back to the house where cars started to pull up by the trees, it was wild as frat boys came in with kegs and girls clad in bikinis were dancing on the porch. “Who are all these people?” I asked Mia, who was clinging onto her boyfriend, Roy. Who also held her tightly, trying to steer her away from the frat boys.

“They’re guys from Roy and Isaac’s college,” Mia answered, “as for the girls, I don’t know.”

Isaac was up there with them, drinking his heart out while bikini clad girls were dancing either around him or against him.

The girls and I headed upstairs where we changed into something more appropriate. Andy and Mia had lent us some nice floral dresses, “go get your mans,” Mia encouraged, “I have to keep an eye on mine,” she said as she made her way downstairs, where we found Roy doing shots with some of the other guys.

Before we could let Andy go we pulled her back, Elena and I. “Where do you think you’re going?” Elena asked as she yanked Andy back towards the bed.

“What do you want?” Andy asked as she fell on her sheets gracefully.

We gave her skeptical looks, “we see that you brought your own guest to the shindig,” I said, with a bit of sass on my mouth and hands on my hips.

It took a while for everything to filter in her head and her face flushed, “so what?” she questioned while reaching for her pillows and tossing them to curious juniors.

“So, are we going to expect someone doing the walk of shame?” Elena teased, getting a pillow to the face shortly afterwards.

“No!” Andy fought back as they tackled her with fluffy and feathery goodness.

They could probably be heard from Andy’s open balcony.

“I’m going to get you for that!” Elena said as she took grabbed onto yet another pillow and chucked towards me at full speed. It hit me hard, and I fell to the bed.

“My goodness,” I said. We looked around us and Andy’s room was covered in feathers all over the floor, “sorry for the mess,” I apologized as Elena looked to the both of us and laughed.

Andy shrugged, “it’s all good,” she said, “we should get back to the party, but know that this isn’t over,” Andy laughed as we made out way downstairs to see the party was at peak capacity.

“This can’t be safe, can it?” I asked as we were traveling through a sea bodies, everywhere I looked there was something happening.

People were usually making out on counters or the couches, while the guys were betting to run down the board walk stripped naked and into the lake.

“Whose next?” I heard as Andy was pulled away by Trent to go off somewhere, and Elena was being summoned by a group of cute frat boys.

I felt like the smallest person in the room as everything was starting to get dizzy around me, I had taken maybe one shot and already I was losing my balance. “Hey, hey, hey,” called a voice to me, a recognizable that sounded low and deep, it relaxed me in some odd way. Something that I would never think about if I was soberer.

I fell into the arms of Ian who held me gently and carried me to the porch, where we found it subtly quiet.

“You alright?” he asked, as I leaned into him more, trying to gain a bit of concentration by listening to the beast of his heart. I laid my head over his chest as listened to his beating heart, having to county how many beats that his chest thundered.

I sighed as I felt a bit at peace.

“Olivia?” he called out, he combed his fingers through my hair and damn did it feel good, I hummed in satisfaction when ever his came back to run his fingers through my roots, “are you okay?” he asked once again as I purred in delight.

I hummed, “mhmmm,” and leaned in closer to him.

In the distance there was a couple walking along the boardwalk, my vision was playing tricks on me, but I would have to guess that it was Trent and Andy.

Trandy? I thought comically un my head, Adritrent? Once again thinking comically as I tried to fuse their names, knowing that Andy’s real name was Adrienne. “How come we call her Andy then?” I thought confusingly as all my thoughts we jumbled into goo.

“What was that?” Ian asked as he continued to comb through my hair.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, lifting my head up in pain, rubbing my head in circles trying to sooth my temples of that banging in my head.

He laughed down at me as I lifted my head up from his chest, I looked at him, probably with the stupidest expression ever, “next time we have a party we’ll just give you orange juice instead, how about that?”

I groaned, “why are you here?” I asked again, not thinking clearly of what I was going to say next, scratching at my head.

“You got dizzy in the crowd of people at the house, so I thought you needed a bit of time to yourself, so I took you out here to clear you’re head,” he said, as he rubbed my bag in soothing circles.

I purred when ever the edge of nails reached my lower back, it was one of my weak spots.

Is there nothing your hands can’t do? I wondered as I started to lean back into his hand further and further.

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” I said as I continued to scratch at my head, “how come you’re not with Camille?” I asked, and with my sober thoughts I realized that I hadn’t seen her since this afternoon, “aren’t you two…you know?”

I didn’t feel a need to finish my sentence, as his eyes widened as everything came to him in a second, but instead of pulling away and expressing his love for Camille like how I assumed he would do, he just laughed, “Camille and I?” he joked, “no, that’s…complicated,” he said.

“So, you guys are together!” I accused, which just earned me a laugh or two from him. He dug his ringers into the roots of my hair once again, making me purr.

“No,” he said, “you probably won’t remember this, but you’re cute,” he said, and leaned into the swing laying my body onto of his as we swung from side to side.

Again, his heartbeat was beating so fast, in the distance I could hear the sounds of a ukulele playing followed by a harmonic voice, I found myself dozing silently listening to that song, that melody that rang into my head like a lullaby.

“Let me love you baby, let me love you...” rang in my head like a beautiful tune of singing cherubs.

I could feel Ian start to hum to the tune himself, as he continued to run his hands up and down my hair and back.

In the peak of our comfort the music stopped suddenly, along with the sound of the ukulele that sounded in my head.

Ian and I both got up, still a bit sleepy, “are you good now?” he asked as he pushed away by hair from my face and brushed his hand against my cheek.

I nodded, and pressed my hand up against his, pushing it closer to my cheek. “I won’t remember this, will I?” I asked, as I looked sadly into his eyes, as we both nodded, knowing that tonight was probably a one-time thing only, “okay then,” I said, and leaned in to his fae, and kissed him on the lips. It was quick and just a peck, I held his face for a second before pulling back, realizing what’d I done and a dark lush falling upon my face, “sorry,” I said, and I started to get up from the swing, but was immediately pulled back down, this time straddling his lap, his hands bunched up part’s of Mia’s dress in his hands as he squeezed my hips closer to him.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, and interlocked our lips together, our tongues meshing together as I went up to wrap my arms around his neck to make sure that there was absolutely no space between us.

We would break apart to breath for a second, “what are we doing?” I asked, pressing my forehead against his.

He smiled up to me, “nothing bad,” he uttered as he came in for a kiss, “no regrets,” he breathed as his lips traveled down to my neck, leaving heated kisses down my neck.

“No regrets,” I muttered after him as our lips repeatedly connected in heated sensations.

His hand started to dig through my hair as if amplifying the pleasure, the heat in my core rose higher and higher with every place he marked with his tongue. “God,” I moaned as his hands started to grop my butt through Mia’s dress, “Ian…I…I!”

I wanted to say it, I wanted to ask if this was okay. If two practical strangers could do the deed, but the rush of a blood curdling screamed entered our ears. The two of us jumped off each other and into the house where it had become suddenly quiet. Everyone crowded around the body of girl, who lay unmoving on the floor with a pool of blood dripping from her head.

It was followed by another scream, that echoed through the house, following that, was chaos.

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