Soul Surfers

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Chapter Nine: Elena

The party was full of college guys who were either too dumb or ugly to fit my standards. But some how I had managed to get in between the smoking bodies. They circled around me, I felt like a wild animal being caged in.

They were sweaty and smelled like MJ.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked on of the guys as he continued to strip down in front of me, but I put my hand against his bulging biceps and pushed him into a wall.

“I’m sorry, but your growing ego is pissing me off,” I said, and rushed outside where I could cat my breath.

I traveled through the sea of bodies, I hope that maybe Isaac or someone would save me. But Isaac wouldn’t even give me the time of day, not after what I did to him with Nathaniel on the beach. Where’s the golden boy when you need him? I thought angrily to myself as I went rounds and rounds around the house.

I came to kitchen to hopeful refill my cup, and there against the refrigerator was Isaac pushing a bikini college slut up, digging his hands into her thigh as she moaned as his fingers thumped into her wet folds that were leaking onto the floor.

I stood there in shock as I squeezed my cup in my hand and bit my lip.

He glanced at me, and he was clouded in drunkenness.

I just shook my head, didn’t need another guy leaving me for another chick, this is for the best, I thought as I ran outside to the back yard, slamming the door shut in a angry fit, my heart racing as I was flooded with stupid emotions.

“Whoa there betty,” the voice spooked me, and there standing again the back door of the staff house was Kyle. He was out for a smoke, he didn’t seem like the type, I thought to myself as I took a seat on the lawn chairs, “what’re you doing out here?” he asked as he took the seat across from me.

I sighed, “it’s been quite the day,” I said, “I just want to vacate the island,” I said aloud, bringing in my knees to my chest and looking sadly into the flames.

“Why are you here in the first place?” he asked, as he blew another puff among the smoke and flames that we sat around.

I leaned into the chairs and looked up to the sky where the stars shone brightly, “my stepdad kicked me out,” I said, “he started to get sick of me.”

He laughed, and I shot a dirty look, “I’m not laughing at you,” he said, and replaced his vape with a red cup and started to drink down vodka, “I’m here for the opposite reason,” he claimed as he sent the cup into the fire to burn, “I wanted to get away from my mom’s boyfriend,” he said as he took the seat next to me.

“Guess we’re both outcasts,” I joked as I watched the little plastic container burn in the flames, “what makes him so bad?” I asked.

“Ahhh…” he sighed aloud as brought the sleeve of t-shirt up, and underneath was a thick scar, probably by something sharp like a knife or something, “I got this when I turned fifteen,” he said, “I got another one on my back.”

I was fascinated, “can I touch it?” I asked, he looked over his shoulder at him, and then down at the ground, he nodded, “go ahead,” he said.

I brought my finger around the scar, drawing little ovals around him, I watched as he tensed when my nails scraped across the surface. I could hear him suck in his breath as I rubbed the skin of the scar, “why would someone do that to you?” I asked as I pulled my hand away.

“I’ve had a pretty rough life,” he said, as he turned back to me, “not all of us can live the amazing life of one-night stands and parties,” he smirked. Obviously talking about me.

I pouted and got up from the chair and started to lift up my shirt.

“Whoa,” he said putting his hands up, “I never said that I wanted—” I turned to reveal my stomach, and under the lace of my bra was a scar running across my ribs, and for a moment he stood silent.

“My life hasn’t been all parties and sex,” I said, pulling my shirt down, “I got this from my ex-boyfriend from a long time ago,” I said, and a mantra of horrifying memories rang through my head, “he swiped me with a broken beer bottle across the stomach on one of his episodes,” I explained. I didn’t know why I was telling him my life story, but as soon as I saw his scar, and felt the way he was shaking against my hand, I just knew that we were at least from the same world. “This scar is a reminder,” I finally said.

“A reminder for what?” Kyle asked.

I sighed, “to not open up,” I said, “to not get close.”

Kyle chuckled, “do you want to go somewhere?” he asked as he my hand in his.

“Where you going to take me?” I asked, wiping away my teary eyes.

“Just come,” Kyle urged, as he pulled me back into the house where we travelled through the bodies of people and escaped through the garage.

I watched Isaac’s eyes as he followed my interlocked hands with Kyle, he gave a sad expression as thought he had lost something that was worth a million years of living in paradise.

“Where we are going?” I laughed as he quickened his pace towards the boardwalk.

Kyle swiped through his short brown hair, and before I could say anything, he put a finger to my mouth, “just wait for it,” he said.

After a moment of silence, along the lake were floating lightning bugs as they made way around the plants and boardwalk. They glowed yellow, flying around us like beautiful hung lights.

“When I can’t sleep, I come out here,” Kyle said with a dreamy expression painted across his face, “it’s so nice here, where I come from its…dimmer,” which was all he said, and I didn’t pressure him to speak more.

We sat at the edge of boardwalk and dipped out feet into the lake water, “I don’t know what it is about this place, but I don’t there is anywhere I would rather be right now,” I said as I leaned onto his shoulder and clutched onto his arm.

As the night got longer, we were already laughing our heads off while staring dreamingly into the starry night the was overhead. “I still can’t believe you did that,” he laughed at me, at this point his arm found a comfortable spot around my hips.

“Stop laughing, I was not in my right mind, I know,” I chuckled, punching him hard in the chest, as he heaved over, breathing for air, but I knew he was just faking the pain. Even in the dark I could see a sliver of a smile on his face.

“And you just walked out?” he continued on, leaning back into his arms, “wow,” he said, “so Pridemount has a teeny weanie?” he joked, and I burst into laughter as he made funny faces with every word.

“Yes,” I agreed, “he does.”

I sighed as I got everything out my system, I don’t think I’ve felt this good in a while, I looked over to Kyle as he seemed to be kissed by the moonlight.

“Hey,” I said, catching his attention, “thanks for this,” I said, leaning back onto his shoulder, “I really did need this,” I muttered as he brought his hand into my hair and started to comb through my knots.

And suddenly as the silence entered our ears, a flow of music entered through to our ears where we heard the distinct flow of a ukulele followed by a voice of grace, “do you hear that too?” he asked, “or am I just imagining it.”

I shook my head, “no,” I said as we looked at one another in the eyes with a look of passion, “whose singing?” I asked as I turned back to house to a see nothing but the house and a couple swinging on the porch.

Kyle shrugged, and got up from the deck, “but this makes for a great moment,” he said sheepishly as he offered me a hand to pull me up.

“Are you kidding?” I asked, and he shook his head.

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” he said, and yanked me to my feet and started to twirl me around in perfect circles as he led me through a waltz surrounded by the flighting lights that bugs of the night illuminated.

I laughed as I could believe how cheesy he was as he romanticized me.

“I didn’t expect this from you,” I said as he spun me into the warmth of his arms and then brought me back out, only for us to come back together once again.

Kyle chuckled as we swayed in his arms for a while longer, “what’d you expect?” he asked, pressing his chin over my shoulder, and leaning his head against mine.

“I don’t know,” I said, “you seemed so smart mouthed and cocky, Olivia was practically reading your surfing profile,” we laughed as we remembered that moment on the bus.

“Yeah,” he said, “I thought you were the prettiest girl I’d ever had the pleasure to see,” he said and my heart skipped a bit.

I turned around in his arms as we continued to dance.

We danced out the rest of the song in bliss like no other, and we just continued to listen to the lyrics.

“You’re just too good to be true

I can’t take my eyes off you

You’d be like heaven to touch

I wanna hold you so much

At long last love has arrived

And I thank God I’m alive

You’re just too good to be true

Can’t take my eyes off You

I love you baby

And if it’s quite all right

I need you baby

To warm the lonely nights

I love you baby

Trust in me when I say

Oh pretty baby

Don’t bring me down I pray

Oh pretty baby

Now that I’ve found you stay

Oh pretty baby

Trust in me when I say”

“What a beautiful song,” I thought as I looked up into his brown eyes, that reflected the shine of the stars.

He nodded, and brought his hand to my cheek, tilting my head up to him.

I felt my heart start to race as I felt like I was opening up. My knees started to shake as I held onto his shoulder, but yet he was still pulling me closer, it was the perfect moment, even if my mine wasn’t totally made up. Even If was labeled a slut, because he didn’t care. For the two of us, it was just this single moment that kept un entangled with one another, that kept the distance to continue on thinning.

At least until the blood curdling screams from the house erupted into echoes through the forest, he quickly broke apart, looking at one another in confusion, “what was that?” he asked cautiously.

I shrugged, and hand in hand, he lead me back to the house in a frightened hurry.

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