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Sitting in the chair was the most God like man I had ever laid eyes upon, his deep grey eyes scanning page by page never taking a break. Hero’s who are evil and a maze of emotions. Follow the epic story of one woman who has been trapped in vicious cycle of violent love and a tragic past. Has she finally found the real hero or will she continue to live with her demons?

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Part 1 - Game on

Kyms POV

I was woken by the sweet smell of pancakes and coffee.

I quickly bathed and changed into a knee length slim fit black dress and burgundy blazer, which I accompanied with matching heels. I packed my thick curly hair into a smooth slick bun and applied eyeliner. I looked long and hard in the mirror before deciding I was pleased with how I looked. I was presentable for my interview this morning at 10. Looking at my watch I ran frantically around my room throwing things into my bag and headed to the kitchen, I grabbed a cup of coffee and ran for the door.

“Sorry Lou, I got my interview today so I gotta go” I said barely waiting for her response.

Louise was my older sister, she had the most golden sun-kissed skin, she was flawless. She had big curly hair similar to mine and her eyes were like gold. She was 32 and had a 15 year old son and a new one on the way.

Very much like Louise I had golden tan skin with freckles dotted across my nose, my eyes are light brown and my curls reach my lower back. I’m proud of my hair and use any method to maintain it.

After driving like a maniac down through the city I arrived at a massive building which seemed to have no end. It has ‘Sterling International’ in silver lettering running down the side. I stared in complete awe, I never knew buildings could be so intimidating, finally tearing my gaze from the magnificence of the skyscraper I looked down at my watch to see it was only 9.30 am.

“Shit I could have even breakfast” I mumbled angrily to myself before heading to towards the glass doors.

As I entered the lobby I was greeted by a stunning woman with definitive features, her eyes were like emeralds sparkling alongside her obvious vaniers.

Her high pitched voice pierced through my thoughts bringing me back to reality.

“Welcome to Sterling International, how can I help you” she squeaked confidently

“Hi yes, Kymberly Daniels I have a meeting with Mr Sterling” she pointed to a pair of elevators and told me to get off at the top floor and a glass office where I will find another receptionist.

“Thank you Miss...?”

“Adams, Rebecca Adams”

“Thanks Miss Adams” I smiled

“Please call me Becky” she giggled “Good Luck”

I give her a wry smile and walk slowly to the loft absorbing my surroundings. This place was male dominated, I mean throughout the lobby men with briefcases and expensive suits in their own bubble littered the lobby. I felt so out of place.

I entered the lift, pressing the top floor I impatiently waited to arrive. Just as Rebecca described, on my left a long corridor even more extravagant than the lobby layered with cubicles and busy people tapping away at keyboards or busy on the phone. To my right was a large glass cubicle and behind it was another glass office blurred to the outside world. I could see a fuzzy body barley visible behind the distorted glass.

Mr Sterling’s name was printed in black bold letter atop a silver plack. I took a deep breath then gave 3 swift taps on the crystal door, a barely audible response was given and I opened the door.

The office was pure white with grey and black accessories. The office must have covered half of the top floor, it held 3 tables; the first was a long crystal table with 12 pale grey leather chairs eaither side, the second was another glass table this one was petite and round, a charcole grey vase stood on top holding a single Lily a simple white sofa surrounded it, the final table was a beautifully crafted mahogany desk with a large black leather chair which could easily be mistaken for a thrown. But sitting in the chair was the God like man I had ever laid eyes upon, his deep grey eyes scanning page by page never taking a break, his hair was short with waves, his jawline was strong and sharp clenched in concentration, he had short but well maintained beard.

He had on the most expensive royal blue suit with a crisp white shirt and the top button loosened. I saw a smirk pass his perfect lips so quickly I could barely register it.

“Please sit” he motioned to a simple black chair far less elegant that rest, which said a lot about how this man viewed his visitors.

I cleared my throat and sauntered toward his desk.

“I am Kymberly Daniels, pleased to meet you Mr Sterling” I made sure this man knew I could be just as arrogant as he was. In one elegant move I had sat down and crossed my legs. I placed my hands on my lap and looked into the grey that twinkled with amusement.

He continued with the masses of paper on desk, we sat in silence for few minutes before he spoke again.

“What makes you think you’re good enough to be my Personal Assistant?” His eyes never leaving his work.

I snorted and let out a sigh

“Mr Sterling, when I have your attention I will tell you” I saint enunciating his name, irritation was clear in my voice.

His head snapped up anger etched on his face, his once serine grey now clouded and dark.

I pushed the fear now creeping through my body down and cleared my throat hoping my voice wouldn’t give me away.

“My academic background has provided me with clear knowledge and understanding of maintaining a business, being a personal assistant isn’t just about answering phones it’s a lot more to do with helping you see things you cannot see, I am extremely organised and I work well under pressure and aim to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of my work. I am well diverse and I know I will be a great asset to your company” I smiled sweetly, relieved my anxiety didn’t get the better off me.

“You’re attitude will be your undoing Miss Daniels” he hissed running his hand over his beard. I tried to contain my victorious smile and stifle my laugh. He picked up a stray file and pulled out a single paper. He quickly scanned it then looked back to me.

“You worked Cater and Law firm, what made you leave?”

“Family issues” I stated bluntly my victorious mood quickly extinguished, I didn’t want to remember why I left my perfect job. He quickly picked up on my change of mood and shifted in his chair.

“Care to explain further Miss Daniels”

“Not really sir, for the simple fact this issue no longer poses a threat to my professional career” I stated monotonously, my eyes daring him to pry further. He held my gaze for a moment or two before he continued, his frustration visible across his face. We continued questioning for another hour, I finally loosened up and so did he.

“Someone will contact you by Sunday to let you know my decision, you may leave” he dismissed me.

It’s been 6 days, this man isn’t serious, no call, no email, nothing.

“Missed out on the best god damn PA” I mumbled sipping my beer and flicking through the channels.

Friday morning, 6am to be exact I heard a loud bang on my frontdoor. I rolled out of bed fixing my boobs in my green sports bra and pulling up my white shorts.

“Who the hell is this” I cursed under my breath

“I don’t want what shit your selling” I swung open the door angrily. I was so shocked to see Mr Sterling in all his glory standing in my entrance. He looked so large and out of place in my home.

“I’m so sorry Mr Sterling, please come in” I stepped to the side still unaware of my tattoos and piercings on show to my potential boss. He entered closing the door gently behind him, while he looked around my house I quickly grabbed a blanket and held it around my small frame. I could see him smiling his eyes finally resting on me.

“Is there a reason you’re in my home at this time Mr Sterling” my words laced with anger, this man is clearly mocking me.

“You start work in half an hour, do not be late” with that he left my apartment as quickly as he came.

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