S.C.H.O.O.L : School Called Hell Of Our Life

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Chapter 2 : Who are really those people ?

Part two : Who are really those people ?

Seth, Beth, Gabriel, Mikail, my superpower gone. All this just could be a dream. That was I thought while the alarm clock rang. I opened my eyes. Yes, just a dream. I woke up and went to the bathroom. After my shower, I was going to choose my clothes but, in front of my open wardrobe, I paused. Was all this really a dream ? Yes, just a dream. I took my new multisleeps tulle skirt.

" Noraaaa ! You finally put your skirt ! You're so cute with it." said cheerfully Eileen.

We were walking towards the Academy while she grabbed my arm.

« Yeah, thank you… » I said.

« Are you okay ? Don’t tell me it’s about what happened yesterday ? »

I looked at her.

« It..It wasn’t a dream ? »

Eileen took a compassionate face.

« Nora, don’t get stressed-out. », she said as she hugged me.

I sighted. I hoped she was right.

We arrived at school -and you know what ?- she was wrong. As I walked in the corridors, I could see their eyes stared at me, their half-smiles. I just kept my head down. If I could not see them, they could not see me ! What a stupid reasoning, isn’t it ?

« Hey, it’s not carnival today ! » I heard.

« Ridiculous. » Said an other female voice.

« It’s who ? Where she thinks she is ?! »

I didn’t even look up and prayed to not bump into somebody.

Anyway, I reached my maths class. I could take a breath. In fact, I like maths. I know, what a strange image I can give. A little childlike girl wearing punk clothes, listening to alternatif metal and loving maths. Well, I don’t like everything in maths. I prefer counting and solving problems. So, I was happy as I sat down at my usual desk. Well, that’s what I thought. Guess who sat just next to me ? Yes, my favorite cold boy.

I stood up, in front the black board, back to the class, my maths notebook in my left hand. I knew that I was red, a little bit trembling. Of course, any teacher never remembered my name, and now, I was solving a problem in front of everybody. Suddenly, I released my pen. I heard them laugh. « Okay, I have to calm myself. » I thought. « It’s nothing, even me I would laugh if I were at their place. » Eventually, I finished my problem.

« Good, very good. You can get back to your sit. » Said the teacher.

I was acting as if I didn’t hear them snigger. As I sat down, I gave a look at Mikail. But he didn’t deign look up. And you know what ? I was so happy that at least one person didn’t care about me.

« You could do better than that. » He whispered.

« W...what ? » I asked, taken aback.

« Your solution, it’s too complicate. I thought you would have found a simpler solution. » He said, without a look, of course.

I frowned. What was he talking about ? My solution was perfect ! Well, maybe a bit complicated. But, just a bit ! Anyway, I preferred when he kept quiet. Yes, I’m sensitive about how I resolve my maths problems.

« Mmf, if you could do better go on. But, as I remember well, you’re not good enough to say anything. » I said, a bit upset.

For the first time, he looked at me, disconcerted. I realized I just did. I hid my face. We didn't say a single word until the bell rang. He grasped my wrist while I stood up to flee away before the rest of my class.

« See you tomorrow, hope you will do better than today. »

I released myself.

« Yeah, see you. » I murmured.

Lunch time. I never ate with Eileen on Wednesday, she had her piano lessons. I used to put my earphones and played on my favorite handheld game console. This day, I tried to ignore the rustles around me, but I couldn't. I fled away, again, and left my plate half full. I searched a place to be a little alone. Suddenly, behind a corner, I heard a fight.

I just passed my head and what I saw horrified me. There was four boys. Two of them were grasping the third one, while the fourth was threatened him. Three against one, really brave. Then, I realized. The leader of that little troop was Gabriel. I got closer and I could hear almost everything.

« So, my little chick, are you sure you don’t want to pay me ? » Said the so-called angel nastily.
« F**** you ! » Said the tall red-haired boy.

« Too bad, it’s not what I expect from you. But if you insist, I shall f*** you. »

I gasped as Gabriel hit him in the face.

« Are you sure you want to play that game ? » Said Gabriel, spitting on him.

I was just so freak out. I couldn’t let this stupid Gabriel did what he wanted just because of his angel's features. But, let’s be honest, what I could I do ? Suddenly, I noticed a big stone at my feet. An idea popped into my brain. I picked up the stone, and passed my head again. I observed that there was a railing. Okay, I was not bad at basket ball, but at this precisely time, I had to be perfect. I kept an eye on the boys. Then, when I was sure they wouldn’t see me, I threw the stone with all my strengths. With an unknown miracle, the stone hit my target. The boys raised the head.

« Come on guys. » Ordered Gabriel to his henchmen.

The two other boys left the red-hair boy after that Gabriel gave him a last kick on his stomach.

When I was sure they were gone. I caught him up as he was squatting.

« A-a-are you okay ? » I asked timidly.

The boy raised his head toward me.

« Yeah, I presume I have to thank you. » He answered. « Hum .. ? » He said as he raised an eyebrow.

« Nora. » I answer while I reached out.

« So, thanks Nora. I’m Elwyn. Nice to meet you ! »

He caught my hand and I helped him to get on his feet. I realized he was bleeding from his brow bone.

« Me too, but, look at you, you’re bleeding ! Come on, I take you to the sick room. »

« No, don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’m used to his little game. But, you see, I won’t be swayed by this handsome guy ! » He said in a laughter.

He took my arm.

« But, if you insist, it would be a pleasure to be joined by a girl as cute as you. » He said with a wink.

I blushed a little. We walked together, and I felt the eyes on us, and whispers around us, again.

« Don’t pay attention to them. They’re just afraid by those who are different. » He said to me aloud.

I looked at him, then I understood. He preferred men over women. That’s why he said that Gabriel was « handsome ».

« Thank you for the walk, little lady. » Said Elwyn when we arrived in front of the sick room.

He took my hand and kissed it. Then he left me, and went in the room. He was the first good thing that happened to me in the last two days.

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