Igniting Blaze

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Chapter 15

One hand left her as he slid it down his hips removing the last of his clothing, then it was back on her waist. She looked down to see what he was doing and found herself staring at his manhood. He was perfectly hairless, shaved of anything that might distract the eye from his assets. She’s seen him nude enough to know that he was smooth all over and knew that this was necessary for his profession. But it felt different now that he was about to be hers. Seeing his erection nude, hairless, hard and posed to enter her, made it even more impressive and imposing than she’d expected it to be.

He was huge both in length and in breadth, as his arousal jutted out from him. It was at least as wide as her wrist, and it was longer than any banana she’d ever seen. In fact, it was more gourd-shaped, except solid and wrapped in sinew and veins. There was no way ‘that’ was going to fit inside her, and she would have panicked had it not been for the fact that she knew it did. She’d taken him before, but she wasn’t sure how. Despite her apprehension, she wanted to wrap her hand around it and feel the weight and heat of it. It was calling her as she stared at it defying gravity as it held itself at such an angle to his body. It was a beautiful thing.

He edged his hands under her buttock and lifted her, distracting her from her appraisal of him. She was still relaxed and felt herself arching backwards as he kissed down her neck to her breast. He licked the nipple as she inhaled a long note, pushing her head back to give him more access to the tight pink bud. He took it into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it and making her helpless than she already was.

With each suck, she felt a shot of electricity in her groin. The embers of her climax reignited. Her clitoris was buzzing and craving attention. She needed to rub it against something, anything. But his hands had her caught. He had his erection out of reach.

She was hanging on to him, and he was in control. She could do nothing but wait. It was frustrating, but his mouth kept her from being angry about it. He didn’t let up in his kissing and suckling as he held her at bay.

“Drew,” she pleaded, “I can’t, I need you.”

He moved himself slowly, so that just the head of his penis was sliding along her wetness. With careful strokes, he drew it up and down, torment her as he kept what she needed just out of reach. He laughed softly as he placed himself tantalisingly poised just at her entrance and then listened to her whine her frustration.

“Say it,” he muttered as he lifted his head to look at her.

“I love you,” she begged, “Please.”

His body moved decisively as he pivoted his hips upwards and forward. His arousal was exactly where it needed to be, and her passage was slick as he lifted her, penetrating her without any further delay. He pushed himself deep into her as she exhaled a long sound signalling her surprise at the sudden invasion. He held her off the benchtop her legs spread wide as she felt herself stretched around him.

“So tight,” he growled as he breathed against her, “You’re so tiny.”

He was right, she was tiny compared to him. He shouldn’t have fit. She felt moisture in her eyes as she strained to accommodate him. She wanted to cry out and tell him that it was hurting her, but at the same time there was a familiarity to this, and she knew where it would take her.

She’d had sex with him, and she knew how good it was. The difference was that the last time he’d been intoxicated and they’d both been as unable to stop. He’d plunged into her repetitively without stopping to allow her time to realise how it felt to have such a large man occupying her. She remembered the smarting pain, but the continuous motion had distracted her, and she’d soon been accepting each thrust with her own enthusiasm.

“Do you want me to withdraw?” he whispered, concern in his voice.

“No,” She breathed out the discomfort as he wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he kissed her, “If it’s too much then we can take it slower. We can do something else?”

“No,” she whispered the words, “I need this. I want all of you.”

“Stop me if it hurts too much,” he edged deeper into her causing her to gasp again, “I’m almost there.”

He held himself inside her without any reprieve as he kissed her gently. Then he must have felt her muscles relaxed to the bulk inside her because he dropped his hips the final distance spearing the last of him into her. She gripped him, digging her nails deep but he didn’t move. His hands held her hips to his, preventing them from separating, as he stood there, his entire manhood sunk into her, and with her balanced on his groin.

“Do you feel that?” he whispered as he held her suspended on him, “Get used to it, feel me inside you.”

“Big,” she grimaced, “So big.”

“It’s yours,” he kissed her, “Take it, let your body adjust for it.”

“I need you to,” she stuttered unable to finish her sentence.

“I need you too,” he groaned, “I need this so badly.”

“No,” she gasped as her muscles screamed at her, “I need you to move.”

“Move?” he lifted his head, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she shook her head, “I want more. Take me to bed.”

“We’re not going to bed,” he laughed a soft chuckle, “I’m going to have you right here on this benchtop. But first I have to know that you can take me. I want to make love to you without the fear that I will be hurting you.”

“I need you hard and fast,” she moaned at the thought, “Like you did last weekend.”

“I could do that,” he smiled, “I’m not going to deny that I want to slam myself into you like we did last weekend, but you ended up sore the next morning. And I’m planning on making love to you all night and tomorrow morning as well. For that, I need to do this.”

“Please,” she begged at the thought of what he was offering.

“I’m making you mine,” he mumbled as he kissed her, “My woman, my lover, and my perfect fit. I want you to be the scabbard for my sword and be able to sheave myself in you repetitively.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

She looked up into his face and saw the strain he was enduring as he prevented himself from moving. His jaw was tight, his eyes hard, his hands shook, and tiny beads of preparation were forming on his forehead as he held himself still. She smiled at him and forced herself to breathe normally, ignoring the smarting internal muscles. The only way he was going to relax and enjoy this was if she showed him that she was not hurting.

She gave him a small nod and watched the lines at the ends of his eyes vanished. His hands relaxed just enough for her to rotate her hips and have him shift within her. He nudged himself backwards and forwards with small but blissful movements.

“More,” she tried to shift her hips in time with his.

“Jen,” he grimaced, “I’m barely holding myself back. I’ve been hard for you all week, and I feel like I’m on fire. Once I start, I’m not going to be gentle. I want you too much.”

“Now,” was all she could say.

The tenderness was easing, and she was feeling the frustration of having him inside her but not giving her what she needed. Her insides wanted his erection to make good with the promise it offered her by being inside her. She needed to climax again, and she couldn’t do that if he didn’t move.

“Are you ready?” he relaxed when she nodded, “Thank god.”

He kissed her as he lowered her to the bench top and shifted her hips to the edge. Then he did as he promised, his hips slammed into her, lifting her off the benchtop and filling her again. He didn’t wait, before she could catch her breath, he was ramming himself back and forth in a smooth thrusting pattern. His movements increased in speed. Each thrust spearing her upwards, as his hands held her on either side of her waist. She tilted herself and closed her eyes as he swept his manhood up and down her wet course. He was large and broad enough to make her acutely aware of where he was with each thrust.

He was on fire. His eyes burn into her with a gaze that was so intense that it scorched, his body was in full flight with every muscle tense and heat radiated off him. He was the flame, his erection was the torch, and she was the tinder. Each time he drew his arousal in and out of her, he singed her, searing her flesh with his enveloping heat. She could feel her self tighten as she pushed herself upwards, rotating her hips to allow him more access, she wanted to be burned by his flame.

The trusts became faster. Each became indistinguishable from the next as his hips pounded against her. The heat-source within her pressed its ember deep within her, and she felt herself ignite. She braced. She couldn’t escape the feeling that he was creating. His erection was jabbing into her, and she couldn’t avoid the pleasure it was causing her. Her body clenching around his shaft holding his invading head against her throbbing place as she cried out. The warmth spread out, eating through her muscle fibres and leaving her limp.

He groaned a long moan as he held himself still for a brief minute while she climaxed around him. Then he was thrusting again. He was right, there was nothing gentle about the way he pumped himself into her. He drove himself with hard and relentless battering ram movements until he lifted her off the surface. Then his thrusts became shorter until his pelvis wasn’t separating from her. Instead, he frantically rocked himself against her with fast desperation causing his erection to vibrate within her.

The nudging and pulsating feeling edged her towards the abyss again. Her internal place was so sensitive that the vibrations felt like shocks and the look on his face left her no doubt as to how close he was. She wanted him to find that pleasure within her. She needed him to be hers. She rotated her hips and clenched and relaxed her pelvic floor muscles in fast succession. Then he vibrated himself on the perfect spot, and she screamed out his name.

He rammed his hips forward, his head fell backwards, his fingers dug into her securing her in place as he roared a long, low expletive. His body was bent towards her, arched for the deepest penetration as he released into her. Still clenched around him, she could feel him pulsing along his length. Wrapped tightly around his entire length, she felt his seed pushing up his piping and shooting into her. It was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. She felt herself blush with pride.

He didn’t say anything, he nudged the last of his ejaculation into her as he brought his head down and looked at her with serious eyes. Then, while still deep inside her, he picked her up, her legs wrapped themselves around his waist, her arms around his shoulders, and he carried her to the bed.

They were intertwined on the sheet when she remembered what they’d forgotten. She lifted her head and looked towards the side table where the three remaining condoms sat innocently.

“Drew,” she pushed herself away from him, “We didn’t use a condom.”

“No,” he shrugged as he pulled her against his body and kissed her down her neck.

“But?” she spluttered.

“Jen, that ship has sailed,” he mumbled as his hands caressed her skin and he started to rock himself hard again.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she struggled to control her lust.

“It means that we had enough unprotected sex last weekend to make putting a condom on now useless,” he breathed the words against her skin while he rolled, so he was on top of her, “It wasn’t just once.”

“But what if I get pregnant,” she gasped.

“As I’ve said before,” he lifted his eyes to her as he thrust himself deep, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“But?” she felt confused by his ambivalence to the problem.

“I love you,” he whispered as he balanced over her joined to her by their sex, “And if you’re pregnant then I’ll love both of you.”

“But,” she tried again, “I’m not ready for that.”

“If you want me to put a condom on, I will,” he said while holding himself buried to the hilt within her, “But I don’t see the point. You could be pregnant right now, or you might get pregnant from what we just did, either way putting on a condom now won’t change that.”

She looked at him. He was probably right about that. She’d snuck out of work on Monday after he’d left her there and gone to the pharmacy. She’d taken the pill. She hadn’t known why he thought she needed to, at the time, but she’d taken it to be sure. Her period was due next week. Tomorrow, she could get the morning after pill again, and she should get some birth control organised now that she was in a relationship.

“And I like being inside you without one,” he whispered nudging himself deeper to prove the point.

“You’re impossible,” She rolled her eyes, as he started thrusting again.

“But you love me anyway,” he smiled as he rolled them so that he was on his back and she was straddling him, “Now it’s your turn to make love to me.”

He smiled a smug grin as he watched her sitting on top of him. She knew that she had lost the argument. She didn’t want to stop this. There was something intoxicating about knowing that he wanted her like that and wasn’t afraid of the consequences. She’d felt a small thrill sweep through her when he’d said that he liked not wearing one and that he would love her even if she became pregnant. It was risky and irresponsible, but it made her feel alive knowing that he wanted her like this. That he was making love to her unsheathed.

She rocked her hips and felt his corresponding movements. She lifted an eyebrow to him. If this was her turn, then she was going to control this just as he had manipulated her on the benchtop. And she knew what she wanted, so she squeezed her thighs together, preventing his pelvis from going anywhere. She didn’t take her eyes off him as she silently reprimanded him when he tried to test her hold. He smiled his defeat and relaxed his hips back to the mattress. When he was tamed, and she was satisfied that he’d given up any hope of rebelling against her, she relaxed and ran her fingers down his chest. She was in no hurry, and now that she owned him, she was determined to enjoy him.

She started to lift herself pushing up from her knees, lifting herself upwards and drawing him out of her, she did it slowly and kept her eyes fixed on him. His hands went to her waist, they tightened and held her but didn’t restrain her. He was guiding her, keeping her straight and avoiding any bending that would prove painful. She allowed him that.

She kissed him on the lips with him mostly out of her. He groaned as she bobbed her hips just enough to jostle the tip inside her. She lifted herself up, her hands planted on the mattress as she extended her arms out straight. Narrowing her eyes at him when she felt his ab muscles tighten in preparation for a thrust. Groaning his frustration, his eyelids heavy, his hands tight on her waist, and his breathing was harsh as he fought the instinct to drive himself upwards and back into her. She smiled at his impatience.

She stayed there, watching him squirm, for longer than was polite before she dropped herself back to a sitting position, consuming him all in one smooth movement. They both groaned their appreciation then laughed softly at each other. She lifted herself again, in a repeat of the movement, but this time she didn’t withdraw him as far and couldn’t hold him waiting for as long. She loved the sensation of him being dragged in and out in such a slow manner, but with each rise and fall, she found the next more difficult.

The sensations were building in her and the slow movement was starting to frustrate her as much as it was him. She was losing the ability to contain herself. She wanted more of what she was denying both him and herself, with this teasing.

Her hands affixed themselves to his wash-board abdominals as she gave in to herself. She dug her fingers into his hard muscles as she rode him. Her hips sweeping against him and grinding her clitoris into the smooth hairless skin at his base while she glided his bulbous head back and forth in her sensitive tunnel. She increased her pace, as she created the perfect friction in both places, internal and external. This was heaven. Her eyes never moved from him as she drove herself onto him, riding him hard and fast as she sought her pleasure from him.

She continued until she found the sweet spot within her and kept him there, fast, small movements making sure he hit it every time. It soon became too much. Her body sparking with the intensity of the building sensation, she found it difficult to maintain the smooth continuous movements that she needed. On top of that, her mind was becoming muddled. She wanted to slow down so that this feeling never ended, but at the same time she wanted to go faster pushing towards the peak. She couldn’t decide, and she couldn’t think.

He must have seen the conflict inside her and sensed how close she was because his hands tightened and he made the decision for her. He lifted his hips off the mattress and drove himself into her, pinning her to him as he did, then he bucked against her. His hips never returning to the mattress as he bounced her on him. His motion was wild. Lurching and jerking causing her to feel like she was strapped to a wild beast. The loss of control and the sudden change in pattern was too much for her. He thrust in and out of her as she fell to pieces around him.

He snarled as he arched upward, his middle off the mattress and arched in the air, her sitting on the peak. His face grew tense as he frantically pumped small jabbing motions into her but without them falling back to the bed. He roared out her name as he lurched upwards pushing her skywards, his feet now planted and his legs extended, knees slightly bent, and his shoulders pushed into the bed so that he was almost in a gymnastic backbend position with her balanced on his absolute peak. From this lofty height, her feet dangling each side of him, she threw her head back and felt her body fray and unravel as stars burst behind her eyes.

He jerked her upwards almost launching her off him. Floppy from her climax she almost fell but managed to hold on as he bellowed her name as he shot himself deep within her. She held on, suspended in the air and held aloft by his erupting pinnacle. A warm substance trickled down her thighs as she sat there unable to do anything other than enjoy the view. His face relaxed before his body did, as he maintained the position longer than she though would be possible.

Slowly he lowered them both to the bed and rolled so that she was pinned under him again. He kissed her, with long, deep and luscious intent. She was helpless but to respond. His tongue swept her mouth and rubbed along hers, dancing and playing with it. He didn’t stop kissing her as he made his presence known again.

He held her under him while he teased her mouth and then he was inside her again. This time it must have been his turn. He thrust into her and then his tongue and his arousal both penetrated her without letting up. He was bent over her joined to her in two places as he worked to join with both her mouth and her vagina. Her hands were dug into his scalp as he invaded her without any sign of exhaustion.

His energy seemed boundless. She was finding it hard to keep up with him until she decided to relax and just go-with-the-flow. Letting herself get swept away. She loosened her muscles and accepted his barrage as her heart accepted him.

This man was hers. She loved the feeling of him, the desperation of him, and the high that he created within her. But she was also in love with him. His vulnerabilities that wrapped around his confidence and the man you found when you peeled all that back, she loved it all. He was beautiful inside and out. He was everything she wanted and needed, and he was hers.

She groaned around his tongue as he piston himself into her. This time he didn’t seem interested in holding back or in taking it slow. She tried to turn her head away as he pushed him with her hands. He patiently caught each wrist and pinned them under his hands and against the mattress so that she was helpless underneath him.

He growled into her mouth as he thrust his long hard arousal deep into her. By doing so, he was making it crystal clear, without saying a word, that he was going to have her, take her and own her. There was very little she could do but let him have his way with her.

She was stretched out, her hands held over her head, as his weight was behind his thrusts. Her thighs were sticky as he pounded his erection into her wet passage. He’d tilted her hips so that he plunged downwards into her churning their joint orgasms as he did. He didn’t seem to be concerned by the mess or the wet sounds that came from her. He thrust hard and fast as he kissed her with just as much determination.

She was surprised when she climaxed. She didn’t think she was close, but he growled a mumbled command into her mouth as he hooked himself upwards causing her back to arch. She spasmed around him, bucking herself and grinding her hips against him. She felt him laugh softly into her mouth as he swept his tongue over hers.

She could tell that she was blushing as the change in position and her climax had made a wet spot on the sheet. She could feel the wetness spread each time he thrust. She knew that it wasn’t her fault, entirely, but it was embarrassing that she was leaking.

He released her hands and mouth as he pushed himself up into a seated position, kneeling between her thighs, his erection forming a bridge between them. He looked at her, her face and her breasts as he pulled her onto his lap, her shoulders still on the bed. When her hips were higher than her head, he lunged forward with his hips and used his heels, knees and buttock muscles to plunged in and out of the soaking wetness that was her core.

He fell forward, pushing his hands into the mattress either side of her as he peaked. He was heaving his breath as his eyes met hers and he pitched his hips downwards, his weight heavily behind the pulsating muscle that was doing it’s best to flood her with his semen. She could feel herself oozing and the stickiness binding them together.

He released a long breath and rolled off her pulling his thick hose from her as he fell to the mattress. He lay on his back next to her as she stayed still fearing any movement. She wondered if he knew about the wet spot on the sheet and didn’t want to move lest it expands or spread to a second place. She was in the middle of the bed, there would be no avoiding this.

He rolled and rested a hand on her abdomen, pushing himself up on his elbow with the other. His lazy and tired eyes rolled down, making an inspection of her as she blushed at the lust that was evident in them.

“I love the fact you still blush,” he laughed softly as he ran his fingertips up from her middle to her breasts and circled the nipples, “Even after all that, you’re still embarrassed?”

“I’m not embarrassed,” she blushed a deep shade.

“Why are you blushing then?” he stopped his finger as it teased the nipple.

“It’s not because we had sex,” she grumbled as she looked away.

“Why then?” he placed his finger on her chin as he turned her face back to him, “Don’t look away from me. I’ve just made love to you, there should be no shame in that?”

“It’s not that,” she huffed and screwed up her face, “I’m leaking. I’m lying in a puddle.”

“Really?” he pushed himself up and looked down between her legs, moving her for a closer inspection, then he smirked, “So, you are. That’s probably going to stain.”

“What?” she blushed as she sat up suddenly which only made the situation worse.

“Relax, Jen,” he laughed softly, “I was joking. It’s nothing. And it isn’t anything to be embarrassed by. I’m more at fault for that than you are and I’m quite proud of the fact that we’re making art on my bedsheets.”

“Drew?” she rolled her eyes at him as he pulled her against him and kissed him, “Not again, I’m overflowing.”

“All the more reason to top you up again,” he growled as he reconnected with her, “And I want you to be flooded with me. I wanted you to be so full of me that you’ll be leaking me every time you move.”

“That’s not,” she started to say, but he didn’t let her finish.

He had her lying on her side on the mattress. Then he adjusted her positioning, pushing one foot towards the ceiling as he straddled her other leg. She wasn’t facing him as he sat on his knees and with one of her legs pushed upwards against his chest, the other one between his legs, he thrust into her. He used one hand guided his erection downwards until it found her opening while the other held her foot up against his shoulder. She could feel his scrotum on her sensitive thigh skin as he pushed himself into the narrow space. When he was as deep into her as he could be, he grabbed the pillows from the bed and lifted her, jamming them under her hips which lifted her higher off the mattress.

“Can you do the splits?” he asked as he pushed his way into her spreading her thighs and making her muscles burn.

“No,” she tried to turn to him, but he was holding her waist in place.

“Then let me know if this becomes uncomfortable,” he leaned into her leg while her other leg was pinned underneath him and rammed himself home.

She wanted to cry out, but the feelings were all mixed up. The searing of her thigh muscles seemed to heighten the impact of his sex. The pleasure and the pain both together muddled her, and she couldn’t work out which one was which. He rocked on his heels, bring his heavy sack up off one of her inner thighs only to have his washboard abs push against the other inner thigh. It was heady to have so much man rubbing against her in different ways.

That wasn’t the only stimulus. His erection jabbed into her at a foreign angle. It was naturally curved upwards whereas she was facing forward so that the bend forced it to push against her, putting pressure on her in a way she wasn’t prepared for. This made everything feel new.

She couldn’t worry about the spillage or the bedsheet, she just wanted more of what he was giving. He must have worked that out because he lifted her higher as he sunk deep into her. His scrotum pinned between them, the two hot balls pressed into her at the top of her thigh as he rocked himself in and out, his hard chest muscles rubbing up to her other leg.

She swung her hips, which had them moving in the opposite direction to the one he was travelling in. He held onto her making sure she didn’t bend him as they danced together. The result was that it felt like the erection was stirring her insides as it became the joint that they pivoted around. It was akin to having a large wooden spoon inside her, whipping her juices to butter.

She gripped the sheet as she cried out as she added more wetness to the mixture. He didn’t wait for her to recover. Instead, his kneeling squat became faster and harder as he lifted her higher and pushed her legs wider with each jabbing motion. She was almost split in two as he drilled himself into her without let up.

She screamed out as the pain, and the pleasure pushed her over the edge again this time making all the sharp lines in this world go soft and out of focus. The orgasm was more than anything she’d felt prior, and her whole body exploded outwards, buzzed, zinged and then collapsed in on itself. She felt like she’d been injected with a hundred watts of pure pleasure.

The feeling must have hit him too because he roared, lifting her onto him as he leaned his whole body into the scissor of her inner thighs and engulfed himself. He was still groaning a few seconds later, and he wasn’t moving. His eyes were shut, and the skin on his scrotum had tightened so that it was higher and more wrinkled than smooth.

“I need you to release me,” he breathed the words.

“What?” she rotated her head to look at him.

That must have been what he needed because he rocked his hips with short, sharp movements and groaned. He swore three consecutive words as he leaned into her his mouth ajar and his eyes closed. She felt his tight balls relax and lower themselves back to her sticky thighs before he opened his eyes.

Then he released her, sliding himself out of her with a sloshing sound, and dropping to the bed beside her. She pulled the pillows from her as she drew her legs back together and waited for the burn to leave her stretched muscles.

“You had me in a vice,” his eyes were heavy, “You’d clamped your muscles down on me so hard that I couldn’t come.”

“I’m sorry,” she frowned.

“Don’t apologise,” he laughed a soft chuckle, “I’ve never felt anything like it. You held me at the point of orgasm for longer than I’ve ever been there. That’s not something you should apologise for.”

“Oh,” was all she could say.

The last climax had exhausted her. Every bit of her energy had been spent, and now her eyes were heavy, and her body wanted to sleep. Her head nodded as she just concentrated on breathing. She knew that she should be having a shower and changing the sheet, but she couldn’t even consider it. Her body was limp and unresponsive, and her mind wasn’t co-operating either. Nothing mattered but the need to sleep.

She didn’t know what he was doing, but she had no choice but to give in to the demands of her body. She closed her eyes and let sleep carry her off. She’d worry about everything else later.

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