Igniting Blaze

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Chapter 18

The morning light woke her, but her body wished it hadn’t. He’d come home sometime before midnight, and they’d make love continuously until somewhere around three am when she must have passed out with exhaustion. He was breathing heavily beside her, and his erection was bouncing the sheet with each exhale he made. It was fascinating to watch.

She was relieved that the performances were over, but that also meant that there were no more distractions. He would be expecting her to make that decision. She glanced at him illuminated in the first rays of morning and decided that she might as well enjoy the moment. She smiled as she folded the sheet off him and looked at him lying nude next to her. He was magnificent.

She pushed herself upwards until she was on her knees with one arm on the other side of him. He was still asleep as she lowered herself slowly towards his semi-erect manhood. She caught it in her lips and sucked it into her mouth. He groaned but didn’t wake. He was just flaccid enough that she could take it all in her mouth as it was more flexible and amenable to being contorted within her. She enjoyed holding it all because she knew it was a short-lived pleasure, it was becoming more rigid with each passing second. It wasn’t long before it straightened, and she was forced to release half of his length.

She licked him and trailed her fingernails over the details as she explored it. The topography was fascinating. She wanted to memorise every inch of it.

“Are you having fun,” his sleepy voice sounded amused, “Inspecting your property?”

“Is it mine?” she asked and then she licked him upwards from the base to the slit on the top.

“All yours,” he inhaled the words, “You should know that.”

“What about these,” she scooped up his scrotum and cradled the globes inside, rotating her thumb over them in circular movements.

“All of me,” he groaned the words.

“And you trust me?” she asked as she picked leaned over him dipping her head lower, “Do you trust me with them?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

He didn’t say more because as he spoke, she drew his sac into her mouth. She took the first ball with her tongue and then sucked the second one in. She had both balancing on her tongue as she closed her teeth softly and listen to his inhale swiftly as his hands gripped her. She didn’t release them. She rolled them around her mouth carefully ensuring that her teeth grazed them but never hurt him. Applying suction made his grip tighten and him gulp air but also made his erection dance. It bounced as it stood and seeped pearly liquid.

“Jen,” he whimpered when it got too much for him.

She opened her mouth and released him into the cool air. He winced as the skin shrank and contracted making the whole thing look like an enormous walnut. She would have liked the play with it more, but she had other priorities.

“I need you,” he groaned.

She didn’t answer him. Instead, she set to work on the original object of her attention. She lowered her mouth over his penis and took as much as she could into her mouth, the remainder she wrapped her palm around and tightened her fingers into a fist. She sucked and pumped her fist at the same time making his muscles stiffen as he groaned his appreciation. But she wasn’t going to let him get off so easily. She released him and laughed as he moaned his disappointment. Then she played with it, sometimes licking her tongue over it, kissing it, softly running her teeth over it, blowing cool air at it or just sucking it, she enjoyed teasing him. But when he started pleading, she decided it was time to get serious. She sucked him hard, reconnecting her fist at his base and tensing her fingers as if she was milking a cow. Every muscle in his body became rigid, his hands embedded themselves in her hair, his hips lifted off the bed, and he groaned her name, as he filled her mouth with his release.

He swore as his hips dropped back to the bed. His hands pulled her upwards, surprising her and causing her to swallow his discharge. His lips found hers and his tongue was inside her mouth as he rolled her onto her back.

“I taste good on you,” he smirked as he lifted himself and looked down at her sprawled on the bedsheet, “Is it my turn?”

“We have somewhere we have to be today,” she smiled, “We’ll have to go soon.”

“No, not today, today you’re mine,” he smirked as he lowered himself into her, “And I have to come.”

“Drew,” she rolled her eyes at him.

He didn’t let her finish her sentence. He drove himself into her at a fast pace. He didn’t slow for a second. The desperation and the relentless thrusting had her climax, but he didn’t wait for her to regain her breath. He kept hammering himself into her like a man possessed. She climaxed again and then her body was rolling from one peak to the next, riding on a series of orgasms. She was saturated, whimpering and spent when he drove himself into her and roared her name.

“Mine,” he whispered as his perspiration coated body fell to the bedsheet next to her, “You are mine.”

“You’ve already marked me,” she touched the bruises as she laughed softly, “You don’t need to impregnate me.”

“Don’t I?” he rolled to her and placed one hand on her abdomen, “You could be carrying my child as we speak. You can’t leave me taking that from me.”

He wanted her pregnant, the tone of his voice made that clear. She’d suspected as much. She hadn’t told him about the morning after pill she’d taken. Being a man, he’d taken the name literally. Morning-after didn’t mean the birth-control wouldn’t work if taken outside that time-span. There was a window of five days. She wasn’t pregnant, she’d made sure of that.

“Drew,” she cringed as she didn’t know how he’d react if he knew.

“Where do we have to go?” he interrupted, “I have no more performances, there are no commitments for today.”

“About that,” she grimaced as she welcomed his change in the topic even though it wasn’t a safe subject either. “We have an appointment today.”

“We’re going to see a doctor? You’re late?” his eyes widened.

“No, I’m not pregnant,” she said the words quickly then followed up with, “But we need to be somewhere at three today.”

“Where?” he asked still frowning at her first denial.

She paused, unsure of what to say. She’d come up with an idea last night. She’d tossed around the problem that was Kay until she’d hit on what had to be the only solution. It wasn’t a great idea, there were plenty of risks associated with it, but it was what it was. If she could arrange it, then there was a good possibility that it would work. It wasn’t going to be fun, but it was the best shot she had of resolving this.

She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making phone calls and searching the internet. Then she’d got lucky and found what she needed. She made the call, setting up the meeting. She wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, but it was the only way forward that she could see. And she was careful, she made sure she was discreet and left it so that if it was found to be a bad idea, they could get out of it.

With the time and place finalised, the next step had to be talking to him. She was sure that their love would survive this, but she wasn’t sure if this would be enough or if it would make matters worse. It was going to be difficult for him, and he wouldn’t find it pleasant. He had to be the one to make the decision as to whether or not to go ahead. Only if he was committed to this would it stand a chance of success.

She looked at the clock. It was almost midday. What was she going to tell him?

“How much do you love me?” she asked with a small shudder in her voice.

“Completely, utterly and whole-heartedly,” he said the words without delay, “So much so that I’m desperate to marry you. Why?”

“Because I want you to do something today that is going to be awful,” she bit her lip, “And I feel horrible asking it of you.”

“What?” his eyes darted around the room then came back to her, “What are you talking about.”

“Remember how I said that you’d need to do something if I was going to give up my job for you?” she whispered her voice a little croaky, “This is that thing.”

“What have you done?” he asked his voice low as he held her at arm’s length on the bed.

“Don’t overreact Drew,” she forced a smile onto her face, “This is a good thing. I hope.”

He didn’t say anything he just watched her.

“I heard what you said the other day, about your past,” she started, “And I felt your pain. I know all of your relationships ended badly, but I got the impression that one didn’t end at all.”

“Meaning?” he prompted when she stopped and was silent as she searched for the words.

“The others all had a definite reason and conclusion,” she bit her lip again, “But there was one, which you said that you didn’t understand what’s you had done wrong, to have it fall apart.”

“Kay?” he said the name with a wince.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“Kay?” he said the name again this time without the wince.

“Yes,” she repeated, “I think you need to let her go.”

“I’ve done that,” he dropped his eyes from hers, “I did that years ago.”

“Yes, but you’re still hurting,” she said the words slowly and carefully, “I want you to put her in the past and let go of those doubts.”

“It was over a long time ago,” his eyes showed his fear, “I don’t have any doubts. I’m not still pining over her. I love you now.”

“I know that,” she smiled, “But I think you need the opportunity to officially end it face to face. If you saw her once more, then you can say goodbye, shake hands, and do what you need to forgive. You’ve both moved on with your lives and seeing her again will give your subconscious the closure it needs.”

“You want me to see Kay?” he blinked his wide eyes, “Today?”

“You don’t have to,” she added, “If you don’t want to or if you think it will be too uncomfortable.”

“Why?” he shot the words at her, “Why would you want this?”

“Because I want you to be happy,” she touched his face, “I love you, and I don’t want to see that pain in your eyes every time her name comes up. I want you to close that chapter and put the memories to rest.”

“I am happy when I’m with you,” he huffed.

“Yes,” she smiled, “But your past still haunts you.”

“And meeting with her will change that?” he looked away, “After everything that I’ve been through.”

“I hope so,” she smiled, “I hope it will give you the answers you crave and let you forgive yourself for whatever you’re punishing yourself for.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You drink when you’re reminded of her to numb the pain, that’s what you told me,” she exhaled, “I don’t want you living with that anguish.”

“I gave up alcohol for you,” his eyes lifted back to hers, “I haven’t touched a drop since that night.”

“I know,” she nodded, “But that doesn’t mean that the reasons for drinking aren’t still there. You’re still living with those feelings of regret, guilt or whatever is causing you that hurt.”

“I don’t,” he started to say then stopped, “She’s agreed to meet me?”

“I was lucky enough to track down her old agent, and she hadn’t changed her cell phone number,” Jen nodded.

“You spoke to her?” Drew stared at her, “You spoke to Kay?”

“She sounded nice,” she smiled trying to make light of their conversation, “It sounded like she wants this too. She was happy to meet at short notice.”

He didn’t say anything.

“You don’t have to do this Drew,” she added slowly, “I can phone her back and cancel.”

“You have her phone number?” he looked over to where her phone was sitting.

“Of course,” she smiled then frowned, “What’s wrong Drew? If I’ve done the wrong thing, then I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

“I’m not upset,” he said slowly, “I don’t know what to feel. Do you really want me to do this?”

“I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do,” she bit her lip, “But I love you, and if I’m going to quit my job and follow you around the country, I want you to be happy. I honestly believe that this will give you a closure that you’re never had before.”

“Closure?” he repeated the word, “And if I do this, you’ll marry me?”

“I’ll give up my job and become the president of your fan club,” she smiled, “But you’ll have to work harder on the romance if you want me to marry you.”

“I can work harder,” he rolled on top of her and demonstrated.

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