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Not A Dream

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"I will fuck you over and over again. Till you beg me to stop." He chuckled darkly before continuing, " But even if you did, I still won't stop." "Hello, little rose. You've grown." His body was pressed against mine, hindering my escape. "Keep your hands off me. I don't even know you." I tried to push him away but he was too strong. I was going to knee where the sun doesn't shine but the following events left me in a daze. "Don't worry, I will make you remember." I felt his warm lips on my neck and then pain shot through my upper body. I cried out in pain and tried to scream for help but he silenced me with his hands. My vision blurred with unshed tears and I slowly slipped into unconsciousness. ▪▪▪ Six years ago, twelve year old Williemae Rose met sixteen year old Mace Bennett on a farm stay vacation trip in Gold Coast, Australia. The Bennett's hosted the Rose family during their stay on their farm, without knowing that their youngest son would have taken an interest in the foreign girl. An interest so great that the teenage Bennett waited 6 years for young Rose to reach adulthood before officially claiming her as his. But the Rose was already the Demon's the moment he laid his eyes upon her.

Romance / Thriller
Sapphire A.
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Chapter One.


“You better pick the bed you want before Nat comes in.” Uncle Mike said as we were carrying in the suitcases from the car trunk into the house.

Natalie has ran to see the cows at the back of the house the moment the car stopped. Her mother had to chase after her to prevent her from hurting herself even more. Natalie Rose was a clumsy seven year old, she could even trip over air. En route to this beautiful farm, she already got a bruise on her forehead and a cut across her right knee. God knows where she got them from.

“I’m fine with anything, Uncle Mike.” I laughed.

The farm stay that the Rose family chose was beautiful.

Every area in vicinity was covered in lush green grass that were freshly lawned and there were patches of colours amongst them.

The flowers among the greens were in full bloom, emitting a sweet scent around the farm. The animals were also extraordinary, besides the cows, the sheep, there were even peacocks here.

The accommodation offered to us was a simple yet homey one-storey house. It had a patio with billiards and a picnic table on it. The interior was cozy, with multiple rugs threw across the wooden floors and the sofas. They had a small kitchen, two bedrooms and a backyard connected to the animal farm.

It was a perfect little house for a perfect vacation.

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