Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Ten

“Thanks for inviting your friends over. I had fun chatting with them.” Raina said after which she took a sip of her drink.

It sort of turned into a tradition for Raina and Ronald. Every night, after they’ve tucked the girls to bed, they will sit on the sofa in the living room or go to the balcony where they talk about their day or basically anything that is on their mind.

They do that almost every night and It was something they both look forward to.

Right now they chose to stay inside; in the living room instead of the balcony because it was chilly outside.

“I’m sure they had fun too.” He replied.

“My mom wants to meet you, Raina” Ronald said which made her almost choke on her drink.

“Your mom?” she replied shocked.

“Yeah. I told her about you.”

“You did?” She asked as she could not help but wonder why he told his mom about her.

“Alexa told her that she has a new sister so I had no choice but to tell her about you since she was curious to know how she got a sister.” He said and Raina sighed. She needs to know what Alexa is up to with this sister thing.

“You don’t have to get all stressed out, my mom will love you.” He said, hoping to calm her down a little.

“Besides, it’s not as if you’ll be meeting her tomorrow. She was just curious and I told her about you.”

“Can I ask you a question?” She whispered. Ronald could tell she was reluctant about what she wanted to ask but he nodded encouraging her to ask whatever she wanted to.

“What happened to Alexa’s mom?, It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. I will wait till you’re ready to talk about it.”

Ronald sighed after which he gulped down the remaining wine in his glass cup.

“Annabelle Luca.” He said and Raina’s eyes almost popped out of its socket.

“The famous model? She’s Alexa’s mom?” Raina replied shock and he nodded.

Anabelle Luca is a model. A very successful one. Young ladies want to be like her and even men worship her as if she was a goddess. Hearing that she’s Alexa’s mom surprised her and made her jealous too. The thought of Ronald getting involved with the likes of Annabelle and she was just an average member of the society.

“She used to be my girlfriend and then she got pregnant and wanted to abort the baby. She didn’t even tell me she was pregnant. I got a call from a doctor who is a family friend and he knew that I was dating Annabelle then.”

“I confronted her. She said she wasn’t going to keep the baby so there was no use telling me. I freaked out but she never cared. She said she couldn’t keep the baby because it would affect her shape and all.”

“Then we had an agreement. I begged her to keep the baby and when the child is born, I will take full custody. She agreed in return for a lot of money which I gave her.”

“After Alexa was born, she disappeared and I haven’t heard from her till now.”

“That’s so sad” Raina mumbled as she tried to visualize what it was like for Ronald, raising his daughter alone.

“I know. But I got help from my mom, sister, Gabriel, Jemma and most especially Clarice.”

“Did Alexa ever ask about her mother?” She asked.

“She did the night she turned six and I explained to her that her mother left after she was born. She cried that night saying it’s her fault that her mom left because she was a bad baby. But I was able to calm her down and I assured her She was not the reason her mom left us. I told her I will always be there for her and she has my mom, my sister and Clarice.”

“It must have been really hard for her” Raina whispered and he nodded.

No one knew that Anabelle Luca has or had a child. It was something they kept secret. Raina could not help but wonder how a mother would abandon her own flesh and blood.

“I’m so sorry.” She said after a while and he nodded.

“So what were you and Jemma talking about?” He asked, changing the subject.....

Two days later

“No need to panic Ray. Uncle Rico is a very nice person.” Ronald whispered as he kept his hand on her lower back, leading her into the famous, classy and expensive restaurant owned by uncle Rico.

As promised, Ronald had talked to uncle Rico concerning Raina’s interest in working in his restaurant. Uncle Rico had said no problem and that he’s expecting her.

So, since she’s starting work today, she woke up earlier, made breakfast for everyone, took a shower while Clarice served the food and they all had breakfast after which she and Ronald left the house together.

Ronald was dressed in his usual suit attire. Looking as handsome as ever while Raina was dressed in skinny jeans and top which showed a little bit of her cleavage and heels. Her hair was in a messy bun but in a fashionable way.

They entered the restaurant and Raina fell in love with it instantly. People were already in, ordering breakfast. The restaurant was full.

Ronald asked one of the workers where Uncle Rico was and he replied saying Uncle Rico was in his office. He told the middle age guy a thank you and they walked towards the office.

“Ronald you are here.” Uncle Rico said as soon as Ronald and a lady stepped into his office.

“Good morning” Ronald said as he went over to hug the old man who seems to be in his early 50′s

“Morning son.” He returned Ronald’s hug.

Raina took that moment to study uncle Rico’s office. It was a medium-size office painted in brown. It had a big desk which had some papers on them and a chair behind the desk. Opposite the desk was like the visitors’ area. There were three couches and a sofa with a small table in between which had a flower vase on it and beside the sofa was a water dispenser.

“You must be Raina. I’ve heard so much about you.” Uncle Rico said to Raina and she stretched her hand to him for a shake which he gladly accepted.

“I’ve heard so much about you too.” She replied with a smile.

“So I guess you’re ready to start work today?” He asked and she nodded instantly. She has been waiting for this moment since forever.

“Give me a minute, I will be right back.” Uncle Rico said after which he walked out of his office.

“I got something for you,” Ronald said as he put his hand in his pocket and brought out an iPhone. It was the latest type.

“But you shouldn’t have.” She groaned.

“I already did so you have to collect it.” He said and she reluctantly collected it from him.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

He smiled. “You’re welcome. That way I will be able to call you and check on you.”

“I saved my number already. I also saved Clarice and Jemma’s number too. Feel free to call me if you need anything.” He said to her.

“You still have the card with you right.” He said referring to his credit card which he told her to keep and she nodded.

“Okay then. Daniel will come to pick you up once your shift is over.” He said after which he pulled her into a hug.

“I will miss you” he whispered to her and she chuckled.

“I will miss you too. Have fun at work.” She said after which she kissed him on his cheek and pulled away from the hug.

Anyone who sees them will think they are couples. Meanwhile, they are just secret admirers who are comfortable with each other.

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