Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Eleven

“And this is the kitchen.” Uncle Rico completed the tour with Raina.

The kitchen was very big and was full of people who were assigned to do one chore or the other. They were all in their chef uniform.

“So, we make all types of dishes. Mexican, American, Italian, African and we bake too.” Uncle Rico added.

“I will introduce you to the Head Chef and she will find a spot for you. You can come over to my office during your lunch break so we will discuss your pay.” Uncle Rico said and she nodded.

“Maggie.” He called and a blonde-haired lady looked their way. She was not that tall and not short also.

“Maggie, this is Raina; she will be joining us and Raina this is Maggie.” Uncle Rico introduced the ladies.

“Nice to meet you,” Raina said.

Maggie smiled at her. “You too.”

“That’s all for now Raina, I have to return to my office. Maggie will show you what to do and if you need anything, you know where to find me.” Uncle Rico said after which he took his leave.

“So what do you feel like doing today? Cooking or baking?” Maggie asked Raina.

“Cooking.” She replied excitedly.

“Good. Maybe you can help me with this Mexican dish I’m trying to finish.” She said as she ushered Raina to the spot she was before uncle Rico called her.


Raina was in the changing room, taking a rest and munching on some potato chips when her phone vibrated.

She took it out from her pocket and saw that it was a message from someone whose name was saved as “My love.”

She chuckled as she unlocked the phone and opened the text message.

My love: Hey.

Raina: “Ronald?? ” She typed even when she knew it was him, she just wanted to confirm.

My love: “Yes babe. It’s me.”

My love: How is your day going?

Raina: Fine. I’m enjoying it.

My love: Good. Have you had lunch already?

Raina: That’s what I’m doing now. I’m eating some really good chips.

My love: Okay. I just wanted to check up on you.

Raina: That’s so sweet of you. Thanks!

My love: You welcome babe. Daniel will come to pick you up by 5.

Raina: Okay, I have to go.

My love: Alright babe, take care

“I assume you’re texting your boyfriend.” A voice said out of the blue. Raina looked up and saw it was Maggie.

“How can you be so sure?” She asked as she put her phone back in her pocket and continued munching on her chips.

“You need to see the smile on your face when you were texting,” Maggie said which made Raina blush.

“He’s just a friend.”

“If you say so.” Maggie shrugged.

After her short break, Raina went back to work and soon it was 5 pm.

She proceeded to the changing room where she removed her apron and dumped it in the laundry basket for the cleaner to wash after which she reached for her handbag, said goodbye to Uncle Rico and walked out of the restaurant where Daniel, Ronald’s driver was waiting for her.

Uncle Rico’s restaurant closes for the day at midnight and as at the time Raina was done with her shift, the restaurant was still bubbling.

Daniel pulled up in the driveway. She told him ‘Thank you’ and got out of the car.

As soon as she opened the door with the spare key she got from Ronald, four tiny arms hugged her legs tightly.

“Welcome mummy.”

“We missed you, Raina.” Adrie and Alexa said respectively.

She chuckled as she freed herself from them after which she crouched down towards them and pulled them in a hug and kiss their cheek.

“Hope you girls enjoyed your day?” She asked them.

“Yes,” Alexa said while Adrie nodded her head.

“Okay, my loves. Let me go freshen up and I will make dinner for us.” She said to the girls after which they nodded and ran towards the living room to continue watching TV.

As Raina was walking towards her room, she heard laughter coming from the kitchen so she walked there to see what was happening.

“Hi.” She said as she tried to get their attention.

It was Clarice and an unfamiliar lady that was in the kitchen. She looked young and was very beautiful.

“Welcome my child,” Clarice said as she wiped her hands with a napkin.

“This is Elena, Ronald’s sister.” She said as she pointed towards Elena.

Elena smiled and walked towards Raina who was standing close to the refrigerator and pulled her into a hug.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.” Elena said.

“It’s nice to meet you too.“She replied with a smile.

“How was work?” Clarice asked.

“Fine. I will go take a shower and come assist in making dinner.” She said.

“It’s okay dear, you must be very tired. Go take a rest, I will take care of dinner.” Clarice offered and Raina nodded.

To be honest she was tired and was grateful Clarice got dinner covered.

Raina proceeded to her room, she walked into her bathroom and took a shower after which she changed into a knee-length short and blacktop.

After that, she jumped on her bed to take a rest and decided to keep herself company by pressing her phone. It was new so she was kind of still finding her way around all the applications.

To her surprise, she had enough call card in it.

Raina had no one to reach out to, Her mom had passed away and since her parents divorced when she was in high school, she has not heard from her dad. All she knew was that he re-married.

A few minutes later, she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in.” She answered.

The door opened, revealing Elena.

“Can I hang out with you?” She asked shyly.

“Sure,” Raina smiled.

Elena walked into Raina’s room and shut the door behind her. She took a seat on the space beside Raina’s bed.

“So how are you enjoying it here?” Elena asked, trying to make conversation.

“Fine. I’m grateful for your brother’s help.” She replied with a sad smile as she assumed Elena must have known the whole story.

“No Raina, I should be the one saying that,” Elena said.

Raina frowned. “What do you mean?”

“My brother has been approachable and happier since you came into his life. I like you Raina and I know my brother likes you too.”

“Alexa even introduced Adrie to me as her sister.” She smiled and Raina sighed.

“I’m sorry about that. I don’t know how she came up with that.” Raina whispered.

“Don’t be silly Ray, I like that.”

“Alexa had told me severally that she wants a baby sister. I guess her dream came through with Adrie being around.” She said and Raina shrugged. She didn’t know what to say.

“So tell me about yourself ?” Raina said to Elena, trying to change the conversation.

“Well, I’m 24. I just graduated from law school and I’m currently interning at a prestigious law firm.”

“Impressive,” Raina mumbled and Elena nodded.

“Yes, but it can be tiring at times. Like today, I escaped and asked someone to cover up for me.”

Raina chuckled “That your friend must really like you to do your work for you while you’re here chatting with me.”

“Maybe he does.” She shrugged.

“He?” Raina questioned with an eyebrow raised and Elena blushed.

“His name is Liam. We’ve known each other since college and he has always been the best student. Fortunately, we got posted to intern in the same law firm.”

“Is he hot? Do you like him?” Raina asked which made Elena blush the more.

“Well he’s handsome and I don’t know if I like him.”

“Why is that? Don’t you feel anything towards him?”

“Liam is just too good for me Raina. Look at me, I’m just an average student who chose to study law because my mom keeps telling me to do something with my life and be like my brother.”

“I don’t think So, Elena.”

“Besides, guys are not to be trusted which was why I said no to him when he asked me on a date.”

“You did what???” Raina asked shocked.

“I had to,” she said.

Raina shifted towards Elena, took her hands in hers and said

“Look, Elena, I think you’re just scared. Trust me Liam will be so lucky to have you. You’re an amazing woman. Sometimes in life, you just have to take the risk and see how things go hun.”

“Do you like the idea of him taking another girl out on a date?” Raina asked and Elena frowned as she nodded her head negatively.

“Give him a chance hun and see how it goes” Raina advised.

“So how will I make it up to him?” Elena asked.

“How about apologizing to him first and be nice to him afterwards. I’m sure if he truly likes you, he will make it up to you.” Raina said and Elena smiled in return as she untangled her hand from Raina’s and pulled her into a hug.

Elena was happy she had someone to talk to. She had always wanted an elder sister and she now looks up to Raina as one.

Their hug was interrupted when someone opened the door. It was Clarice.

“Dinner is ready ladies. Hurry up, Adrie and Alexa are very hungry.”

Both Raina and Elena chuckled as they untangled themselves from their hug and made their way to the dining room.

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