Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Thirteen

Weeks Later......

“I will give the phone to her, hold on a sec,” Ronald said as he walked out of his home office in search of Raina.

He finally found her in the kitchen where she was baking with the girls, Alexa and Adrie.

Raina was in some short shorts and a tank top; Her hair was in her usual messy bun, she also had an apron on her.

Alexa and Adrie were matching with her as they were also in their short shorts and a cute little top with the small apron Raina made for them. The girls were sitting on the stool beside the counter mixing the flour.

Ronald smiled as he walked towards them. He kissed the girls on their cheek which caused them to giggle and went ahead to do the same to Raina. But this time, he gave her a quick kiss on her lips which made her blush a little. She still hasn’t gotten used to him kissing her and she still finds herself a little bit shy around him.

Raina agreed to be his girlfriend a few days after he asked her out. Alexa and Adrie are also aware that their parents are dating and they are really happy about it.

“My mom wants to speak to you” Ronald passed his phone to Raina.

Raina and Adrie met Ronald’s mom a few days back and the old woman fell in love with them instantly. She told Raina to call her mom and Adrie to call her grandma. She was so sweet to them and Raina never regretted meeting her.

“Hi, mom,” Raina said to the other side with a nervous smile on her face while Ronald shrugged and moved towards the girls. He started a conversation with them about what they were doing.

“Hello dear. How are you?” Magda, Ronald’s mother asked.

“I’m fine mom.” She replied.

“I’m glad you are doing well dear. I just wanted to ask you if my grandchildren can come to spend the rest of the weekend with me?. Please.” Magda pleaded, referring to Alexa and Adrie.

“Sure. I’m certain they will be happy to spend some time with you.” Raina replied.

“Okay dear. I will come to pick them up in about three hours. Is that okay with you?” Magda asked.

“Sure, that’ll be fine. I will start getting them ready”

“Okay dear, see you soon.” She said after which she ended the call.

“Girls, your Grandma is coming to pick you up for the weekend.” Raina turned to the kids and announced to them.

“Yayyyy, that will be fun Adrie,” Alexa said to Adrie with a big smile on her face.

“I know, Grandma will give us many chocolates like the other day.” Adrie grinned.

That’s Magda for you, she makes sure she spoils them rotten whenever they visit and they come back home with new things.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll help them pack and get ready, you can continue with your baking. Maybe when you’re through you can come to supervise us.” Ronald offered and she smiled. She was glad he was willing to help. Clarice had gone on a week break to visit her daughter.

She has only one child who has two kids too. So she takes excuse from Ronald to go visit them from time to time.

Ronald walked over to Raina, he kissed her cheek after which he walked back to the girls and help them undo their apron then led them upstairs to go get ready.

As soon as they left the kitchen, Raina continued her baking. She decided to make some cupcakes for Jemma’s Baby shower which was this evening. Since Jemma had requested for them, she decided to make them for her.

Raina had her full concentration on what she was baking until Ronald’s phone buzzed beside her, indicating he had a message.

She ignored his phone and focused on what she was doing and it made another noise. She sighed as she abandoned what she was doing and took a look at the phone. The message was from Loretta.

To be honest, The first time Raina saw Loretta, she knew she had a lot to do in keeping her away from Ronald. Fine, Raina agrees that Loretta is Fine, attractive and Sexy but Hello, Ronald is hers so Loretta needs to stay away.

She continued her baking wondering why Loretta was texting Ronald on a weekend.


“So we have the whole house to ourselves. What do you think we should do before we start preparing for the baby shower?” Ronald teased as they both took a seat on the couch.

After Raina was done with the cake, she went upstairs to the girls’ room to assist them in packing for the weekend at their Grandma’s place. Luckily Ronald had done all of that, so she just cross-checked if the bag had all the essentials they would need.

Their grandma came a few hours later, Raina and Ronald helped the girls into their grandma’s car. She also packed some cupcakes for them too.

She gave them a goodbye kiss, told them to be good to Magda and they left.

Ronald noticed the change in Raina’s mood. He moved closer to her and made her sit on his lap.

“What is the matter Ray?” He asked. He knew her well to conclude something was wrong.

Also, this was not the first time the kids will be sleeping over to their Grandma’s place so he doesn’t think she’s sad about that.

“Why is Loretta texting you non stop?” She asked as she folded her arms.

Ronald chuckled because he knew what this was about.

“Is that why you’re mad at me?” He asked and she nodded.

He kind of liked it when she behaves this way, it was kind of an assurance that she likes him.

“Loretta was just being herself Ray. She was texting me on what she should wear for the baby shower tonight but I didn’t reply.”

“She’s coming for the baby shower?” Raina asked and he nodded.

“Why?” She groaned.

“Gabriel invited her. Out of respect, of course, you know she also has this high position in the company.” He said and she nodded slowly,

“Hey, you don’t have to worry about anything. Loretta is not my type. I only have eyes for you okay.” He assured as he held her hands.

Over the past few months, Ronald had told Loretta to stay away because he now has a girlfriend.

She was shocked at what He said but that doesn’t mean She would stop trying. As far as they are not married, she will never stop trying.

“I believe you, I don’t just trust her,” Raina mumbled.

“It’s fine my love. I will be by your side throughout the party if that will make you feel better” he said and she nodded instantly.


Ronald dressed up in his casual outfit which consists of dark blue pants and a black shirt which has a touch of red in it. His hair was neatly styled in a way Raina had said she loved it and his phone was already in his pocket. He decided to take one of his phones and leave the other one at home.

He jogged down the stairs and noticed Raina was not in the living room. He assumed she was still dressing up so he used that opportunity to take the wrapped gifts and the cupcakes Raina baked into the car.

He came back inside and saw Raina struggling to fix her necklace

“Sorry I took so long.” She apologized, still trying to fix the chain.

“Here, let me help you.” Ronald collected the chain from her and fixed it almost immediately.

He kissed the back of her neck before twirling her around to face him.

“You look very beautiful my love.” He complimented her and she smiled.

Raina was putting on a red knee-length dress which showed a bit of her cleavage. The red colour matched the touch of red on Ronald’s shirt. Raina matched the dress with a pair of black heels and her hair was up in a fancy messy bun.

“Thank you, you don’t look bad also.” She giggled.

He leaned towards her and gave her a passionate kiss before ushering her out of the house into the car and he drove straight to Gabriel and Jemma’s place where the baby shower was taking place.

“Welcome guys, we have been waiting for you two.” Gabriel greeted as soon as he opened the door.

He gave Raina a quick hug while he pulled Ronald into a half hug. He couldn’t hug him fully because of the box of cupcakes he was holding.

“Where’s Jemma?” Raina asked.

“She’s in the living room.” He replied and Raina nodded at his reply before making her way through the small crowd into the living room.

“Heyyy!” Raina greeted as soon as she sighted Jemma who was seated on a couch in the living room, holding a glass of lemonade.

The living room was well decorated with a mix of pink and blue. The party was extended to the garden as Raina could see people hanging out there and eating.

“Raina.” Jemma grinned as she stood up and pulled Raina into a half side hug because of her huge belly.

Jemma is one hell of an energetic pregnant woman. She looks like she’s about to pop anytime soon. She was putting on a white dress and a flat fancy slippers.

“We’ve been waiting for you. Everyone was asking where the baby’s godmother was.” Jemma said as She let Raina take a seat beside her.

“The baby’s godmother?” She asked confused.

“Yes, Raina. Gabriel and I decided you will be our baby’s godmother. Will you? Please?” Jemma asked and Raina nodded with a smile.

“Of course I will love to” She replied.

“So who’s the godfather?” She asked.

“Your boyfriend,” Jemma whispered and she blushed.

“We had it in mind that Ronald was going to be the baby’s godfather. We were thinking of a godmother for him or her and then you came by.”

“You guys make a really beautiful couple” Jemma said as she looked towards the stairs and saw Ronald laughing at what Gabriel was saying.

Suddenly, an attractive lady walked to their side which caused Raina to frown. It was Loretta. She wore a dark short dress with red heels and her hair was in a high ponytail.

Jemma chuckled as she noticed the frown on Raina’s face.

“You know you don’t need to be worried right? Ronald only has eyes for you.” She assured as she held Raina’s right hand.

“I trust him but I don’t trust her a bit.”

“She’s in her dream world honey. She thinks she can still get Ronald which is impossible because you have him wrapped around your fingers.” Jemma said hoping Raina will worry less.

The baby shower started in full swing and Jemma introduced Raina to her parents, her brother and some of her other close friends.

When it was time to announce the baby’s gender, Jemma made sure it was the baby’s godparents duty to do so.

So that leaves Raina and Ronald standing in the middle of everyone who gathered around them in circles. Some were seated and some were standing.

“So, This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Raina said with a folded paper in her right hand which was tired with a yellow ribbon.

“The moment that determines if my girlfriend and I are expecting a goddaughter or godson,” Ronald said as he walked closer to Raina and wrapped his hands around her waist after which he kissed her shoulder and everybody awed.

“So let’s see what it says.” Raina said as all eyes were on them.

First of all, She loosened the ribbon after which she opened the paper and smiled. Ronald could see it too because his arms were still wrapped around her waist and his head was on her shoulder.

She took a glance at Ronald and he nodded.

“It’s a girl.” They announced together and everyone cheered.

Jemma burst into tears of joy and Gabriel tried to calm her down by whispering sexy words in her ear as she cried in his chest.

After that, everyone celebrated with food and drinks. A toast was made to the soon to be parents and everyone presented their gifts.

Raina and Ronald stayed a little longer with Jemma and Gabriel. They helped them unwrap the baby’s gifts and arranged them in the baby’s room.

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