Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Fourteen

Ronald carried his girlfriend in a bridal style into the house. She hid her face in the crook of his neck and held onto him tightly. Even though they were both tipsy, they knew what they wanted.

Ronald shut the door behind him with his leg and carried Raina to his bedroom Upstairs. When he got there he placed her on her feet.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked her for the fourth time and she nodded biting her bottom lip in the process.

She didn’t know that every gesture of Hers is a turn on for Ronald.

He closed the gap between them and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Before he could pull away, She deepened the kiss and he gave her access to explore his mouth. He loved the fact that she was the one in control.

Ronald’s hand made its way to her back, he reached for her zipper and slowly unzipped her dress.

He pulled away from the kiss and pulled her dress over her head. She blushed as she stood before him in nothing but black sexy lingerie. One of which Clarice picked up for her the day they went shopping.

“You’re so beautiful my Queen” Ronald whispered. He moved closer to her and kissed her again. He carried her in a bridal style and placed her in the middle of his bed after which he unbuckled her shoe and threw them aside.

Ronald removed his shirt as well as his pants and Raina found herself craving for him. She was wet and she could feel it. Heaven knows no man had ever made her feel this way.

She was almost placing her right hand over her vagina, about to pleasure herself when Ronald stopped her.

He climbed on top of her and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t, please leave it to me and let me worship your body.”

His words turned Raina on the more.

He kissed her lips after which he moved to her jaw and then trailed kisses down to her neck until he got to the top of her breasts.

Ronald unhooked her bra and came in contact with her beautiful breasts. A smile made its way to his lips. They were perfect, round and firm with her erect pink nipples begging for them to be sucked by him.

He placed his mouth on her left nipple, slowly teased it with his teeth and sucked it. He started slowly but increased the pace, sucking them hard. Raina moaned as she felt both pain and pleasure, she didn’t want him to stop. As he sucked her left breast, he played with the right one.

After a while he turned his attention to her right breast, giving it the same attention as the previous.

Raina moaned as his mouth did magic to her nipples.

When he pleasured her tits to his satisfaction, he went to her core, removed her panties and spread her legs. He buried his face in her entrance and started pleasuring her by rubbing her clit in a circular motion which made her moan like crazy. He did that for a while after which he slipped two of his left fingers in her and at the same time he used his right finger to massage her clitoris.

Raina was going crazy with pleasure. She screamed so loud and she later told him to stop which he did. He gave her time to calm down a little after which he continued pleasuring her. But this time he pleasured her with his mouth. He stopped when she was about to Cum.

He made his way up and kissed her passionately, making her taste herself. He paused the kiss, leaned sideways and removed his underpants. Raina’s eyes went wide at what she saw. He was huge.

He chuckled when he saw her reaction.

“Don’t worry my love, we’ll find our way around it.” He whispered to her after which he positioned himself in front of her and teased her by rubbing his tip on her clit. After a while, he entered her slowly and she moaned loudly. He waited till she adjusted to his size and then increased the pace.

They made love; he pleasured her to the height she never imagined she could reach after which they came together.

He pulled out then pulled her closer to him, her face in his chest.

“I love you, Raina,” He said but was not sure if she heard.


Ronald woke up before Raina, He admired her as she slept. She looked so beautiful, like an angel. Her head was on his chest so he kissed her forehead.

With her, he felt what he never felt for anyone. He felt like home and she was definitely the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

He watched her as she stirred and opened her eyes. It seemed she had a flashback of what happened between them the previous night as she hid her face in a pillow that was beside them.

Ronald chuckled as he tried removing the pillow from her face which he eventually succeeded doing.

“You don’t have to be shy my love.” He whispered in her ear which made her blush even more.

She overcame her shyness after which she sat up, wrapped herself with the duvet, rested her head against the headboard and looked into Ronald’s eyes.

“Ronald about last night..” She said but he cut her off.

“It was the best night of my life Raina, please don’t tell me you regret it.” He said with pleading eyes.

“It was the best night of my life too.” She whispered.

“I just heard something which I want to clarify. I don’t know if I was dreaming. But I heard you saying something like you love me.”

He took her hands in his and said. “You heard it right Raina. I’m in love with you.”

“You don’t have to say the.....”

“No. I love you too Ronald.”

“Really?” He asked with a sly smile.

“Yes. I’ve loved you since the first time I set my eyes on you. Sorry, it took so long for me to realize.” She mumbled after which he shifted closer to her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“We didn’t use protection.” She said.

“I’m sorry Ray, I was carried away. Whatever it may be, I promise to take full responsibility and if you want we can visit the doctor this week to get you some after pills.” He said nervously and Raina smiled in return. She wondered how she got lucky to come across someone like Ronald.

“It’s okay. I will love to carry your child in me.” She said with a smile. Ronald pulled her closer to him and made her sit on his lap.

“Really?” he asked. She bit her lip and nodded positively.

“Thanks, babe. I have no doubt Alexa and Adrie will be happy about it too. They will love the idea of them having a younger sibling.” He said then gave her a passionate kiss.

They made love once more after which they showered and went downstairs for brunch.

Ronald texted his mom to please hold on to the girls for one more night so he and Raina would have the whole day to themselves.

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