Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Eighteen

Ronald excused himself to go hangout with Gabriel while Raina was seated with Jemma when she saw Loretta approaching her. She mentally grumbled as she wondered who invited her.

“Hi,” Loretta said with a smile as soon as she approached them. There was an empty chair beside Raina so she sat on it.

“I came to talk to you Raina.” She said, not caring Jemma was on the same table with them and is likely to hear whatever she has to say

“I’m truly sorry for everything I put you through. I guess I was so obsessed with Ronald but you need not worry, it’s all over now. He likes you, he’s engaged to you and there is nothing I can change about that. I believe if I put myself out there and give myself the chance to mingle, I will find someone like your fiance. I’m so happy for you guys and congratulations on your engagement.” She said without any trace of jealousy in her voice.

Raina was shocked, she was definitely not expecting all that came out of Loretta’s mouth. What surprised her the most was that she saw the sincerity in her eyes as she spoke.

“T... Thank.y..you!” Raina shuttered, She was trying to process the fact that what just happened was real.

Loretta nodded, excused herself and went to hang out with some set of people Raina could not recognize.

“Did that just happen?” Jemma whispered and Raina chuckled.

“Unbelievable. But I’m happy and relieved.”

“Why aren’t you drinking your wine?” Jemma asked.

“Hmmm, I just want to match with you. It won’t be fair for me to drink wine when my best friend is drinking lemonade because she’s breastfeeding.”

“You sure?” Jemma asked not believing her but they were interrupted by Ronald before she could respond.

“Hey! can I borrow my fiancee for a while?” He directed his question to Jemma

“I want to introduce her to some of my business associates.”

“Sure,” Jemma replied and Ronald helped Raina up. They walk hand in hand as he introduced her to his business partners.

When he was done introducing her to his guests, Raina pulled him into a quiet area. One of the VIP sections. She couldn’t keep it a secret anymore so she decided to tell him.

She closed the gap between them and took his hand in hers, She looked into his beautiful eyes.

“Thank you, Ronald, this is the best birthday gift ever. My dress, shoes, jewellery, the surprise party, the restaurant and the proposal. I feel so loved. Thank you.”

He smiled “You’re welcome my love.”

“I have something else to say so I will just go straight to the point.” She said and he nodded, encouraging her to say whatever she wanted to.

She took his hand that was still in hers and placed it on her belly. “Your baby says hi.”

She said with a smile.

Ronald looked at her surprised after which his lips curved into a smile.

“You’re pregnant!” He said with so much happiness in his voice and she nodded positively. This was the best news he has heard in a while and happy would be an understatement to describe how Ronald was feeling; He was over the moon.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Raina, you don’t know how happy this made me.” He whispered as he leaned against her forehead. His hand still on her belly.

Raina chuckled as she wondered why he was thanking her when it takes two to make a baby.

Ronald kissed her on her lips after which he dropped down to his knee and kissed her belly.

“Hey little one, I hope you can hear me. It’s me, your Daddy. I’m so happy to hear about your existence and I can’t wait for you to be here with us in the next few months. I love you so much already, mommy does too and I’m sure your sisters will be so protective of you. Be good to mommy while in there okay.” He said after which he kissed her belly again, then he stood up and pulled his fiancee into a hug which was followed by a long passionate kiss.

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