Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Nineteen


Three months later.

Raina and Ronald got married exactly one month after their engagement. It was a wonderful wedding attended by friends, family and well-wishers.

As promised, Alexa and Adrie were the flower girls and they looked beautiful on that day but not more than the bride herself, Raina.

The newlyweds had their honeymoon in China while the girls stayed back home with Clarice.

Alessandra and Adriana’s reaction was priceless when both Raina and Ronald told them they will be big sisters in a few months. The girls can’t get over the fact that their younger sibling will be joining them soon.

Raina’s restaurant has been doing extremely well and it’s already known in the city to be one of the best. She goes to work every day to supervise the restaurant since there are more than enough workers to do everything. But sometimes, she does some cooking and baking.

“Girls, you have to go to bed. You two have school tomorrow.” Ronald said in a tired voice which earned a chuckle from Raina.

As usual, They were tucking the girls to bed and Ronald was reading their bedtime story to them. He sat on the edge of the bed while Raina was in the middle of the girls’ bed, her head against the headboard. Adrie and Alexa cuddled Raina with their tiny arms wrapped protectively around her five months old bump.

Ronald was frustrated because they refused to fall asleep after reading three bedtime stories to them.

“We want to spend more time with Jayden.” Alexa pouted as she cuddled Raina’s bump the more.

Yes, Raina is expecting a boy. They found out during her last checkup. Everyone went crazy with the news, especially Ronald who can’t get over the fact that a mini him will be born soon.

Alexa and Adrie came up with the name ‘Jayden’ for the baby. They are so protective of him already and do not fail to kiss Raina’s belly every morning and every night before they go to bed.

“Yes, Daddy please.” Adrie pouted.

“Okay. Just one more story.” He said and the girls grinned as they took a look at each other. They have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers.

“Thankfully, They fell asleep even before Ronald finished the fourth story. He did a happy dance in his head. He has been wanting to spend some alone time with his wife.

Raina carefully came down from the girls’ bed, covered them properly with the duvet, and she and Ronald kissed them on their forehead then they walked out of their room.

“So how was work today?” Raina asked her husband.

They were on the balcony, the one connected to their room. Ronald was sitting on the sofa while Raina was lying down with her head on his lap. It was a beautiful sight with the moon shining towards them.

Raina and Ronald look forward to their alone time every night where they get cosy, talk about their day and any other thing they have in mind.

“Mine was fine. What about yours?” he asked as he gently caressed her hair, looking into her beautiful eyes.

“Mine was fin....” She stopped as she let out a small scream and her hand went over her belly.

“What is it, my love? Are you okay?” He asked, worry evident in his voice.

“He moved” Raina whispered with a smile on her face, trying to sit up.

She sat on the sofa and moved closer to Ronald, then placed his hand on her belly and their son kicked again.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Ronald said with a smile bigger than the one on Raina’s face.

He made her sit on his lap and hugged her.

“Thanks for sharing this amazing moment with me. Thank you for accepting to be my other half and thank you for giving us Baby Jayden.” He said and she chuckled against his chest.

“Baby Jayden? I thought you didn’t like the name.” She looked at him with a smile playing on her lips.

“I guess I’m liking it now since Adrie and Alexa won’t stop calling him Jayden.”

The girls named the baby “Jayden” from the moment the ultrasound confirmed it was a boy. Ronald didn’t like the name then but he thinks he’s adapting to it now.

“I love you,” She said as she looked at the love of her life with so much adoration in her eyes.

“I love you more babe. You’ll forever be the Queen of my heart” he said and sealed his promise with a long passionate kiss.


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