Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Two

As soon as Ronald parked his car in front of the hospital, he received help from the nurses. A stretcher was brought out from the hospital to take Raina in.

A blanket was given to Ronald to wrap Adriana because the jacket he gave her earlier on was now soaked. So Ronald assisted Adriana in taking off the jacket, he wrapped the blanket over her small body and then carried her in his arms while he talked to the Doctor, explaining all that happened which includes how he found both mother and child beside the road.

St Mary’s hospital is a private hospital and was considered one of the best in town. It was also Ronald’s family hospital. Doctor Philip, his Family doctor was not on duty so another Doctor attended to them.

Ronald and Adriana were asked to wait in the reception while the Doctor attended to Raina.

“Will my mama be okay?” Adriana asked with tears in her eyes as she looked at Ronald.

“You don’t have to worry. Your mama will be fine.” He replied the little girl who was seated on his lap.

Adriana nodded after which she rested her head against Ronald’s chest and suddenly something caught Ronald’s eyes.

It was a bruise on Adriana’s arm. He touched it, she flinched and almost started crying. Ronald apologized. He calmed her down and hugged her. He couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the little girl. ``how can someone be so cruel to hit a three-year-old.’ He wondered.

After some time, the Doctor came out of the Emergency room and approached Ronald.

“How is she?” he asked.

“We’ve transferred her to the recovery room. She will be fine. She just needs lots of bed rest”

“We have treated the bruises on her body; the person who did that hit her really hard. We also found old bruises on her which tells that whoever might have done this must have been doing it for a while.” The Doctor said and Ronald nodded.

“Also, we did our best to save the baby but luck was not on our side.” The doctor announced and Ronald felt sick internally. Not only did the young lady and her daughter suffer from abuse but she also lost a baby.

“I’m so sorry about that.” The doctor said.

“Can we see her?” He asked.

“Of course you can. But she is asleep; we gave her a dose to make her sleep. She needs all the rest she can get.” The Doctor said as he guided Ronald to Raina’s ward.

Ronald entered Raina’s room and was greeted with the beeping sound of the monitor. The ward was a VIP ward which made provision for a visitor to stay with the patient. But Ronald did not think he will be able to stay overnight. His Six-year-old was waiting for him at home, He needs a change of clothes and Adriana needed to stay warm too.

Ronald sat on a chair beside the bed and placed Adriana on his lap. The little girl almost started crying as she took a look at her mom.

“Don’t cry, honey, your mom will be fine” He assured.

Ronald sighed as he took in Raina’s features. Her face was pale. Despite the bruises on her face she still looked beautiful. For her to have survived all of these, no doubt she is a strong woman.

“We have to go Adriana.”

“No. I want to stay with mommy.” She nodded her head negatively as she spoke.

“Mommy needs to rest sweetheart. I promise we will come to see her tomorrow.”

Ronald helped Adriana in climbing up her Mother’s bed and she kissed her after which she whispered something in her ear. Ronald had no idea of what she said.

He helped her down when she was done and they walked out of Raina’s ward hand in hand.


Ronald drove into his mansion and Adriana stared in awe. She had never been to a place as big and beautiful as this.

Ronald parked his car, got down and went to the passenger’s seat where Adriana was seated. He unbuckled her seatbelt and helped her down and they walked hand in hand into his home.

As soon as Ronald opened the door he was engulfed into a tight hug from his hyperactive six-year-old.

Alessandra, his daughter wrapped her arms tightly around his leg.

Ronald chuckled as he released himself from her and crouched down to her height. He returned her hug after which he kissed her cheek.

Even at past 11, Alexa refused to go to bed as she was waiting for her Dad to come home.

“I missed you Daddy” She smiled.

“I missed you too cupcake.” He kissed her forehead.

“I want you to meet someone,” Ronald said and gestured for Adriana to come closer. She was hiding behind him all these while.

Alexa smile widened as soon as he saw the little girl.

“My name is Alessandra. But you can call me Alexa. What’s your name?”

“Adriana. But my mama calls me Adrie.” She said and Alexa smiled after which she pulled Adrie into a hug.

“Do you want to see my room?” Alexa asked.

“Yes, But I’m hungry. Do you have some food?” Adrie asked.

She got hungry on their way back from the hospital but she did not have the mind to ask Ronald for food because her mom had always told her not to accept food from strangers. She felt the need to ask Alexa maybe because Alexa was someone of her age and she thought Alexa would understand her better.

“Do you want spaghetti or cereal?” Alexa asked Adrie.

“Cereal.” She answered.

“Daddy please can you make us some cereal.” Alexa pouted.

“Daddy has to rest Alexa. But don’t worry I’ll make the cereal for you and your friend.” A voice said.

“My name is Clarice. I’m Alexa’s Nanny and you’re Adrie right?” Clarice said as she walked towards them and squatted to the girls’ height.

Adrie answered by nodding.

“What’s a Nanny?” She asked, perhaps she never had one.

“A nanny is someone that takes care of little children” Clarice replied.

“So you will be my nanny too. You will take care of me too right?” Adrie asked with her puppy dog face and they all chuckled with Clarice nodding at her request.

Clarice is Alexa’s live-in Nanny. She 47, beautiful and energetic.

She couldn’t help but pull Adrie into a hug. The little girl was so adorable and that was when she noticed that Adrie’s cloth was kind of wet and She gave Ronald a questioning look.

“Clarice, Adrie will need a warm bath and a change of clothes. I don’t know if Alexa has something that can size her.”

“Don’t worry Ronald. Alexa has some clothes that don’t fit her anymore. I’m sure they would fit Adrie.” She replied.

“And please be careful Clarice. Adrie has a bruise on her arm.” He said and Clarice nodded before guiding the girls to Alexa’s room.

Ronald sighed as he proceeded to his room to take a shower. What do you expect? His room was everyone’s dream room. Big and beautifully decorated to suit his taste.

Raina’s face kept popping up in his head as he took his shower. He couldn’t help but wonder how someone very beautiful got herself in that situation. Why would one lay his hand on a woman? Ronald had no idea what the full story was but he promised himself that whoever did this to Raina and her child will surely end up in jail. He will do everything in his power to ruin the individual.

As soon as he was done taking his shower, he stepped out of the tub and wiped himself with a towel. He reached for his sweatpants and a shirt, put them on before walking out of his room to go check on the girls.

He stepped into the dining room and was greeted with giggling noise. The girls were on the dining table, eating their cereal as they laughed in between to what Alexa was saying.

A smile found its way to Ronald’s lips. He was happy because the girls were happy. He knew Alexa was happier. Even though she had friends at school, she had always wanted someone to play with at home, especially now that school was on vacation.

Adrie was already in warm clothes. She was putting on a pyjamas dress and had a bedroom slipper on her feet.

Ronald walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch. Clarice brought a glass of red wine for him. He told her ‘thank you’, accepted the glass of wine and she took a seat beside him.

“I think they are best friends already.” She whispered as she took a look at Alexa and Adrie on the dining table. Ronald smiled as he took a look at them too. The living room was in a way connected to the dining room so they could see them.

“I saw the bruise on her arm. I applied some ointment on it. I’m sure it will look better tomorrow.” She said and Ronald sighed as he remembered he hadn’t told Clarice the whole story.

Clarice is a second mom to Ronald. She has been there for him since Alexa’s birth and they both adore each other so he felt the need to tell her everything.

“Instead of taking the usual short cut, I took the longer route and by Adnan’s drive, I saw Adrie and her mom. Her mom was lying on the floor, unconscious and Adrie was kneeling beside her, crying. They were both drenched. I approached them and helped them to the hospital.”

“Doctor Philip was not there so another doctor attended to her. He told me she will be okay that he had given her a sleeping dose because she needed to rest to recover faster.” Ronald said after which he took a sip of his wine.

Clarice nodded with a sad smile, encouraging him to continue. She had a feeling there was more to the story.

“When I carried her into the car, I noticed she had bruises on her. Some were on her face and I saw some on her arm and she was bleeding. I couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from. The Doctor confirmed she was hit really hard and that she had a miscarriage.”

“Poor lady, I feel sorry for her” Clarice exclaimed.

“I’m sure the abuse must have been going on for a while because the doctor said he saw some bruises on her which were healing. I wonder why someone will lay a hand on that beautiful lady.” Ronald said as he ran his hand through his head. One could tell he was frustrated.

A sad smile found its way to Clarice’s lips. It was as if she could read something on Ronald’s face that he hasn’t detected.

“And guess what?, at first I drove off thinking it was none of my business but then I couldn’t get the scene away from my head so I had to reverse to go help them. I’m so happy I helped them.” He said.

“I’m glad you helped them. We have to be strong for her and support her. I wonder how she will take the news that she had a miscarriage. Poor child.”

“Hopefully she will be fine by tomorrow and we can go to pay her a visit.” He suggested and Clarice nodded.

“Daddy we are done with our cereal and we washed our hands.” Alexa chipped in with Adrie beside her, showing Ronald their wet hands.

“Okay, darling. I think it’s time for bed.” He said.

“Already, but you just got back. I was thinking we would play a game. You, me and Adrie.” She pouted.

“Sweetheart, its past midnight, you have to go to bed. We have the whole of tomorrow to play games.” He said.

“Okay Daddy, but you have to read us a bedtime story and please Can Adrie sleep in my room?” She asked.

“Sure!” he said and She Squealed.

Ronald stood up from the couch and led the girls to Alexa’s bedroom. He held Adrie in his right hand and Alexa on his left hand as they climbed the stairs carefully.

Alexa’s bedroom was big, painted in pink and had a lot of princess decorations. In the middle of the room was her princess sized bed. Her stuffed toys were neatly arranged in the left corner of the room and beside it was her shelf full of bedtime stories. Her room also had its bathroom, toilet, walk-in closet and a walk-in playroom. Alexa’s room is a dream room for any six years old.

“Alexa, we should pray before we sleep” Adrie suggested as she took a look at Alexa and Ronald who looked surprised at what she said.

“My mama make sure I say my night prayers. That way God will protect us all when we sleep.” She added.

Religion was something Ronald never religiously practised. Sure they would go to church every Sunday but that was it.

“Do you know how to pray?” Alexa asked her.

“Yes,” Adrie replied proudly.

She ran to the edge of Alexa’s bed and went on her knees, then she took a look at Alexa and her dad, encouraging them to come join her which they did.

They closed their eyes and Adrie prayed.

“Thank you Lord for protecting me and mummy this night, Thank you for giving me Alexa, Uncle Ronnie and Clarice, Thank you for providing the dinner Alexa and I ate. Guide us all as we are about to sleep and please take care of mummy in the hospital.”

“Amen.” They all chorused.

After the prayer, Ronald helped Adrie and Alexa get on the bed. Thankfully it was big enough for the two of them. He covered them with a duvet and reached for a bedtime story to read to them.

By the time Ronald finished the third chapter, the girls had fallen asleep. He stood up from where he was seated and kissed the two of them on their foreheads. He kept the bedtime story on the shelf after which he checked the windows in the room if they are closed, it wasn’t so he closed them then proceeded to the air conditioner, put it on a normal temperature so the girls will not catch a cold by the time they wake up.

Alexa was used to not sleeping with the light on but he didn’t know about Adrie so he deemed the light instead and walked out of the room, carefully shutting the door behind him.

From the staircase, Ronald peeped into the living room and saw that the lights were turned off so he assumed Clarice had gone to bed. He then proceeded to his room to get some rest. His room was twelve steps away from Alexa’s room. He walked towards his nightstand and poured himself a glass of water which he gulped down slowly after which he went to bed.

Before falling asleep, he left his driver a message to come over at dawn to clean up the cars.

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