Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Five

“And this is where you will be staying.” Ronald completed the tour as he opened the door to the guest room. He walked in first and Raina followed suit.

“I hope you like it.” He said to her.

The room was big enough, painted in warm colours, decorated with expensive furniture. But it was kind of empty perhaps because no one has occupied the room in a while.

A queen-size bed was in the middle of the room with a nightstand and a lamp on it at the end of both sides. The room has a Tv and two resting couch.

Raina noticed two doors were attached to the room but she couldn’t tell where it led to. ‘Perhaps her room was connected to another person’s room.’ She thought.

“I like it.” She mumbled to Ronald after accessing the room.

Ronald was extremely happy when Raina accepted his offer to move in with him. But she had insisted that when she has fully recovered, she will go back to her old job or look for another job to earn money to help him with the rent.

Ronald smiled at that thought, knowing she was willing to help but told her that he bought his house and he’s not inclined to pay rent to anyone. Then she volunteered to be the one to start buying foodstuff in the house when she goes back to work and starts earning.

Sure, Ronald will not allow her to do such. He temporarily agreed because if he had said no, she will change her mind of wanting to move in with him. He has enough money to take care of both mother and daughter.

“This is your bathroom,” Ronald said as he opened one of the doors connected to the room.

As soon as Raina stepped into the bathroom, she fell in love with it, It had everything she would need. A toilet, bathtub, mirror, wash hand basin and multiple hair and body wash product.

After that, she walked out of the bathroom and Ronald opened the second door that was connected to her room, it was her walk-in closet but it was empty and clean.

“I don’t know your clothes and shoe size so I couldn’t order for you. Clarice will get something for you to sleep in then tomorrow you can go with her to get what you will need. We wanted to shop for Adrie too but we decided to wait for you so we can do the shopping at once.” He said and she nodded as she remembered she had left her former home with nothing.

“Are you sure you are not hungry?” Ronald asked her again.

As soon as he arrived with her from the hospital, before he started the house tour, Clarice had offered her some food but she declined, saying she’s okay.

The truth is that Raina has not been eating well. She was kind of punishing herself for the loss of her baby.

She did not get to see the girls because they were already asleep by the time she and Ronald arrived.

“I’m okay, Thanks for asking.” She mumbled as she took a seat on the edge of the bed.

Ronald sighed as he went over to where she was and crouched before her.

“You have to move on Ray. You’re being too hard on yourself.” He said looking into her eyes. He could see she was holding back tears.

Ronald knew she was punishing herself because she felt guilty about her miscarriage. After their first visit, when she was still in the hospital, they had even wanted to go visit her the next day since it was a Sunday but she told them not to bother that she needed to be alone.

“Try to take some rest, Clarice will bring a nightdress for you, I will see you tomorrow morning before I go to work.” He said after which he stood up and gave her shoulder a light squeeze, then he walked out of her room.

As soon as Ronald walked out of the guest room which was now Raina’s room, Clarice came in with a tray of cookies, bottled water and a nightdress for her.

“I know you said you are not hungry but I couldn’t watch you sleep on an empty stomach so I brought this for you,” Clarice said as she placed the tray on the nightstand.

“Thank you,” Raina whispered.

Clarice took a seat beside Raina on the bed.

“You will go through this my dear, Stay strong.” She encouraged, giving her hand a light squeeze.

“I hope this will fit you.” She said as she handed Raina the nightdress.

Raina collected it from her accessed it if it was her size. She could tell it was new because the tag was still on it.

“It’s my size, Thank you. Thanks for everything.” She said.

“You’re welcome, dear. Have a good night’s rest.” Clarice said after which she hugged Raina.

“I assume Ronald showed you my room. It’s just next to yours so feel free to come to me if you need anything”

After Clarice exited Raina’s room, the first thing She did was to lock the door after which she proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. She felt relaxed as soon as the cold water came in contact with her body. It felt so good to be away from the hospital.

She wiped herself with a fresh towel she found in the bathroom and then she stood in front of the mirror and took a look at herself. Her focus was more on her stomach, she wondered how she never noticed she was pregnant. Her mind flashed back to almost two months ago; It was the last time she had sex with her so-called partner. He wanted it that night and she gave in even when she was not in the mood for it. She thought things would get better between them after that but it only got worse. Even during the intercourse, she felt nothing, No passion, no love, it was just sex to her.

She shook the memory away from her head and reached for her nightgown. She put it on and walked into her room, she sat on her bed and took a glance at the cookie. It looked so yummy, she couldn’t resist it so she took one and another one then drank a little bit of water.

She stood up and located the switch that controls the light in her room, then turned off the light.

Raina went back to her bed, covered herself with the duvet, hugged a pillow and cried. As she cried, she prayed to God to forgive her for being a bad mother, She prayed to God to take care of the baby she miscarried and most importantly she prayed to God to give her the strength to move on. Raina’s eyes eventually got heavy and she fell asleep.

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