Queen Of My Heart

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Chapter Seven.

"Thanks for covering up for me Gabriel, I forgot the meeting was scheduled for this morning," Ronald said to his best friend as they walk side by side out of the glass-walled conference room.

"Alima should have reminded you."

"Yes, she did. She told me before leaving the office yesterday but it slipped my mind." Ronald said as he playfully scratched the back of his head.

Truthfully, Alima, his assistant, reminded him about the meeting before he left work yesterday and she even sent him a reminder via his email which he saw before he fell asleep.

Ronald remembered he had a meeting. But Damn, he couldn't say No to Rain

a when she asked him to stay for breakfast. He will never forget every detail of what happened this morning. Breakfast was something he never had during weekdays. But everything seemed perfect this morning. Him having breakfast with Alexa, Adrie, Raina and Clarice. They looked like one big and happy family. The way Raina said a prayer before they started eating and the way Alexa helped Adrie in cutting her sausage, and not to talk of how sweet the food was. Ronald was totally on cloud nine this morning.

"Since when did you start forgetting about your meetings Mr Gidwani?" Gabriel teased with a smirk on his face. He knew his best friend was lying.

"What do you mean?" Ronald asked as he opened the door to his office and walked in with Gabriel behind him.

"I know you're not telling me the truth," Gabriel said as he took a seat opposite an already seated Ronald.

"Fine. Raina asked me to stay for breakfast and I couldn't say No."

"Wow, you are whipped." Gabriel grinned.

He blushed, "Not Really."

"So that means she's moving on already," Gabriel said. He knows everything about Raina.

"Yes, she is," Ronald said after which he reached for a cup of coffee on his table and took a sip.

Alima was the one who placed the coffee on his table while he was at the meeting in the conference room.

"Raina makes the best Coffee." He said as he placed the cup of coffee on his table while Gabriel stared at him in disbelief.

"You really enjoyed your morning." He said and Ronald nodded.

"Even the breakfast she made was so delicious. She must have been doing well with the restaurant before it was shut down." He added.

"Any news from Adrian." He chipped in.

Adrian is Gabriel's elder brother, A private investigator by profession. Ronald had hired him to find out some information about Raina's ex-lover.

"Not yet, but I'm sure he will get back to us very soon."

"Do you have anything in mind?" Gabriel asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Honestly, I just want that bastard to pay for all he did. Perhaps, I will deal with him myself before handing him over to the police." He said clearly annoyed. He still couldn't conclude how a man would beat a woman mercilessly.

"Does Raina know about this? About you trying to find him and make him pay." Gabriel asked and Ronald nodded negatively.

"I think you should tell her. Let her know what you are up to. These women tend to get angry when they find out we hid or we are hiding something from them. Communication is the key bro." Gabriel advised.

"Maybe you guys should come to visit us. I'm sure Jemma will be happy to have Raina over." Gabriel suggested.

"Not a bad idea, I will talk to her about it." He replied.

"I have to get back to work. See you at lunch right?" Gabriel said while standing up.

"No. I have a lot to do so I'll just work through lunch besides Ray made me lunch." He said proudly.

"No wonder you're glowing wonderfully well. Enjoy yourself, man." Gabriel chuckled as walked out of his best friend's office.


"I think we've bought everything we need Clarice." Raina groaned as Clarice turned deaf ears to her statement and dragged her into Victoria's Secret underwear section.

Truthfully, she had bought enough stuff for herself and Adrie that she was already feeling guilty that she had overspent Ronald's money. Clarice, on the other hand, did not care as she kept on picking out items for her. Ranging from house clothes to official and party wears, including shoes for she and Adrie and now they are at the underwear section for some sexy lingerie.

"You know, I feel guilty Clarice. I feel we've spent way too much already." She said and Clarice gave her a heartwarming smile.

Raina is different from the other girls Ronald has been with. She noticed how she was conscious of the price of anything before they buy when some other people wouldn't even care.

"You don't have to worry. Ronald told me to make sure you buy everything you need no matter the cost." She said, then shoved a set of black and red lingerie into Raina's arms and Raina groaned.

"Trust me, you will thank me later." Clarice winked at her after which she turned her attention to another collection of underwear.

Beatrice the cleaner was at home so they left the girls with her. Since Raina knew Adrie's size, She decided to shop for her instead of bringing her along and make her to through the torture of walking from one store to another.

Fifteen minutes later, Clarice and Raina left the underwear section and proceeded to the salon. They just had to go there because Clarice insisted Raina should get a makeover.

"I hope you like it." the male hairstylist said as he turned Raina to look in the mirror.

She had to admit, she looked beautiful. Her dry hair was now shiny and looking longer. Her bushy eyebrows were perfectly trimmed and shaped, even her bruises had faded away completely.

Raina hardly goes for shopping, spa or hair treatment since she shut down her restaurant because she could not afford it.

The way the stylist transformed her hair still amazed her. It has been a long time since she cared for her hair because the only hair product she had was a regular shampoo.

"I'm sure she loves it." Clarice chipped in as she watched Ray admire herself in the mirror.

They paid for Raina's hair and pedicure then they took their leave.

As soon as Daniel, Ronald's driver saw Clarice and Raina walking out of the mall with their hands full of bags, he approached them and assisted them in carrying the bags which he finally placed in the car.

Then Clarice, Raina and Daniel got into the car and Daniel drove towards the mansion.

On their way home, Raina was drowned in her thought. She had a feeling that she had overspent Ronald's money and was thinking of what to say to him.




The girls greeted as they ran towards her and hugged her legs tightly. She was just a few feet away from the door.

Raina released herself from them, crouched down and kissed them on their cheeks.

"You look amazing!" Alexa said.

"Your hair is beautiful," Adrie said as she stroked her mom's hair.

"Thank you my loves." Raina smiled.

"Were you girls good to Beatrice?" she asked.

"Yes, Sure." Adrie and Alexa said respectively.

"Hungry?" she asked

"Not really," Adrie said.

"We had lunch already." Alexa chipped in.

"Won't you girls come to say Hi to me too?" Clarice pouted, pretending to be angry.

Then the girls ran to her to greet her.

Raina reached for the shopping bags on a golden couch, right beside the door.

She couldn't carry all of them at once so she took them to her room in batches.

She arranged everything she bought into where they fit. Clothes and shoes into the closet, body wash, shampoo and some skincare products in the bathroom, makeup and body spray on the dressing table.

Raina looked at everything she arranged and was satisfied with the way they look but she felt they were too much. She did not plan on staying in Ronald's house for a very long time but now with everything she bought, it looks as if she would be overstaying.

She took a look at her bed and some shopping bags were unpacked. Those were for Adrie.

Since Adrie was staying in Alexa's room, she didn't know if Alexa would want to share her closet with Adrie or she should keep Adrie's stuff in her room.

She sighed as she walked out of her room to ask Clarice what to do.

Raina found Clarice in the kitchen, putting together ingredients for dinner.

"Clarice, I'm confused as to where to put Adrie's stuff that we bought. I mean, I have no problem in keeping them in my room...." She said but was cut off by Clarice.

"Don't worry dear. We've sorted that out. There's a free space in Alexa's closet, Adrie can use that." She said.

"Alexa......." Clarice shouted her name from the kitchen. She and Adrie were watching Sofia the First in the living room.

"Yes, Clarice." The little girl came as soon as she heard her name being called.

Clarice turned to her and said " Sweetheart, can you please show Raina the space in your closet so she can put the clothes we bought for Adrie?"

"Sure. Don't worry Clarice, I will show Raina." Alexa replied proudly. She loves it whenever she's given a task to do.

She connected her small cold right hand into Raina's warm left hand and dragged her out of the kitchen.

"Alexa, where's your slippers? You shouldn't be walking barefoot." Raina said.

Alexa's eyes turned wild as she stopped in her tracks, she released her hand from Raina's own and turned to look at her.

"It's in the living room. Please don't tell my dad about it, He will get mad at me." She pleaded with a pout.

"Okay, I won't. Why don't you go wear them and meet me in my room." She suggested and Alexa nodded after which she ran to the living room to put on her slippers.

"Let me help you." Alexa offered.

"Me too mama." Adrie chipped in.

"No girls, I can manage," Raina said as she looked at the six shopping bags on her bed. They were all for Adrie.

"Please, I can carry one." Alexa offered and Raina nodded as she gave her the smallest of all bags.

"Me too mama." Adrie pouted and she sighed.

She knew Adrie cannot carry the bag because of how small she was so she did what she could think of. She removed a pair of black sandals from one of the bags and handed it to her to carry.

Raina managed to carry the remaining bags and they walked out of her room with Alexa leading the way, Adrie in the middle and Raina behind.

"Welcome to our room Raina." Alexa cheered as soon as she opened the door.

Officially, this is the first time Raina will be entering their room. Though she had taken a glance yesterday night when Ronald gave her a tour. She couldn't see the room properly because the light was switched off and the girls were asleep.

"I love it. It's very beautiful." Raina said.

"Yaaaay Adrie your mum loves our room" Alexa yelled as she tickled Adrie who giggled.

Raina smiled at them as they tickled each other. By now they were lying on the carpet in the room. She's grateful Alexa was willing to share and even happier when She called her room 'She and Adrie's room.'

The girls helped Raina in arranging all of Adrie's stuff in the extra space in the closet after which they all went back downstairs to help Clarice with dinner.

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